Frostfell Going Live Early: Event Runs December 6th til January 5th

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Two days ahead of schedule, Frostfell seems to be going live tomorrow morning after the patch. From Kaitheel on the EQ2 Forums:

Due to scheduling issues Frostfell is now going to be activated on Tuesday, Dec. 6, instead of Thursday Dec. 8 on the live servers, which means everyone will have two more days to enjoy it!

From Kaitheel on the EQ2 Forums:

Join us in celebrating this Deepice holiday! Whether you are an adventurer or tradeskiller you’ll find something new awaits you! Step through the Magic Closet within your city to enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village, an enchanting land of ice and adventure! From there you are welcome to visit the Frostfell Workshop, where Meg Gingersnap, a Frostfell elf is looking for some assistance. Don’t forget to log in each day and claim your extra-special Frostfell present from Santa Glug!

New Features for ’16!

  • TLE server, Stormhold, gets nearly the full live event!
    • Exceptions (due to zone limitations these quests are not available):
      • “Little Lost Goblin” quest offered by Meg Gingersnap.
      • “Deepice Dreams” quest series offered by Jarith Icewing.
  • Little Lost Goblin – New holiday quest offered by Meg Gingersnap, located in Frostfell Workshop zone.
  • Santa Glug, a gigglegibber goblin in a very bad Santa disguise in Frostfell Wonderland Village, is back and has 15 tradable gifts (7 new) to give everyone that asks once a day (18 hours)!
  • Gerbi Frostfoot, the permafrostfell merchant in Frostfell Wonderland Village, has 6 new items for sale, including a new mount!
  • Tradeskillers can create NEW house items, clothing and equipment in the Frostfell Wonderland Village. They can buy the new crafting books from Giddlenerf, Guhtosle, Giggawat, and Garsleblat.
    • “Frostfell Outfits You Can Make IX”
    • “Frostfell Feasts and Decorative Crafts IX”
    • “Scholarly Pursuits for a Festive Frostfell IX”
  • Giggawat, and Garsleblat now also sell 2 new items.

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