Game Update Notes: Tuesday May 3rd

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US Servers: 7:00~9:00am PDT | 10:00am~Noon EDT | 15:00~17:00 BST | 16:00~18:00 CET
EU Servers: 9:00~10:00pm PDT | 12:00~1:00am EDT | 05:00~06:00 BST | 06:00~07:00 CET

From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Lowered the hit points of monsters in Level Agnostic dungeons.

The Siege [Raid]

  • Durtung should no longer be immune to the same damage types as his adds are immune to.
  • Required resolve for all bosses have been lowered to compensate for duplicate classes in raid makeup.
  • Sanctifier Goortuk should no longer kill players when logging in from a linkdeath due to assumed low power level.

Scourge Keep [Both Versions]

  • Some things required to spawn something are now stackable.
  • Qulkor’s dungeon key should be much more visible.


  • Testing the Meat can once again be completed.
  • The wisps protecting the Ulteran Spire Debris in Scourge Wastes will always attack whomever interacts with the debris.
  • Added some extra time to Anatomy of a Lion for Scourge Wastes [Heroic].

Scourge Keep [Both Versions]

  • Sewage Disposal should always be granted (if you quality), after the first crocodile egg is attacked.
  • Wraiths Upon the Wastes in both versions of Scourge Wastes should always update for the entire group (if within range of targets).
  • Confounding Coffers properly updates the next step of the quest for everyone in the group.
  • Clicking the throne in Scourge Keep to start the timed mission, Tower Run, will now teleport you to the correct starting location in front of the throne.
  • The special quest version of Yallessulich will now update the mission, Wroth With Yegigoth.


  • Collections from GU100 fabled dungeons can now be placed in collection depots.
  • Illusion armor granted by Facade of the Dhalgar and Facade of the Gnemlin will no longer be overridden by equipped/appearance armor.
  • Most Terrors of Thalumbra raid bosses that drop armor now drop 2 pieces.
  • Doomwalker’s Ring, Klick’Anon Signet Ring, Moradhim Signet Ring, and University of Andelfoof Ring may now be purchased from Sarforth in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented many GU100 items from salvaging correctly.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some items to lose reforging on zoning.
  • Raised the Max Health increase on several Orcishwaste Siege armor pieces to the correct levels.


  • Resolve buffs no longer cancel each other when cast by two of the same class in a group or raid.

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