Update Notes: Tuesday April 12, 2016

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • The travel bells in Greater Faydark and Sinking Sands are now restricted to the city zones, Antonica,and Commonlands.

Antechamber of Fate

  • Adds in the Cheldrak encounter should no longer break with a full raid force.

Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]

  • Overwhelming Azure Light and Overwhelming Golden Light should no longer trigger a failure condition if the respective Captain is defeated before it wears off.


  • Players of all factions can now enter the Forest Ruins from the Caves
  • Players of all factions can now enter the Oakmyst Forest from the Caves


  • Londiar Inygad should once again be available on Stormhold to grant Adorning and Tinkering Daily Tasks

Betrayal Quests

  • Players wishing to betray to Kelethin can now do so.


  • Items with Practiced Tactics should now remove the effect when the item is taken off.

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Comments (3)

  • Xalmat


    That’s odd, I’ve betrayed directly to Kelethin several times. Maybe they meant New Halas?


    • Gninja


      That fix was only for TLE.


      • Occam


        Since the regular and TLE servers often get different updates, it would be great if you would differentiate them in the update notes. It’s a bit confusing now because they’re all jumbled together.


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