TLE Vote: Unlock Desert of Flame Expansion Content?

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, TLE/Prestige Servers

It’s now time for the second vote for whether the first EQ2 expansion “Desert of Flames” will go live on each of the TLE servers next month or be held back for another 30 days. From the EQ2 Forums:

It’s that time again. Will you vote to unlock the Desert of Flame expansion content on the Time-Locked Expansion server YOU play on?


This vote is in-game, and will run on Stormhold and Deathtoll until noon PDT on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. Just look to your mailbox for this vote (and zone or relog if you have any issues having this vote display).

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Comments (3)

  • s


    the TLE servers will die if its held back another month


    • Est


      you say that…. but if it is …. it is the majority of players voting for what they want… so guessing the majority of people know what they want to do with the server 😉


  • Korvan


    I don’t think the servers will grind to a halt. The primary concern of the “stop and smell the roses” crowd seems to be that if DoF is unlocked, they’ll no longer be able to get groups and do all of the things that they want to do.

    What I think they’re not really thinking through is that many of those people they’re grouping with now in RoV, Runnyeye, etc. are really the third or fourth alt of those “rushers” who are just trying to entertain themselves while waiting for new content. If those folks get bored enough to stop playing or go back to the standard servers, then their alts are gone with them.

    It’s also the case that the way that the vote is structured, you can have a minority prevent progression. If just 35-40% of the players vote no, then the server won’t progress. That leaves 60-65% of the players stuck with another month of harvesting, farming named mobs and blowing through completely non-challenging raid content … or rolling up alt number 5.


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