Update Notes: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 — Rare AoM Merchant

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Phantom Seas
The Rare Drop Merchant for Altar of Malice can now be found in the Phantom Seas!

Precipice of Power [Raid]
The stone adds in the Brell Serilis encounter should no longer kill pets unless directly attacking them.

Sturdy armor molds will no longer refuse to grant the quest for players that did not have enough city faction.
The passive effect for Finsher III now grants potency, instead of offensive only potency.


A merchant selling rare heroic drops from the previous expansion’s dungeons has been a late-summer mainstay over most of the last 6 years. The purpose of these vendors is to somewhat level the playing field for those players who have had rotten luck with the dice. Yet every year this vendor has been added, certain desirable rare items are left off, while other seemingly common items make an appearance. The prices also tend to be a surprise, with some item costs being completely out-of-whack.

Players have expressed the above sentiments in the Altar of Malice Rare Loot Merchant thread. Items range from 500 ferrin & 100 plat to 8,000 ferrin & 600 plat. One of the more puzzling examples might be the “Leathery Egg”. When unpacked, this item grants one of the better heroic flying mounts, [eq2u]Trohdahn, the Victorious[/eq2u]. What’s puzzling about it? The vendor cost for this tradeable mount is 4,000 [eq2u]Far Seas Ferrin[/eq2u] and 600 platinum, while it can be found on the broker of most EQ2 servers in the 50-150 plat range.

Perhaps we’ll see some adjustments over the coming weeks, but the EQ2 team have a lot on their plate with the upcoming Server Consolidations and Expansion 12.

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