On Test: Erollisi Marr Deity Questline

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A new quest is now available for testing and feedback on the Test server. From Kaitheel on the EQ2 Forums:

Erollisi Marr is ready to join the pantheon of deities to be worshiped on Test!

There has been no public announcement as to when this content is going to go live, but we’ve got some time to get any bugs ironed out.

Speak with Sister Leela Prendyn in New Halas to get started. May the Loving Huntress bless your travels!

Please post any feedback and bugs in this thread.

~ Kaitheel

We’d previously heard last summer that Erollisi Marr would become a new worshippable deity as part of the planned Deity Revamp. Things have gotten shuffled a bit and Kaitheel clarified that today:

Well, we got a little tired of putting off the Erollisi deity line until the revamp. Thankfully, the revamp has not been scrapped, and when it happens, it won’t make this content moot, either!

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Comments (6)

  • Anaogi



    Now if we could just learn some new dance moves after 11 years we’d be good to go…


  • Saev


    the picture is hot


    • Rebelde


      I want that look for my Channeler 🙄


      • oakmiser


        I think it’s doable, I’ve seen people mix items to come up with some really amazing and even sort of contemporary clothing appearances.


  • Demoneque


    Do we have any details on her deity miracles and blessings? Are they worthwhile? I keep Bristlebane’s meatbeast around for the tiny AGI buff and the entertainment from clicking on the pet.


  • Koty


    In my opinion all dieties need serious revamp. The skill and stat bonuses are very minuscule at this time.
    Just add couple more quests to each to make them matter again.


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