Altar of Malice Mission Givers Fix in the Works

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We are anxiously awaiting a fix and a return of the Altar of Malice mission givers. Until that time, it is not possible to pickup Solo, Adv Solo, Heroic, Event Heroic, Contested, or Raid missions on either a Daily or Weekly basis, not to mention timed overland Solo Missions. A fix seems unlikely today, but we’ll keep hanging on until the solution is found and applied.

Here’s Gninja with a couple of updates to say the team are working on it:

It is getting fixed and it is getting fixed right. We would rather get it right the first time and take an extra day to put in the needed testing than to rush it out and potentially make things worse. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It is a new bug and we are getting it fixed asap. It is top priority. We know it sucks that they are missing and we want them to not be missing as well! We will get it resolved as quickly as we can with putting in the testing time to make sure its fixed right so we don’t have to bring them right back down.

Update from Windstalker on Twitter:

Still looking at some funk with the missions givers for #eq2. We’re planning a Double Ferrin weekend assuming we fix it (and we should).

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  • Betony


    The Devs have been good about positing status on the forums. I really get a kick out of the folks asking ‘what really happened? Like ‘give us the details so we can work an exploit around your fix. Cuz, ya know, they won’t ban us, cuz the team is too small right now, ya know.’ Sheesh.

    Also don’t understand the ‘give us more’ posts when it’s been pretty well posted, everywhere, that the team is smaller. ‘Yeah’, say the exploiters, ‘let’s make more demands for features and complain about random stuff and get them really rattled so they leave more loop holes for us so we can screw the rest of the players.’

    Any time there has been a change of staff this crap goes on.

    Thank you, Dev Team, for the incredible hours you are putting in taking care of the miles of code.

    Have my suspicions why it’s happening but that distrust goes back many years and it’s not corporate distrust.

    Thanks, hugs, and virtual loads of comfort foods and beverages to all!


  • mithreal


    Why could the code creating this problem not simply be rolled back?

    That is the kind of fix that I imagine players would prefer.


  • Caam


    Gninja posted in the “Update Notes” thread at 8:14PM (PST):

    This update does include the fix to the missions but they will not immediately be turned on after the servers come back up. The mission givers should return shortly after all the servers are back up and we have double checked them on live servers.


  • Leahyla


    Double ferrin weekend should more than make up for it.


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