You Create. We Share. Everyone Wins. Introducing the NEW Player Direct

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Looks like SOE is expanding its Player Direct program which seeks to highlight player-made content such as fansites, Youtube videos, Twitch streams, and more on official SOE communication channels. From Colette “Dexella on the EQ2 Forums:


Every player has a unique experience, story, and point of view, especially when it comes to games. The types of players who create streams, videos, articles, memes, and more share a deeper, richer story with their communities. That is the heart of our newly expanded Player Direct program.

In July of 2013, we launched Player Direct as a way for video creators to share their work with us, so that we could promote those video makers and their creations on the official SOE YouTube channels. Over the past 16 months, we’ve been in awe of the talent we’ve seen come through the program. And during that time, we discovered even more artists, writers, and creative personalities who we wanted to highlight… which brings us to this moment.

Player Direct is here to share the best stuff, direct from the creators to our entire community. What kind of “stuff” are we looking for? Here’s the stuff we love:

  • Memes
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Streams & Casts
  • Articles
  • And More!

For answers to frequently asked questions, specific rules and content creation policy, and details on how to submit YOUR work, visit our site at today!

We’ve got the spotlight ready. Let us shine it on you.

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