Here We Go Again — EQ2 Update Runs 4 Hours Long — All Servers Up

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance

UPDATE: Today’s Game Update, scheduled to last 1 hour, clocked in closer to 4 hours as an SOE-wide Firewall glitch caused Login servers to be inaccessible for much longer than anticipated.

From Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson on twitter:

Original article follows after the jump…

Today’s Game Update, scheduled to last 1 hour, is creeping up on 3 hours overdue. EQ2 Community Rep Afista who just survived her first expansion launch (bless her!) posted tweeted this update 2 hours into the 1 hour downtime:

and from Holly:

We’ve now reached 4 hours and the rage thread on the EQ2 Forums has reached 30 pages. Afista posted this:

The team is currently working to resolve some Firewall issues causing problems with the login servers. I’ll keep you updated with new information as I have it, but there is currently no ETA at this time.

from Holly:

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Comments (7)

  • Otcffotard


    fukkit, I am gong back to to ESO


  • Carnifex


    The really amusing things are that no one at SoE seemed to realize there was an issue until that thread materialized. Also, I find it quite odd that the employees of the company seem to dislike their own forums so much.


  • Hoot


    Oh good I been so busy with college that I’m glad I haven’t missed much due to SoE being SoE.


  • Lenka


    Servers up!


  • twisty



    off-topic, in a different post, you mentioned that Ancient spells will be added to eq2u spells page? i don’t see the ancient column in the spells list…

    was that ‘in future’ or should already be visible?


    • Feldon


      Will be added. As in not yet added. 🙂


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