Kander Talks Future Plans for PvP, Nagafen server

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From Kyle “Kander” Vallee on the EQ2 Forums:

We are working on some changes to pvp that will be coming up over the next few weeks. We will be removing procs from pvp entirely. We simply cannot tweak and balance the thousands of procs and effects that were intended for PvE in any sort of reasonable amount of time, most of them are too specialized and situational to elegantly translate for use in PvP. We had them mostly removed prior to the expansion and things seemed to be okay from that standpoint. We will be upping player damage and adjusting the amount that players can crit in PvP to counter the recent hit point increases to keep PvP fun and viable.

As to current jewelry, we will be allowing you to reset them for those who want to change/switch out there adornments. We will be placing new jewelry on the daily missions for you to choose from as well as on the merchants if you decide you want to purchase these. The new jewelry will have toughness and lethality in place of the effects.

We are going to be doing a large balance pass in the first two weeks of February for pvp balance and class balance in PvP. We plan to be looking at many of the abilities that have been deemed troublesome, overpowered, or underpowered.

We are working on a new open world pvp zone that will be exclusively for Nagafen, it will be 24 players max and have moving writ givers and hourly contested mobs who will drop tokens, gear, etc. The idea is that this new large open world pvp zone will have virtually no NPC population. The goal is that this a place where players can participate in open world pvp and earn pvp specific rewards in the process.

•Large area PvP zone
•Kill on Sight, everyone cons to everyone as if exile, unless grouped.
•Ability to group with anyone, no automated group match ups.
•6 man max group, no raids, allowing for 6 vs 6 vs 6 vs 6
•Hourly contested mobs that drop tokens, loot, etc.
•Writs available for this zone only in multiple locations and writ givers will move around the zone.
•Free-for-all. No timers
•No mounts, no quick travel.

We are also looking into a plan to allow anyone from a blue server copy to Nagafen any time they want. There would be some restrictions. We will post more information when we have it.

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Comments (8)

  • Alway


    not exactly fair that blue servers can transfer free anytime they want.. should go both ways to be honest


  • Moose


    Hell I may log into my pvp baby and level him up to just get squashed now that these changes are coming.


  • Daalilama


    The idea behind allowing blue server players to copy over was at least at its core an idea suggested directly to Kander by some of us open world players to drive up population and interest in open world.

    As for the removal of pve procs in pvp, I partially understand the rational behind it (the sheer number of procs make it exceedingly unlikely they will get the attention they need for scaling purposes) though I disagree that removing procs from pvp is the way to go.

    From the first day of Bg’s to prior to the launch of ToV the open world servers (now just 1 server) lost considerable population partially due to the ever increasing call to remove procs, the bland pvp gear design the almost ridiculous need to “nerf for thee but not for me” mentality. It severed the interconnectivity of both pve and pvp players running group zones or raid to gear their toons for open world…and the populations suffered badly.

    ToV brought back that need and desire to do both contents to properly gear a toon out now with their ultimate removal this will affect the last open world server badly. Will new pvp specific procs take their place or are even on the rarar not sure but that could help is slowing but not stopping the hemorrhage of players….the new Warzone is an old idea that’s been kicked around the pvp forums for year though limiting it to only 24 max players will be the major issue I see.


  • striinger


    I was a bit surprised that they didn’t decide to just focus on expanding BG with singing like siege play and let the last own world server slip quietly into that good night.

    In the constant call for balance I also expected even more extreme gear changes to reduce the gear advantage between new and highly geared people (maybe via a free viable set of pvp armor with no pve stats). The proc removal is smart though. The just halved their work and reduced their headache by more.


  • Tabri


    How will this work in the BG’s if Naggy people gear with this gear and pve people gear with pve gear with procs? Im confused.


    • Charn


      I’m guessing, any gear you have that procs in PvE will NOT proc in PvP. Now, MY question is about what Kander said:

      We will be removing procs from pvp entirely.

      Is that just the procs on new gear or on ALL gear, old or new? And what about procs from player abilities (thus nerfing classes that may have more proc’ing abilities than others)? Or potions? Or scout poisons? Or adornments? Or any NUMBER of items that give you a proc . . . is this a sweeping, “No procs, period.” change, or just “We went hog-wild with the procs on the new gear so we’ll just be removing those.” change . . . or even a case-by-case item removal change . . . or what?

      What’s the deal, Sony . . .will NOTHING proc anymore in PvP?


    • Sievert


      As to current jewelry, we will be allowing you to reset them for those who want to change/switch out there adornments

      This makes me think they will be sripping procs from current PVP gear.


      We will be placing new jewelry on the daily missions for you to choose from as well as on the merchants if you decide you want to purchase these.

      Makes me think the will leave them as is.

      Really if they do strip procs off current pvp gear people ahve, there are going to be some made players. As a lot of people I know ran pvp over and over to get the jewelry vs running instances.


  • dekayius


    so why not just delete the pvp server if all there is are BGs. when i last logged, there was 15 people online serverwide…. what kind of open world pvp can you possible have with 15 people…


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