EQ2 Panel #2: Tears of Veeshan Expansion SLIDES

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Back: Carlos “Gninja” , Holly “Windstalker” , Akil “Lyndro
Front: Kyle “Kander” , Nandy “Zoltaroth” , Mike “Xelgad

View the rest of the slides after the jump…




(showed the Kerafyrm story sequence)

Holly: Tom Tobey and Jason Warner put together this animated sequence using in-game graphics.






Akil Hooper: Kerafyrm raised the Temple of Veeshan into the air and it’s now a flying fortress

Dragons are very long lived. Over their lives they get this long view of time. They also affect the area around them.






Temple of Veeshan is the largest dungeon we’ve ever done. So large that this is the first flyable dungeon in EQ2. There are parts of the zone that you cannot reach without a flying mount.



Chamber of Stasis and Stratum of the Protectors are Shissar-themed. The Shissar zones have been taken over by Nayads who worship the Shissar as Gods.









NOTE: These screenshots are older than the ones in the Systems panel and still have some old icons.




Holly: So we got called out on Age’s End. Yes, it’s wrapping up. No really!

Holly: Age’s End was supposed to be wrapped up this summer. But we never really got to have Kerafyrm be a bad guy. He was just sleeping in a vault. So we wanted to run with it and have him be a threat to Norrath.



That’s it for the Expansion panel slides. Check out the recorded Liveblog to see which questions were raised.

EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan Dates:

  • Beta: September 15th
  • Launch: October 15th

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Comments (11)

  • [email protected]


    What? only 20 new AA points?
    for a tab which allows 50 points to be spent?
    We’ll have to reassign points from previous tabs..


  • Antonia Bayles bit on the side


    Excellent coverage as always Feldon, thanks very much for your efforts!

    I’m guessing this new overland zone, The Eternal Broodlands is Ethernere Tenebrous Tangle stylee from the video footage / screenshots, could be wrong though.

    Exciting that we’re been shown stuff from 2 expansions down the line.

    Also, had to chuckle, in one of the Shisshar themed dungeon screenshots above it looks like the Goblins in there have set up a domino rally.

    Looking like a great couple of years for Norrath fans.


    • Antonia Bayles bit on the side


      Also, had to chuckle, in one of the Shisshar themed dungeon screenshots above it looks like the Goblins in there have set up a domino rally.

      Probably the Pickclaw Depths I guess.


      • Dedith


        There is only one image of the shissar themed dungeon above, right above the text mentioning shissar themed dungeons. The 3 below that are of High Keep (love the domino’s bit), and the last dungeon pic is of Nexus Core


  • Jazzalyn


    Thanks for the coverage Feldon!

    One thing I’m a little confused on is that we appear to only be getting 20 more aa’s, but the Dragon’s page seems to have a 50 aa point cap. Will we have a tree that’s no longer max aa to fill out the new tree?


    • Dedith


      you read correctly, to max the Dragon AA’s, you’ll need to pull points from prior trees.


      • Jazzalyn


        Hmmm, okay – thanks for the clarification!

        Better start prepping!


  • Drumstix42


    “Back by popular demand: MORE CONTENT”

    How was more content ever not in demand? They’re just trying to fill their slides…

    No new contested dungeon?

    EQ2 needs less classes.


    • Casey


      Yes, there are new contested dungeons. One of them, will be the Fabled KoS dungeons that were mentioned.


  • Nikkie Cossairt


    Can you tell me if this will be an all in one expansion, where you get all of the previous expansions? If not, do you have plans for an all-in-one soon?


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    […] beta testing of the expansion is scheduled for September 15th (see SOE Live slides) so I guess I won’t be putting off leveling for long before I see opinions on how this will […]


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