EverQuest II Forums appear on Pro7Sat.1/Alaplaya Website

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, International

A tip of the hat to Kinya who pointed out to us this morning that EverQuest II forums have appeared in English, French, and German on the Alaplaya forums.


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  • Kat


    I went to the Alaplaya forums and looked. Other than their use of a bright blue on fonts in some parts, I LOVE their color scheme and skin! I wish our US forums looked like this! To me, ours is ugly, bright, plain, and hard on the eyes. Darker, neutral themes like the above are much easier on eyes. They should learn from this. And I also wish they would bring back skin choices again. It feels like they don’t listen to us anymore. =(

    Attention SOE, please look and listen! =P


  • Chronusxx


    Love how they too made the mistake SoE did with their forums, not having a seperate Items and Equipment or Zones and Populations section.

    Inb4 nobody uses them besides quickly frustrated new players.


  • Fuzzzy


    Do you know who the webmaster is Feldon? i found quite a few xss and sql issues on there (being a website developer, i thought i would check it out lol)


  • Enathalia


    Most success that something will be done against the security holes on the website is to report your findings to the press.
    Heise Security (one of the largest German IT magazines) http://www.heise.de/security/Impressum-Kontakt-5045.html (E-Mail: Redaktion allgemein, Pressemitteilungen)

    And for all others consider passwords that are stored at German companies as compromised. Because they are creating new laws in Germany (Bestandsdatenauskunft) that allow the law enforcement to access passwords without warrant. This means passwords can’t be stored secure anymore (clear text, no salted hashes anymore). This will be fun for hackers they can steal clear text passwords (again).


  • Jackie N. Nichols


    Yes, as EQ2 Players tracks character information across all servers. No changes are being made to the servers, and all player characters are being tracked. The website can be accessed from anywhere, and while the ProSiebenSat.1 version of the EQII site has not yet been built, it will certainly include vital features such as the EQ2 Players data.


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