Shard of Love: A Healing Touch Live Event Issue

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Live Events

UPDATE #2 from Bunji approx 6 hours ago:

The US patchers have finished updating. If you repatch you should receive the updated files for this zone. The international patchers are still updating (they may not receive the updated files until their scheduled Hotfix times).

UPDATE from Bunji:

I see the issue with this zone and will try and get it fixed today (should just need a client side update).

Original Post:

  • Until a patch can be made, DO NOT ZONE into Shard of Love: A Healing Touch or you will be trapped and unable to zone out without Customer Service assistance (through /petition).

This problem appears to be a missing zone art file, and a few players reported being able to solve the issue by logging in another character and then /camp-ing to the affected character, but others saw no relief. The issue is not tied to either the Streaming or Full Download launchers and is equally affecting both.

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Comments (7)

  • Kaufman


    Thanks McCall – I “experienced” a stun on the first quest that was only able to be removed by COVing to someone after zoning 3 times and dismounting and then “experienced” a crash when zoning in on the second quest. Awesome “experiences”.


  • Kawaia


    Fantastic quality testing


  • Magar


    Just downloaded new SoL files before logging in after a brief break tonight. Hopefully this is the fix!


  • Dyadem


    It worked fine for me now..I didnt try it earlier so luckily I wasnt stuck, but the new files are in so people get your quest on!


  • Cyliena


    @Kawaia: It was tested on beta and the zone had absolutely no issues then. People are quick to blame testing but forget that sometimes #$^% just happens.


  • Laecee


    Just ran it… no issues!!!


  • Lempo of Everfrost



    I’m sure the zone worked during beta, it actually looked like an entire package of assets was not flagged to be included in the patcher here.

    What about the AA mirrors (not working properly for several months), the loot issues (both the assignement and the trade ability being broken), beastlord war runes, beastlord quests for good alignments (and the first pass that didn’t fix them all)

    It would be a lot easier for people to be more forgiving if there were no so many issues, and I barely touched on them there are many, many more.


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