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In an amusing use of a Station Cash illusion item, clever player Meha turned himself into a treasure chest and planted himself where the normal chest would drop in a public quest raid.  Apparently, the actual chest hadn’t dropped, so they took matters into their own hands to lighten the mood.  Needless to say, player Rabbie from Butcherblock and his guild The Black Knights were laughing at the ensuing chaos:

Everyone ran to him, clicked on him, there was shouting, snickering, and cursing indeed. Then about 5 minutes later, someone else did it, off to the side.  And half the zone thought “Look, it’s over there!” and swarmed to the new chest. And there was more shouting, snickering, and cursing…

Not everyone found it amusing, of course.  But it was all in good fun, according to the Black Knights, anyway.

As other players recalled in the forum thread, this follows the tradition of pranks in the original EverQuest, where illusionists would turn themselves into money on the floor of the bank, or even more wickedly, a trickster who turned himself into a post high in the tree city, mimicking a bridge entrance high above the forest floor, sending players plummeting to their deaths!

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  • Claviarm


    Minor Illusion is the reason I played an illusionist in EQ1. Good times.


  • Lathain


    illusionist (and coercer) lack of illusion in EQ2, I was also enchanter in EQ1 and i miss a lot that part on my coercer. Very good times 😉

    I was turned into werewolf (turned invisible) when most people was not maxed, and chassed little dward in front of the dwarf city in greater faydark (EQ1)
    Was very fun to jump and strip invisibility to appear in front of little player… Most of them was running while i was chassing them GRAW !


  • SteveT


    I got a group good with the new tagging system when it launched – no one knew about it so I did things like put a skull above a player then had it count down 6 5 4 3 2 1 they were freaking out about what was going to happen.


  • Bessanna


    Hi, Rabbie here, just a wee fyi… Rabbie is a female kerran played by female human. (most days anyways) hee hee So cool you picked up the story here. Meha had us in stiches over it. I’ve seen folks doing it at other PQ raids since still funny.

    Rabbie, Butcherblock, The Black Knights


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