March 4, 2011 Update Notes

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Great news if you have been running Public Quests and been rather puzzled at Legendary (or Fabled) gear with Yellow adornment slots, yet receiving Red adornments (which only go on Raid gear). Now, you will get a select window/choice for Yellow or Red, and it’s based on archetype.

After the jump, your update notes for March 4, 2011:


Tombs of Night

  • Dvith Nzur will no longer crash the zone when attacked.

Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid)

  • Fixed an issue with the final boss loot drops.

Kraytoc’s Fortress (Raid)

  • Taltak the Mighty has stopped sharing his loot table with Eirreen the Broken. He now has his own loot for you to plunder.


Public Quests

  • Public quest adornment drops should now offer a selection of adornments based on the archetypes they are meant for.
  • Public quest adornments should now offer a red and yellow adornment option.
  • Public quest adornments are now flagged as no trade which is consistent with other rewards from public quests.


  • Targeted and group buffs with a base avoidance component should now properly apply the avoidance component.


  • Fixed an issue with the coldain rings where their stats were changing incorrectly at certain tiers.
  • Fixed a few items that had deflection instead of defense.


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Comments (2)

  • Loredena


    Heh, my never-going-to-raid conjurer got a piece of gear in the PQ with only a white slot — and then got a red adornment. /sigh So I’m just as happy to see this change!


  • Lathain


    Nerf bat just hit, public quest dont worth it now as tank, quest give better reward than best gear public quest can affoird. Forearm, boot and glove are junk now. Lost 40% of crit mitigation on the whole set, i wonder why they just not didnt removed totaly. Since it well know no solo or heroic mob have 120 crit chance or more.

    The other stats on this set are almost inexistant, only the critical mitigation was his main objective, allow us to not die every hit.

    Try the little griffin 97 in GD even with 164 crit mitigation and average group i got destroyed, i wonder how now with only 114 crit mitigation i can tank it. I know his loot is craps but hey i m a tank !


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