GU59: In-Game Calendar and Ready Check!

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In-Game Calendar

If you have longed to be able to organize Guild Events into an in-game Calendar, post a Raid Schedule, or get a reminder on which City will be visited next by the roving City Festival, you’ll be pleased to see the addition of a Calendar in Game Update 59. The calendar will be populated with Live Events, possibly Server Events posted by Community Managers, and also your Guild leadership will have the ability to add events (it’s gained a new permission under Guild Ranks).

Ready Check!

From the Update Notes:

Raid Leaders can now initiate a ready-check by right-clicking the raid window. Raid members in the current zone will be asked if they are ready and the results will be displayed in the raid window as well as in raid chat.

This will be a great addition for Raid Leaders to be able to make sure everyone is back from AFK, and probably also a good way to find out who’s watching TV (or worse) rather than paying attention. 😉

NOTE: This is a PREVIEW. Additional features and tweaks may occur to render these screenshots outdated.

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Comments (4)

  • Eschia


    While this is yet another feature borrowed from WoW, at least it’s one i liked. This should take a lot of work out of prepping for raids and such. That is if done right.


  • Kalvaine


    I absolutely love this feature.


  • Ghouti


    Doubt it will be used that much for raid guilds. Cause i don’t see any way to use it to indicate if youd be available for an event. But as a reminder and for other events it’s very usefull.

    I’m not sure how well i like the ready check … knowing our raid leader he will pop it a lot for fun lol, but its a good feature.


  • Telis


    SWEET! Can use! This will come in real handy in the future.


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