EQ2 Mobile Popularity Pushes Server to Limit

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Yesterday’s launch of the EQ2 Mobile service for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone platforms pushed the EQ2Mobile data server to the limit. Users received several different errors including “Unexpected token stream” which indicated that the mobile data server was down. One issue noticed immediately by players is that old, deleted characters still appear in the character list. Some players are reporting 40-60 characters in their list including ones which have long since been deleted.

EQ2Mobile leverages the new Data Feeds service which will eventually replace the outdated platform running EQ2Players.

SmokeJumper had these responses:

The “unexpected token stream” is a poorly worded error message that should say “Server is down, try again in a few minutes”.

There are load issues with their server here on Day One. The AFK team is on the case, feeding steroids to the hamsters and we hope to have fixes soon.

P.S., We’ll change the error message text soon also.


The poor little server for EQII Mobile is having a hard time and that’s why you keep getting service failures.

However…*please* keep trying to get on (whenever it’s convenient for you to try). The more load we pour onto that sorry little server, the more likely it is that we can get good error messages internally and get a fix for it.

What does not kill our server, makes it stronger. So please…keep pounding on it so it strengthens up.



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  • Michael Patterson


    Also in my mailbox I saw messages over a year old.


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