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It’s a Bonus Guild XP Weekend!

Starting at 5:00 pm (PDT) on Friday, October 22nd and ending at 10:00 am (PDT) on Monday, October 25th, players in EQII and EQ2X can gain a 50% bonus on guild XP!

Get out there and level up, and enjoy hearing those dings come 50% faster. But don’t wait; the weekend will be over before you know it. Enjoy!

This promotion will run from Friday, October 22 at 5PM PDT (Sunday 02:00 GMT) until Monday, October 25th at 10AM PDT (17:00 GMT).

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  • Blockhead


    Ever since i got involved with SOE, (SWG-launch to about CU and then over to EQ2- launch till several months ago, i remained pretty faithful to SOE), sure I’ve tried other mmo’s but never really left SOE and never really gave another company a chance because of the time i had already invested in SOE’s mmo’s and of course friends i made.

    I’ve read so many threads about how well other companies treat their customers but fell of deaf ears with me, having given another company a real chance i truly understand now that there were no fallacies in the stories they told, ok rambling on. Point is I’ve not really been outside the SOE campground before with the reality that I’m likely not coming back to SOE, well not in any capacity that i was before. Friends all packed up and left long ago, yea well they are smart professional people i should have taken that as a my first hint, and well SOE just isn’t all that and a bag o chips in the mmo genre anymore either, players have options nowadays.

    Here is the point or question i want to address (Bonus XP) and not to get all philosophical here; but offering Bonus XP, isn’t there really an inherent flaw behind this concept? What I’m getting at is why would people get so excited? and the reason i ask this now is in the mmo I’m playing, i forgot all about this type of offering because i don’t really want nor expect that sort of offering as i enjoy every minute of my play time, so why on earth would i want to race through that? Maybe they do offer it but i can tell you I’m not interested and doubt I’d get all excited about it, probably wont play much at that time if/when they do. My play-style is still the same but I absolutely loved EQ2 bonus weekends because it was a time to get the drudge or any boring grinding like Crafting out of the way, or i simply didn’t know any better.

    I have a friend who has played the same mmo since 2001, when i started mentioning Bonus XP weekends to him he thought that this was a weird concept and why anyone who enjoys their game would want this? I completely understand his rational thinking now, although at the time i thought he was nuts for not understanding how awesome bonus xp weekends were.

    My wife; when she started to notice EQ wasn’t up much anymore and lotro was, she asked “you starting to take to this one?”, “yea it’s actually pretty good, crafting is great, awesome players, great setting/community, it’s actually a very good mmo to my surprise” i replied.

    You know what she asked me, and this was a few weeks back “Does it have bonus xp weekends?” my response was “I don’t think so or not regularly like EQ2 that i know of”. “Good” was her only reply, i didn’t have to ask what she meant by that.

    I know this bonus is for Guilds but that doesn’t matter, players are going to be excited about any bonus XP in EQ2 even though they have a whopping 200% vitality already.

    So I ask Why? I want to know why because it’s against human nature to desire to race through something which is enjoyable.

    When players get all excited about a bonus XP weekends with such regularity, what is this really saying about the game or how one really feels about the game, yes even you raiders? Maybe it’s sign that it’s time to move on and try something else, or you’re in a rut and don’t know it? or maybe it simply means it’s time to take a break until Bonus XP doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

    It makes no sense to want to rush through something which is fun.


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