June 22, 2010 Update Notes

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Here are your June 22, 2010 Update Notes:


  • The druid rings in Feerrott and Loping Plains are now safe destinations for newbies to zone in.
  • Kurista, Elwe, Dalarim and Tolla Clorto no longer change appearances every time they zone.
  • The Defender of Growth guards are now much more powerful, to better protect the druid rings.
  • A couple harvest nodes near the Stonebrunt Highlands druid ring were left floating when the terrain was adjusted. This has been fixed.


  • Antonica will once again broadcast the call to arms.


  • Fallen Foe Charms can now be used by Wardens.


  • The Priest of Discord in New Halas now resides closer to the PvP merchants.


  • Vaclaz Encounter: Crippling Nausea no longer stuns players.  Instead it causes their actions to have a chance to impede those around them.  Players hit with keen insight no longer can be hit with crippling nausea.  Players with crippling nausea will never be picked to handle the keen insight adds.  Roekillik beastmasters now have more health.
  • The Taehric Construct and Vaclaz no longer debuff player’s physical and Noxious mitigation levels.
  • Rathgar will now hit players with Deathblow once per 55 secs rather than once per 45 secs.
  • Master Syfak’s Roekillik Deathbringers will not cast festing plague as quickly as they did before.

The Vigilant: Rescue

  • Amahn Prime Nirel now summons flames and fire more quickly during the fight.


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Comments (4)

  • Karith


    Then why was my patcher loading voice pack files???


  • Jonaroth


    lol ya there musta been something else snuck in there…


  • Silzin


    From my experience the EQ2 Div’s have never had a problem adding things into the update that will only ever be discovered by people that are doing a lot of investigations.


  • Teeo


    The fabled raid charms now have a 2k 2 times per minute magic damage proc on them… These are the quest reward charms that involve clearing Labs and Palace to finish.


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