Bristlebane Day pays tribute to Gary Gygax, brings Holiday Mash-up

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Bristlebane Day (April 1st) always brings out festivities and a bit of zanyness to EQ2. In past years, we’ve seen /cutemode (also try /cutemode 3 ) and in EQ1, turning everyone into wireframes. But this year, Bristlebane Day has put practicality in the place of tomfoolery.

Today, Bristlebane Day, a unique quest has appeared in the Enchanted Lands, offered by a Sphinx, which pays tribute to the father of Dungeons & Dragons — Gary Gygax.

The folks at ZAM were first to note that 2 of the 3 riddles given were also found in a FreeRealms quest.

Further exploration of the Enchanted Lands and other zones has revealed not only crafting tables from Frostfell, but also harvestable nodes for every recurring Norrath live event, including Nights of the Dead, Frostfell, Tinkerfest, and Erollisi Day.

If you have a desperate need for some event-specific craftables for your house or guild hall, don’t miss your opportunity!

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