Six Year Veteran Rewards & Frostfell

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Kiara has brought us the great news about the Six Year Veteran Rewards. I have to say these are some great items!! Check out the preview at EQ2Players.

Also, Frostfell is expected to appear in Norrath on December 10th.

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  • Eschia Mousehold


    Nice. I like the free call to group member item. Theres a place i got stuck in VP once at the lift in the 2nd wing and had to use the orb of recon to get out. Those get expensive sometimes.


  • Gnova


    With the next expansion every player will be able to level tinkering.
    Why they have decided to make one of the biggest draws to leveling a tinkerer a veteran reward is beyond me.
    I absolutely agree with giving players veteran rewards to players that have been playing the game for a lot of years. They should be tied to the time subscribed however, not how long you have had the account.

    The veteran rewards in the past couple years have all been tied into convenience for leveling alts. Why would someone that doesn’t play alts need TS vitality, or XP vitality? Why would someone playing for six years need a the Call of Veteran when they could have tinkering leveled, or can level it once the next ex-pac releases.

    AoC has the most balanced veteran reward system. You get points for each month subbed and can spend those on different convenience items. Not be given items you have no wish for.

    Give veterans a option for special housing, or charms to improve mount speed or slowfall. These suck and they have shown zero imagination coming up with them.


  • beacoupfish


    I have to be honest. On the edge of an expansion the vet rewards for 6 years are going to come in handy.

    With 5 toons at 80/80 I plan to fully level in the expansion having the ability to refill vit will be nice. While I can take my time leveling my characters staying with the rest of the pack is pain without them.

    In this situation there is nothing here for leveling alt, but tangible tools to make leveling a little more bearable.


  • devolver


    @Gnova: stick to AoC and their INCREDIBLE end-game content if you’re not happy with the way Sony is doing things. So what if they give out cool stuff. It doesn’t change the way the game is played in a manner that makes it unbalanced. And people want to level alts so they can have alternate toons to raid with. Someone your guild raid might not need that Shadow Knight, so you can either sit it out or bring the alt that IS needed. And who wants to level up an alt at the same speed as your first toon.

    Everquest 2 has some of the BEST end game content in any MMO, so its all about getting to the END to do the high end raids. It gets incredibly boring doing the same 1-80 content over and over, and Sony has come to realize this.

    In a content patch (this last summer or spring I believe) they upped the experience gained thru levels 20-70. They effectively lowered the average “leveling time” for those levels from 160 hours to 100 hours. If you want hardcore slow leveling and huge death penalties, then there are games out there for that (the original Everquest, for instance). These types of veteran awards (and lowered the amount of time required to level an alt) help keep the game fun and help keep subscribers interested. Sony knows what they’re doing.

    As far as special housing, there are LoN cards that give free housing (and I’m one of those folks who could give a damn about housing, I get my house-crazy friends to do my decorating). For the mount speed increase, The Ice Mare (or whatever its called) along with the guild stable hand, the cloak of harvesters and AA points in the ‘Shadows’ line gives you a run speed of 82%. That’s pretty fast.

    And I’m sure that in the next expansion there will be new mounts that are faster.

    And finally, with slowfall, I probably have 4 or 5 cloaks that give slowfall (from LoN cards) plus the cloak of harvester (which I swap in and out when I need to jump off cliffs and what-not), not to mention that several races have slowfall as a racial trait.


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