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What do Tradeskillers have to look forward to in The Shadow Odyssey expansion? Quite a lot actually!

Tradeskilling in The Shadow Odyssey

  • Starter Quest in the new Moors of Ykesha zone (77-80 adventure level, accessible from the Airship dock in the Sinking Sands).
  • New Grobb and Tupta factions in the Moors of Ykesha.
  • Far Seas Supply Division — a new faction with a ton of rewards including mounts (a white unicorn), jewelry, belts, clothing, etc.
  • A Gathering Obsession — Harvesting Signature Quest (rewards a cloak with Featherfall, etc.)

And the most exciting addition (in my opinion) are the new Tradeskill Group Instances. 1-6 tradeskillers can participate in these tradeskill instances. You pickup these quests in the Isle of Mara. You must have first done the Starter Quest in the Moors of Ykesha.

The group instances not only reward Far Seas Supply Division coins, redeemable for cool rewards, but also reward faction and special recipe books. These recipe books are invaluable if you want to help your adventuring guildmates gear up for the new The Shadow Odyssey dungeons more quickly.

The new Void Shard armor (styled after LDoN from EQ1) is sold by a vendor in the Moors of Ykesha for a certain number of Void Shards. However if you are a tradeskiller and have acquired the right recipe books from the Tradeskill Group Instances, then you can make these pieces of armor, saving your customer 1-2 shards per item. No doubt this will be an invaluable service to close-knight guilds with a mix of adventurers and tradeskillers.

The Shadow Odyssey expansion goes live Tuesday, Nov 18 at 12:00 noon PST. If you have your EQ2 Launcher set to download in the background, then you should have received approximately 750 MB of data today, reducing your patch time on Tuesday from 3-4 hours to hopefully as little as 15 minutes.

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