The Shadow Odyssey

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New overland 77+
20 dungeons
4 new raid
60 pts for new aa tree
Missions – even if good loot does not drop you can get shards to turn in for weapons

Re use existing zones

Most dungeons scale 50-80

Najena’s is a new big ass dungeon. Very tall (4 story stairs and just really cool). Very organic, wood, ropes, not the current stone boxes. Najena’s forge is the new place to go to craft various master weapons, etc. taking the place of the existing Solusek Ro forge.

Upper and lower Guk

One of the two dieties being added will behave differently. Must be unlocked on each server. Featured on the Shadow Odyssey box art.

Marketing department added the “of” in Shadow Odyssey. Many jokes made by SoE about it. Marketing dept was surprised that a EQ2 expansion didn’t have “of” in the middle. 🙂

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