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New AA tree:

Archetype (Priest/Mage/Fighter/Scout)
Class (Cleric/Summoner/etc)
Subclass (Warden/Ranger/Assassin/etc.)
Instead of a “tree” that forces you to take AA items you don’t want, AA lines are straight across and you just pick ones. End of line reward for each level.

Tradeskill AA
Harvesting AA increase # harvests per node

Asymetrical armor pieces if you want one big shoulder, one small shoulder. 🙂

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  • Ramone-AB



    The harvesting ones will be handy for those that harvest and sell the goods.

    I wonder if it will help on the chance for pulling a rare.

    And it’s about time they had it so you can put the AA’s in certain lines without being forced like KoS and EoF AA’s.

    Also for those under 140 AA at the xpack launch will the unused AA’s they lack from being 140 be eligible for the new AA lines?


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