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Watch Out for Exploding Gadgets…. It’s Tinkerfest!

Written by Aidis Darvidas on . Posted in Live Events

Tinkerfest is a wonderful time each year that players get to experience the zany background of the gnomes and their kooky inventions. What will go boom this time, who will be the new victim or merciless tests with flaky machinery!? When will the madness end?

Starting Friday July 23rd at 12:01am PDT Tinkerfest will be in effect. Bringing to you several quests, lovely house items and fluff and yes, the shinies are back! Be quick to jump on this upcoming weeks event as it will only be available for a short time, ending on August 2nd at 11:59pm PDT this event will wrap up like one of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriages and vanish till next year!

For a complete quest/event list there are writeups at EQ2 ZAM and EQ2Traders.


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