It’s Aboot Time!

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Need a swift kick to get motivated for leveling?  For the next 14 days, any player who reaches level 10 on the Fallen Gate server will earn the Pedipowered Posterior Punter mount, which can be claimed on any server! Don’t wait too long to get this mount, as this offer ends Tuesday, July 11 at 11:59PM PDT.

This Leaper mount will let you get the jump on traveling and moving quickly around the map.

If you want even more upgrades, any player hitting level 30 (no time limit on this one!) will receive Mirgaul’s Familiar Tonic which will enhance any single familiar!

Want to learn more about Fallen Gate?

I didn’t want to put a 4MB GIF file on the front page, so click More to see the “mount”…


Can we get some adult supervision over the EQ2 team please?

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Comments (7)

  • Mizgamer62


    Hmmm….I don’t remember leaper mounts or familiars being available at launch 2004 :p….couldn’t resist. Any how, betting that most will log in and level to 10 to get the free mount and then never log in again.


  • Shmogre


    “GIF GOES HERE”…that’s awesome. 😆


  • Elrohir


    That’s got to be the stupidest mount I’ve ever seen. 😕


  • Jim


    What a travesty that EQII has been turned into a Pink Panther movie. Everyone is in on the joke except the Inspector Clouseaus on the development team. At least I have been able to return to EQI which seems to be holding its own as a serious RPG.


  • Einelinea


    omg someone please, please tell me this is a joke by the devs ! ……
    no just no … not going to bother — I prefer the traditional horses


  • Carnifex


    One can only laugh at the sheer idiocy. Back to Zelda for me!


  • Archangel


    Personally I think it’s cute.

    Making a character called (insertnamehere)yessirecanipleasehaveanother or (insertnamehere)ideservethis to wear the mount …… allegedly.


    Developer threatens defamation lawsuit 2:40
    “another Developer who has been threatening Steam users, bullying them, belittling them, and everything else under the sun.” SidAlpha


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