Rumor: Triple XP and Double Scrolls due to EQ2 Server Downtime

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance

I was sent this screenshot:


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  • Archangel


    Back in the stone age, before the Internet. When there were service problems, a company would compensate the customer. Or at least offer a sincere Mea culpa.

    That changed, and companies took the stance lampooned by this 1976 sketch.
    Ah, the good ole days of paying long distance surcharges, from one zip code to another zip code; across the street.

    Kander “We will be scheduling Triple XP and Double scrolls or more for the next week”

    Nice to see some things have changed.


  • Griffonlady


    aye! ^_^ Pretty awesome. Good customer relations when ya acknowledge a mistake and make good. ^_^


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