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The EQ2 developers will be staging Dev Chats in-game in the Public chat channel on each EQ2 server over the next three days. There have been predictions of chaos and troublemakers interrupting the chat, so this could be very interesting or it could go smoothly and lead to enlightenment.

Updated with Maj’Dul and Isle of Refuge chats having moved to May 1st.

Here’s the schedule from the EQ2 Forums:

If you missed last week’s letter from the team, we’ll be hosting Developer chats on all servers and answering your questions! Below is a schedule for each server:

  • April 26th – Thurgadin – 10:30AM–11:30AM PDT (17:30 UTC – 18:30 UTC)
  • April 26th – Antonia Bayle – 3:30PM–4:30PM PDT (22:30 UTC – 23:30 UTC)
  • April 26th – Halls of Fate – 4:30PM–5:30PM PDT (23:30 UTC – 00:30 UTC)
  • April 28th – Skyfire – 3:30PM–4:30PM PDT (22:30 UTC – 23:30 UTC)
  • April 28th – Stormhold – 4:30PM–5:30PM PDT (23:30 UTC – 00:30 UTC)
  • May 1st – Isle of Refuge – 3:30PM–4:30PM PDT (22:30 UTC – 23:30 UTC)
  • May 1st – Maj’Dul – 4:30PM–5:30PM PDT (23:30 UTC – 00:30 UTC)

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  • Noctew


    Chat on Thurgadin just ended. Interesting takeaway: class rebalance for the expansion may include merging some class abilities/spells for the T11 version. This should declutter our hotbars a bit with all those ascension abilities etc. The example given was SK’s Shadow Coil and Dreadful Wrath.


  • Caam


    If anyone has any questions they’re wanting to have answered, I’d be willing to ask them later today on HoF.


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