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After much consideration and consultation with players in the EQ2 community, I have decided to launch forums for EQ2Wire and our EQ2U Players site.

Player research and sleuthing has already begun for the Epic Weapon 2.0 quests, and now more than ever, a place is needed to discuss and document Combat Mechanics and Itemization strategies, while sharing Class builds and other knowledge. I also want a place to discuss the incredible Data API (Census) which Daybreak Games offers to players that makes sites like EQ2U possible. I want a place that EQ2 players really feel like they’re at home, comfortable to customize their forum profile with custom avatars, signatures, and more. This will be a community run By Players For Players.

Even if you have an EQ2U account, you will need to Register a new account on the EQ2Wire forums. I do suggest people use the same e-mail address used for your EQ2U account just for ease of identification and possible badges and extra features later on.

All users of the forum are expected to read and comply with the Forum Rules. This is not anarchy.

Also I have had a conversation with RadarX about this. I’m allowed (encouraged?) to promote my forums and my fan sites (EQ2U, EQ2Wire) through this announcement, my own Signature, etc. However he will be deleting thread replies such as “Let’s move this conversation to the EQ2Wire Forums” as that is thread derailment. If a useful discussion happens to be on my site, then someone can link it here within reason. I do appreciate that Daybreak is not taking an adversarial position on my launching of these forums.

Register for the EQ2Wire Forums!

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    ’bout time ;)


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    Great news!


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