Terrors of Thalumbra Rare Heroic Loot Merchant is Live

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From the EQ2 Forums:

A “Merchant of Rarities” has rare heroic drops from Terrors of Thalumbra dungeons available to players that are looking to pick up an item that has been eluding them, or to get a character caught up to adventure in Thalumbra and beyond!

Are you looking for awesome new Green Adornments? Koolor Ironblood has them!

Koolor Ironblood can be found in Thalumbra: the Ever Deep. He has items to purchase for status, for platinum, and for Coin of the Eternal Queen. What items are YOU most excited for?

UPDATE from Kander:

We missed the rare raid trash drop cloaks and belts. We will be adding them to the merchant next hotfix.

We will absolutely not be adding the rare mythical weapons.

After the jump, the complete list of items available from the merchant…

[eq2u]Abyssral’s Focused Eye[/eq2u] [eq2u]Flux Amplifier[/eq2u] [eq2u]Shroud of the Shieldbrother[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Ancient Stygian Coin[/eq2u] Gatherer’s Trinket [eq2u]Silk Needles[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Band of the Blood Gorger[/eq2u] [eq2u]Golden Ring of Combat[/eq2u] [eq2u]Slaver’s Clockwork Tempest[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Black Bolt’s Doctrine[/eq2u] [eq2u]Heart of the Ancient Horror[/eq2u] [eq2u]Spirit Thrasher[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Blood of Xoth[/eq2u] [eq2u]Howl of the Thousand[/eq2u] [eq2u]Stoneband Bracelet[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Bloody Eye of Xacx[/eq2u] [eq2u]Incandescent Deep Mushroom[/eq2u] [eq2u]Strengthened Belt of Ultimate Deception[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Bottled Endless Courage[/eq2u] [eq2u]Integrity Shifter[/eq2u] [eq2u]Tendril of the Fathomlurker[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Buckler of Iron-Forged Brellium[/eq2u] [eq2u]Iron Forged Tactical Chain[/eq2u] [eq2u]Terrifying Earring of Thalumbra[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Buckler of Transmutation[/eq2u] [eq2u]Karith’Ta’s Disorienting Longsword[/eq2u] [eq2u]The Dark Sender[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Charm of Bound Flame[/eq2u] [eq2u]Lacerator[/eq2u] [eq2u]The Gift of Death[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Children of the Spore[/eq2u] [eq2u]Luminous Deep Mushroom[/eq2u] [eq2u]The Last Word[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Chitinous Antenna of Xoth[/eq2u] [eq2u]Magic-infused Tracking Longbow[/eq2u] [eq2u]The Protégé’s Headstone[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Clasp of Dark Whispers[/eq2u] [eq2u]Mawz Harak’s Skull[/eq2u] [eq2u]The Will to Live[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Cloak of the Deepstrider[/eq2u] [eq2u]Mystical Cloak of Cooperation[/eq2u] [eq2u]Tinderton Spike Pouch[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Club of Ever Rending Anguish[/eq2u] [eq2u]Old Sqaw’s Tempest[/eq2u] [eq2u]Traznail’s Belt of Pockets[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Creepy Gnomish Doll[/eq2u] [eq2u]Ooze-Covered Spiderling[/eq2u] [eq2u]Uigirf’s Amplifying Earring[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Darkmetal Etched Choker of Yothshaval[/eq2u] [eq2u]Penumbra Affronting Gnasher[/eq2u] [eq2u]Uigirf’s Amplifying Stud[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Energy Amplifier Stud[/eq2u] [eq2u]Powered Hingebot Chain[/eq2u] [eq2u]Uzulu Deep Bracelet[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Enraged Will[/eq2u] [eq2u]Relic of Hate[/eq2u] [eq2u]Uzulu Stone[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Essence of Fiery Auras[/eq2u] [eq2u]Sapping Mindwarper Gnasher[/eq2u] [eq2u]Vengeance of the Eaten[/eq2u]
[eq2u]Eye of Mrwar[/eq2u] [eq2u]Seared Glass Earring[/eq2u] [eq2u]Yothshaval Wristlet Chains[/eq2u]
First Strike [eq2u]Sever[/eq2u] [eq2u]Yothshaval’s Empowerment[/eq2u]

Koolor Ironblod spawns at {826.99, 53.40, 192.39}.

For a screenshot with the items and pricing information, you can see that by clicking below:


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