Heroic Characters Level Up to 90!

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From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale on the EQ2 Forums:

Hidey-Ho Norrathians!

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be updating our Heroic Characters to start at level 90! We feel this change will help players keep up with our growth in free content and with the pace of the game due to our new level increase included in the Altar of Malice expansion. The price for the upgraded characters remains at 3500SC per Heroic Character, but we’ve made some improvements!

What’s the difference?

Purchased Level 90 Heroic Characters will come with Level 90 (Adventure only), 320AAs, a full set of gear, food/drink, ammo, potions (as appropriate) and a mount with stats! New Heroic Characters will also start in Eidolon Jungle with content in our Chains of Eternity expansion.

Level 90 Trial characters will come with Level 90, 280AAs, gear, food/drink, ammo, potions (as appropriate) and a mount and be restricted to leveling up to level 91 (Adventure) with restrictions on trading, etc. These characters will also start in Eidolon Jungle.

Here are a few answers for some questions we expect you’ll have:

1. WTFudge? I just bought a Heroic Character last week and it’s level 85!

All players who purchased a level 85 Heroic Character will not be changed at all, but will receive a no-trade level 90 Heroic Character bauble they can choose to use. It will update your character’s level to 90, AAs to 320, and give you a set of gear, food/drink, ammo, potions (as appropriate), and retain their existing flying mount. We wanted to provide this as an option for those who are enjoying whatever content they are playing now.

2. What happens if I have an unused level 85 Heroic Character bauble in my inventory when this change happens?

The bauble will be upgraded to the 90 version automatically.

3. What happens to my level 85 trial character?

The character will remain at level 85, but can be leveled up to 91 (the new trial level cap) if the player prefers. Players could also choose to simply make a new Level 90 trial character!
When reaching level 90, trial characters will receive a quest reward with level 90 gear for Heroic Characters, but they will retain their existing flying mount.

4. What happens to my trial character that is capped at level 86?

The character will remain level-locked unless you purchase the Heroic Character upgrade option.

If you choose to “unlock” or upgrade a trial Heroic Character that is level-locked at level 86, it will be upgraded with the new level 90 gear and features.

We anticipate this update to go live by the end of next week and wanted everyone to be aware of the upcoming changes. We’re looking forward to the updated Heroic Characters and hope that you are as well!

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Comments (7)

  • Dark Beast


    Wonder if the bauble will still increase aa regardless of level, say if character was 85 and 280aa, and is now lvl 92 with 300 aa

    will the bauble increase the character to 92 with 320aa?


    • Anaogi


      I presume it wouldn’t work, since it’s intended to level a character below level 90 to level 90. Which that example character is not.


  • Sievert


    They should have synced this with the EXP bonus weekend. Would possibly get a phew more heroic sells..


  • Noctew


    Nice. Especially that they give out the Level-90-tokens to existing heroic chars…should prevent most complaints players might have.


  • nethunter


    Wtfudge my old 85 heroic character wants the mount with stats too.make and add this to the bubble or whatever


  • Scratch


    “All players who purchased a level 85 Heroic Character will not be changed at all, but will receive a no-trade level 90 Heroic Character bauble they can choose to use.”

    Does this include the heroic characters we got for free (one per account when heroic characters were released)?


  • Scratch


    Ok, answered my own question… SOE forums say yes.


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