In Case You Missed It: Client Performance Fixes, Restored Quest Starters on Test

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We did not promote this news at the time, but there are a number of cool fixes on the Test server which should hopefully go live after SOE Live. Chief among these are significant optimization of the EQ2 client so players should get smoother framerates. Also, players had assembled a list of quest starters that, through revamps and NPC shuffling were no longer attainable. These plus many more bug fixes and a few nice convenience features are now sitting on Test. It’s almost like one of the big bug stomps we used to see.

Here are just some of the notes from the Test Update Notes posted in late June:


  • Made some optimizations to the client to improve performance.
  • Changing your settings under the “performance” tab in the options menu to High, Very High or Extreme should have performance improvements on higher end machines and should have improved shadow quality on “Extreme” setting. NOTE: you will have to re-select the option if you had it already selected to see these changes.
  • Added the ability to filter stoneskin chat messages to Combat > Stoneskins.


  • Macro ‘Use Item’ option now allows you to use food and drink items. The macro will always attempt to use equipped food / drink items first, if you have the same item both equipped and in your inventory.


  • Added Show Equipped Only filter to reforge / restore.


  • Using an adornment will now display a selection window listing applicable items in your inventory. You may still choose to manually apply the adornment from this window if you wish.


  • Earn even more achievements for completing Heritage quests!
  • Many quests removed from Vermin’s Snye are once again available.

There are over 100 more items in the complete Test Update Notes post.

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Comments (5)

  • Vapur


    Show Equipped Only on reforger? YES! No longer will I accidentally spend 10p on an item I wasn’t wearing.


    • Dedith


      I’d laugh, but I have done this as well… don’t ever reforge while tired or drunk (or high if you do that)


  • Canth


    The mechanics of adornment applying is horrid. I have to go through at least one more step to apply the adorn instead of the manual way it is now. It auto selects an item to apply it to and that item is never the one I want. Then I have to manually select the item I want anyway. Not sure who thought this up but it’s bad.


    • Feldon


      IF its giving the wrong item, then it sounds like a bug then.


  • asepkx


    i was really glad to see this list of items. a lot of which are not just endgame items. wish they had left comments open on their post of this, i would have given them a hearty, thank you.


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