Rewards for Beta Testing Tears of Veeshan – Flying Sokokar, More

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This was posted last week, but better late than never. 😉

From the EQ2 Forums:

Testing for EverQuest II’s 10th expansion, Tears of Veeshan, is in full swing on the Beta server. Not only can you get a preview of what’s to come by heading over to take a look, but also earn rewards that you can claim on your live character!

There are three separate rewards that you can earn for testing different facets of the expansion:

[eq2u]Blessed of Veeshan Reward Bundle[/eq2u] is for testing overland quests in Vesspyr Isles.

[eq2u]Thread Jumper’s Reward Bundle[/eq2u] is granted for testing and completing all of the Heroic dungeons.

[eq2u]Indomitable Reward Bundle[/eq2u] is granted for raid testing with a member of the development team.

So head on over to the beta server and join the fun!

Sokokars Take Flight


First ever flying Blessed Sokokar mount. (heroic version)

[eq2u]Fuzzlecutter’s Bottled Brilliance[/eq2u]

IMPORTANT NOTE: These rewards are Account-wide, meaning that once you have earned one, you should switch to a Live character and claim it before working to earn another reward of the same type, otherwise you will not get it. From Caith on the EQ2 Forums:

The rewards are granted to the account that earns them and can be claimed by any character.

Each individual bundle can only be held on an account at one time. So you can have 1 Blessed of Veeshan, 1 Thread Jumper, and 1 Indomitable at a time, but you cannot have 2 Blessed of Veeshan at a time.

NOTE #2: You can check your progress on these rewards on your Beta character by checking the Achievements tab. From Caith again:

Only the raid bundle is handled manually. The rest are handled by rewards from the achievements that are also their requirements.

NOTE #3: Some players are reporting that they’re not able to “repeat” the process with a new Beta character in order to claim a reward on another live character.

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Comments (6)

  • Grughar


    Anyone know how much achievment exp Fuzzlecutter’s Bottled Brilliance gives ?


    • Jazzalyn


      I handed it to another character who was at 320 then copied them over to beta. They got to 324, so at that high it only gives 4 AA’s


      • Grughar


        Ok, thanks for the reply. Seems its not that much then.


  • ttobey


    That has become my favorite flier. 🙂


  • TC


    What colour are the other Sokokars, apart from the blessed?


  • Bloodstormz


    Ill come back in a few months after they finish hotfixing the live server. Played beta, do NOT like the fixes on live. Ill return to everquest if they ever give the warlocks a REAL fix. we can at least hang with everyone else now though, but we are still lacking the dps for that T1 rank. we are mediocre 2cnd in the Tier 2 right now. Im hoping one day some actual caster gear will drop as well, all i keep getting is melee stat gear and with each piece my dps goes down and this is supposed to be an “upgrade?”. my hp’s and power is going up…thats it.


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