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One of the preamble events leading up to the Destiny of Velious expansion will be the reconstruction of several dilapidated and corrupted Druid Rings. Read the article on EQ2Players.

As we reported in April, we are expecting the druid rings in Nektulos Forest, Loping Plains, Zek, and Feerrott to be rebuilt.

Windslasher has posted extensively about how this event will work and what participants can expect…

A mysterious young Fae named Kurista has begun a ritual to restore the ruined druid rings across Norrath! She and her followers have begun work in a remote corner of Nektulos Forest, near the Valley of the Dead. Adventurers and crafters of all seasons have been invited to help with their undertaking.

Unlike prior building events, this one is active in just one zone at a time. Once the Nektulos ring has been empowered, it will become a valid travel destination from any of the other druid rings, and Kurista’s retinue will move to a new location.

The Nektulos site is on the plateau north of N’Marr’s Ascent, at the coordinates -13, 90, -2000. Once the event has moved on, an NPC at the newly-rebuilt ring will offer to teleport you to the next site.

One of the tasks to help rebuild the druid ring involves 4 people harvesting simultaneously. When one player starts harvesting, the next player has 5 seconds to join in (which resets the timer), and so on. So you don’t have to sync up perfectly.

A couple notes about how the event will work:

Completion rate is dynamically configurable, just like it was for the spire event, so every server will have a different quota to finish and if things are going too slowly, it can be sped up.

The spire event had an issue where a majority of quest turnins happened at already-completed sites, and didn’t contribute to the overall progress. Since this event focuses on one druid ring at a time, it will advance more steadily.

Once all of the druid rings are reconstructed (and this will happen naturally on every server this time), the repeatable quests will unlock in every zone. People who wish to continue getting tokens after it’s over can do so at whatever spot they like best.


The merchants have slightly different items in each zone. In particular, there’s more than one version of the druid ring house item. Some items from the Spires events will re-appear where they are appropriate. Teleport pads will remain on the merchant because they’re too awesome not to offer again.

Rewards will include druid ring bushes and other house items.

The vendors will remain up next to each ring after it is completed, and the event will not shut off when it’s completed — you’ll still be able to repeat the quests after all the rings are built. So there’s no need to worry about missing things, unless you procrastinate until GU 57!

When will this go Live?

Assuming there are no major issues with the event on Test, it will go live with Game Update 56 on Tuesday.

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Comments (4)

  • Scott Steinmetz


    Itwould have been better if the event to re-build the rings were live … prior to the rings being made active.


  • Dunce


    Yes would have been very nice to have this live before the update. Any word if you can use the unfinished rings before they are fixed.

    Maybe we just just buy the full repaired rings with SC


  • Roldor


    Anyone know if we’ll see the ever popular imperceptible beauty gear again with this event? Anyone have a list of the quests or do we know if the quests change with each new druid ring?

    “4 people harvesting simultaneously” <— This sounds pretty awful

    – Roldy


  • Feldon


    Scott, Dunce,

    I don’t understand.

    As far as I know the Nek Forest, Loping Plains, Zek, and Feerrott rings won’t be available on Live until they’ve been rebuilt by the players.


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