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Extend eof and kos trees
50 more AA points
250 cap

End abilities at bottom of eof and kos trees will be combinations instead of additional buttons

Aa xp slider

Spell ranged melée heal taunt crit merged to just crit
Double attack and RDA merge to just DA
Each class has crit coefficients
Same gear adds diff crit % for diff classes

Reduce mitigation types to
Physical. Elemental. Nox. Arcane

Consolidate common self buff lines

Gear scaling system — old gear scales down

Druid heal over time with expiration heal for groupmate
Druid should be viable healer

No need to bring 8 support classes
Raidwide buffs for chanter and bard
Illy time compression 4 ppl – 1 per group

Summoner debuffs spell dmg
Rogue debuffs melée dmg

All of these changes will be on test for a long time

Rare Loams are going away for T9

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Comments (2)

  • Ishidaa


    “Each class has crit coefficients”
    What is the stat/variable that is changing the crit? Reason why I ask this is because you say in the line below, Same gear adds diff crit % for diff classes, which I’m not sure is a seperate note you put down or relating to the same issue and explaining what you saying.
    “Rare Loams are going away for T9”
    What is taking their place?
    “Gear scaling system — old gear scales down”
    When you mentor it doesn’t matter if your gear is new or old, (with the exclusion of some items that I won’t name) everything will scale down currently, so what are you saying will change?


    • Feldon


      The variable that sets your crit coefficient is your class. Same piece of gear will give ranged crit to a ranger, heal crit to a healer, and both melée and taunt crit to a fighter.


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