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GU62: Freeport — The Overlord’s Return (Lore)

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The Overlord’s Return

The city stirs under a newly revitalized sky. The clouds that once choked the horizon have parted, revealing a powerful presence, now returned. The tall, jagged towers and looming citadels, at once breathtaking and ominous, are lit up by massive, fiery braziers. The Overlord has returned and Freeport is reborn.

I too have returned to the city. I return to reclaim my rightful home. My family has lived here for generations. When violence erupted, we were forced to seek shelter elsewhere, sundered from our homes and scattered across Norrath, waiting for the Overlord’s return.


PCGamer: Freeport Revamp Teaser Trailer

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PC Gamer has been given an exclusive new trailer with the first footage of the upcoming Freeport Revamp. Here is their tongue-in-cheek description for the video:

Freeport. That’s a nice name. It conjures up warm feelings of boundless possibility – and maybe a bunny or two. It’s like a verbal hug. Now, though, it’s almost hilariously un-apt, because Freeport’s the most puppy-kickingly evil it’s ever been. I’m talking jagged spiky towers, ominous red skies, and batteries that run on souls. Seriously. The revamp’s coming to EverQuest II in Game Update 62, and you can find out all about it by watching the above video.

The video also features brief interviews with Jonathan “Prathun” Caraker, Design Lead for Freeport Revamp, Tim Heydelaar, Environment Lead for EQ2, Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall, EQ2 Designer, and Dave “Covic” Brown, Lead Character Artist.

Five Things From the Webcast You Should Know about Freeport

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So we’ve just posted our transcript of last night’s Freeport Revamp webcast. If you don’t want to read the whole thing and just want the top five items you should know, here you go:

5 You will not be able to fly/leap/glide in Freeport.
This is something that was promised by SmokeJumper at this year’s Fan Faire before the art team had put in the development hours. They found that framerates were absolutely abysmal if you were able to fly, leap, glide, etc.
4 You will not be able to start characters in Freeport.
The revamped Freeport provides a smattering of new race-specific and class-specific questlines starting at level 20 ranging up to level 80. Some of these quests scale to your level.
3 All players with “inn” or newbie housing will now reach this housing via the Jade Tiger.
Larger houses that have balconies and otherwise a view of the city of Freeport will have their exteriors changed to match the revitalized Freeport, while the interiors will remain unchanged.
2 North, South, East, and West Freeport have been combined into a single large zone.
Some buildings have been demolished or changed, others spruced up. The ‘hoods or suburbs have been turned into instances and housing has been moved out of them.
1 Age of Discovery / Game Update 62 Beta is planned to start on Tuesday or Thursday of next week, assuming today’s internal company playtest goes well.

and a sneak about Beastlords:

! There will be over 50 animals that you can befriend or “tame” on your Beastlord.

EverQuest II Webcast: The Freeport Revamp

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Last night’s SOE Community Webcast talked about EverQuest II’s Freeport Revamp.

Present were LindaBrasseCarlson, Akil “Lyndro” Hooper (EQ2 Lead Designer), NathanKaitheelMcCall (Designer), JonathanPrathunCaraker (Designer), with DaveSmokeJumperGeorgeson (EverQuest franchise Executive Producer).

And here’s a transcript of most of the Webcast:

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