Double Guild XP Weekend (July 18-20) and EQ2 Caption Contest for July

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As announced on this week’s EQ2 Insider webcast, this is a Double Guild XP Weekend! The event will run through 11:59pm Sunday night Pacific Daylight time.

EQ2 characters who complete writs, tradeskill work orders, completing certain quests, kill certain NPCs, or turn in status items receive Personal Status on their Character. 10% of that amount is also given to the character’s guild. For this Double Guild XP weekend, that amount doubles to 20%! Note that there is a rare Legends of Norrath-looted item which increases your normal amount to 11%. It’s unknown if that stacks this weekend.


Bonus XP and “Gear Up! Level Up!” Extended!

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From the EQ2 Forums:

By: Margaret “Luperza” Krohn

Yesterday, on EverQuest II Insider, the EverQuest II Development Team announced that they are having a double experience weekend for All Access members from Friday, July 11th, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT until Sunday, July 13th, 2014 at 11:59 PM PDT! This will include adventure, AA and tradeskill experience. In the future, we’ll run more double bonus experience weekends of different types, so stay tuned!


Also, the Development Team heard your cries for an extension on the much loved “Gear Up! Level Up!” goodness, so they have extended it throughout the month of July! This means it’ll end on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 11:59 PM PDT, so take advantage of the offer while it lasts! What does this offer entail?

Double Etyma Extended Through July, Bonus XP Weekend July 11-13

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From the just-finished EQ2Insider livecast (of which you can read our transcript here), Holly “Windstalker” Longdale confirmed two exciting bits of news. First, Double Etyma has been extended through the end of July. Second, the upcoming weekend will be a Bonus XP weekend from July 11 at noon until Sunday night at midnight.

Updated with tweet:


Reminder: EQ2Insider July Q&A TODAY (7/9/2014) 2PM PDT

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From the EQ2 Forums:


Don’t forget! Today (7/9/2014) from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT at Twitch.TV/ EverQuest2 we’ll be doing our LIVE July Q&A EverQuest II Insider episode! We’ve compiled your questions from the forums, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!

Can’t make it? Don’t worry! It’ll be up on our YouTube shortly after, so be sure to subscribe to us over there!

On today’s show will be EQ2 Community Manager Margaret “Luperza” Krohn, EQ2 Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale, EQ2 Game Designer Mike “Xelgad” Ganz, and EQ2 Lead Designer Kyle “Kander” Vallee.

Windstalker: Double XP Soon, 40% Rebate StationCash Sale This Weekend

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According to Holly “Windstalker” Longdale, this July 4th weekend will not see Double XP  as we’ve seen in past years (EQ is having one this year), however we will see a 40% rebate for selected StationCash items. Hopefully the sale will include “service” items such as Character Slots, Spell Research, Age of Discovery features like Mercenaries, or Server Transfers, but we’re not holding our breath.

From the EQ2 Forums:

No Double XP this weekend, but there will be one very soon ™. We have a big 40% sale this weekend. This is also the last weekend of the Gear Up, Get Ready where members are getting bonus XP. Just saying.

EverQuest II Insider: Episode #2 Airs Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow brings the second official episode of EverQuest II Insider (EQ2Insider), an EverQuest II webcast hosted by SOE Community Manager, Margaret “Luperza” Krohn. This monthly webcast takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. From the EQ2 Forums:

This month on EverQuest II Insider episode 2:

  • CastMargaret Krohn, Jason Woerner, Holy LongdaleAkil HooperKyle Vallee, and Nathan McCall!
  • News, Announcements and What’s New?
  • May’s Contest Winners & Update on June’s Contest
  • Dev Picks: Submit your house here for a chance to be spotlighted!
  • Dev Showcases: Showing off the new NPCs for decorators, Deathtoll updates and new NPC reveal for the expansion!
  • SOE Live Dev Team Rapid Q&A: Holly Longdale and Akil Hooper will each have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as they can! Who do you think can answer the most? If you have a question, send it to us on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, or right here on the forums! :)
When: 06/04/2014 2PM – 3PM PDT
Server: TBD during segments
Don’t forget to use our hashtag #EQ2Insider and follow us on Twitter @EverQuestii, and @PurrfectStorm

How do I get my Guild, Fan Site, In-game Event, House, or a Friend featured on EQ2Insider?

Head over to the What Is EverQuest II Insider? thread and fill out one of the forms on the page. I hope you won’t forget your favorite EQ2 fansites — EQ2U and EQ2Wire!

Missed last month’s episode?

If you missed last month’s EQ2 Insider episode, you can watch it on YouTube:

Are You Ready for Level 100? Gear Up! Level Up! Promo Starts Today

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Posted by Margaret “Luperza” Krohn on the EQ2 Forums:


Last month on the first episode of EverQuest II Insider, the EverQuest II Development Team announced that we are working on a new expansion, and we’ll be increasing the level cap to ONE HUNDRED!

To help everyone prepare, on Tuesday, June 3rd at 9:00 AM PDT, we are launching the much awaited “Gear Up, Level Up” promotion that was announced in Holly Longdale’s May/June Producer’s Letter. What does this entail?

Update Notes: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:

GEAR UP, LEVEL UP (June promotional program from June 3 to July 8)
All Access members will receive the following bonuses and discounts:

  • Double-Double Etyma in Tears of Veeshan (4x the rewards)!
  • 25% XP Bonus
  • Tears of Veeshan Expansion discount (15%)
  • 25% Off Heroic Characters

Free players receive the following bonuses:

  • Double Etyma in Tears of Veeshan (2x the rewards)!
  • Also eligible for a Tears of Veeshan expansion discount (15%).


  • Loyalty items have been added into the Marketplace to make searching and purchasing them more convenient. These items are still for sale on the merchants.
  • [Ed Note:] As seen in the Producer’s Letter, over 100 new Loyalty items are being added.

EverQuest II Insider #1 on Twitch — Early Access to Quests/Zones, EQ2 Roadmap, What’s Coming Soon!

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On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 PM PDT, EQ2’s new community manager Margaret “Luperza” Krohn (aka PurrfectStorm), hosted the first EverQuest II Insider livecast on Twitch. This 1 hour broadcast included EQ brand manager Adam Key, Holly “Windstalker” Longdale, Akil “Lyndro” Hooper, Chris GarlickGary Daugherty, and Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall.

Alas, a recording of the livecast was not preserved either by SOE or Twitch (due to a settings glitch), so this episode joins Doctor Who and other vital shows as missing presumed wiped.

That said, a few resourceful players who watched the Livecast were good enough to take notes and so we can paraphrase them below:

  • Holly and Akil talked about current topics including Bristlebane Day, as well as previewing some Player Studio items that will be coming soon, including a very nice looking yacht or fishing boat with oars and other gear. Luperza mentioned that Player Studio topics will be covered in their own livesteam.
  • We got to hear the ‘April Fool’s intro music’ (archived for posterity on Zam) and the new meatbeast vid was also shown (if you haven’t seen it then look here).
  • Holly talked a little about All-Access (subscription, Krono, or Prepaid cards)
    • All Access players will get access to new zones / heritage quests 1-2 weeks earlier than other players.
    • Those with new All Access account will have double xp weekends.
    • More All-Access exclusive items on the loyalty merchants.
  • The schedule for updates will be more public so that we can see how Smokejumper’s weekly/monthly update idea is working.
  • EverQuest II Roadmap/Blueprint — Upcoming plans for EQ2 with feedback from players.
  • Contested HighKeep Previewed
    • new skeleton models like crawling, one legged and some even use their head as weapon [IMG]
    • quests: drop quests, quests from items, daily missions for etyma (2 mission givers: 1 at entrance, 2nd at the entrance to picklaw part)
    • plunderable loot which you can place in your house
    • some items might be marked with our name (there is special achievement for marking all of them: Vandal title)
    • achievement for killing all nameds in the zone
    • hidden rare trophies in the trash – if you gather all you get Body Snatcher (?) title
    • new armor appearances
  • New High Keep Guild Hall
  • Player Studio will open up (later this year) to submissions from Germany, UK, France for players with an SOE Station account.
  • Developer picks for Housing Leaderboards — returning soon.
  • New Raid zone (ToV Wing 3) — Next Month
  • 10 More AA points (requires level 95)– next week.

Thanks to Sambril, Kinya of Babagra Polish EQ2 fansite, and Errrorr for their note-taking!

Bristlebane Guides Around the Web

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Bristlebane Day went live last week, and the ever-reliable EQ2 ZAM and EQ2 Traders were on hand to provide detailed updated guides to ensure that players don’t miss out on any of the fun, including any new additions for 2014.

From EQ2 ZAM:

Bristlebane Day returns tomorrow, Friday, March 28th, and runs through Thursday, April 10th. There’s new recipes, new rewards, and a new event currency! Keep your eye out for interesting Patchcraft mobs all over Norrath and earn your Patchcraft Slayer achievements! All your favorites from last year return, some with new rewards.

On April 1st things really get hopping! New this year… bunnies. Everywhere, bunnies. You may have been stumbling over them around the world, and on April 1st you can collect them for three new achievements. Returning are the Jester’s superior gardensin Enchanted Lands, giving harvestables from all holidays. Frostfell crafting stations will also pop up in Enchanted Lands on the Highest of Silly Days. There are two quests offered exclusively on April Fool’s Day, so you’d best like riddles if you want to add to your dice collection!

Update Notes: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Bristlebane Day event starts on 3/28!

Tears of Veeshan

  • Corrected an issue that was causing some spells to ignore wards.

Temple of Veeshan: Guardian’s Edifice

  • Klandicar and Zlandicar should no longer heal from non-player kills.
  • Zlandicar’s spell “Necrotic Evisceration” can now trigger reactive spells.
  • Klandicar’s spell “Cognitive Evisceration” can now trigger reactive spells.
  • Klandicar’s spell “Chaos Storm I” has been changed to “Chaos Bolt I” and can no longer be area effect blocked.
  • Klandicar’s spell “Chaos Bolt I” can now trigger reactive spells.
  • Merig, Harin, Gerid’s spell “Commanding Leadership” can now trigger reactive spells.
  • Pyrelord and Controller’s spell “Controlled Ignition” now properly applies.
  • Pyrelord and Controller’s spell “Controlled Ignition” can now trigger reactive spells.
  • Coalescence of Fire have had their health reduced and now cast a change target spell.

Moors of Ykesha

  • Players using the cannons to cross the gorge are no longer allowed to be mounted.

EQ2 News from LandmarkLive Episode #7

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Community Managers for EverQuest (Ry “Roshen” Schuller), EverQuest II (Margaret “Luperza” Krohn), and EverQuest Next & EQN Landmark (Colette “Dexella” Murphy) held a webcast on Twitch today to talk about the Year of EverQuest, including updates about the franchise, and with specific news about each game.

Wikia Launches EverQuest Portal

First up, Simon Cox, Director of Programming at Wikia was on the phone to announce a new feature from Wikia that ties all the EverQuest games together.  Developed in partnership with SOE, the new site called EverQuest Portal is a cross-game metasite for the entire franchise. To promote this new feature, Wikia is holding a sweepstakes to give away 10 product keys to the EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan expansion as well as Trailblazer (alpha/beta) keys to EQNext Landmark.

After the jump, read more notes from this livecast including EverQuest swag (not just at the SOE Live store!), EQ2 Livestreams, and a bullet-point News update…

Update Notes: Thursday, March 20, 2014 — 2 new HQs, Chronoportals

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From the EQ2 Forums:

All EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on March 20th, 2014 at 7:00 AM PDT for an update. The expected downtime is approximately two hours.

Two new Heritage Quests are now available for players to pursue:

  • Speak to Loremaster Dorondal in icy Thurgadin. He has many treasures to offer, and among the most valuable lies Zlandicar’s Heart. If you can find what he’s looking for, the Heart will be yours!
  • High among the cliffs of Steamfont, a gnome sits, wondering at his fate. Unable to descend the sheer rock wall, he puts pen to paper to ensure his story is told before the elements – or worse – take him from this world. To follow in his footsteps is to put oneself in grave danger, but the pull of the Hero Bracers cannot be denied!

Note: Portions of these quests will require the Tears of Veeshan expansion to complete.

Editor’s Note: These quests can be completed through grouping, although raiding may provide a chance at a better version of the reward.


Brewday Returns to Norrath — Runs March 6th to March 17th

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From the EQ2 Forums:


It’s Brewday once again in Norrath, and there’s nothing like the Dwarven celebration of Brell and beer to bring your spirits up! Adventurers across Norrath are invited to sample exotic brews, complete festive quests, and visit the mysterious Bar of Brell.

New for 2014:
Beer Tokens: Better than real money (because beer!), this special currency is a new quest reward option and can be used to purchase event-exclusive items.

Brewday Recipes: Take a break from drinking to craft some brand new Brewday items! Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell has copies of “Brewday Accouterments to Craft V,” as well as previous editions.

New Quests: There’s some strange noises coming from below the Bar of Brell, and it’s not the band, the brawlers, or the boasting patrons. Speak with the bartender to learn more!

Brewday Bounty: Visit merchant Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell for seven new Brewday items.

Brewday Guides at EQ2 ZAM and EQ2Traders

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The festivities of Brewday returned to Norrath today and will run through March 17th.

As posted on the EQ2 Forums by Calthine of ZAM:

Brewday kicks off on March 6th and your faithful ZAM staff has been working hard to bring you all the help you need. While drunkenly stumbling through the Bar of Brell we helped Mraugl Stonecrusher investigate the strange noises under the bar andserved a lot of drinks! In the Butcherblock Mountains the pesky goblins trying to ruin the local Brewday festivities can once again be gleefully knocked over by clover carpets. The event also features a new crafting scroll, Brewday Accoutrements to Craft V, and a new Beer Token currency good for wares from Balin Copperfoot!

Back by popular demand we also offer you our updated Brewday Quest Tracker! Happy drinking!

As posted on the EQ2 Forums by Niami of EQ2Traders:

Brewday launches in a couple hours, and I am finally finished the story that goes along with my Brewday 2014 Preview. Yep, I am cutting it close to the wire, but I had a really good excuse. Truly! :p

Enjoy the festivities, and remember that the event ends at the end of the day on March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day). Get ready to go forth and earn yourself some Beer Tokens, and remember to send out your improved pack pony for holiday harvestables, if you have upgraded him!



TWIN: Level 85 (Heroic) Channelers, Bug Fixes, Brew Day, Chronportals, Bristlebane

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Since EQ2 is going to have weekly updates going forward, we might as well get an acronym going for it. So… This Week In Norrath, we can expect:


Erollisi Day 2014 Goes Live!

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Erollisi Day went live this morning, and ZAM and EQ2Traders have already posted their guides with the new event information.

From the EQ2 ZAM announcement:

Erollisi Day is an annual Live Event which coincides with the Valentine’s Day holiday. It is held in honor and celebration of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Marksmanship and Love and sister of Mithaniel Marr, the Truthbringer. The Sisterhood of the Erollisi, along with Aaronolis Swornlove, are active participants in the act of spreading her word of love.

Should you need a hand looking for roses to give away, sorting out the Chronomages, or making a new topiary, we’ve got it for you at ZAM!

Erollisi Day Guide at EQII ZAM!

And if you’re completely crazy about your alts (really, who isn’t?) you might enjoy our:

Erollisi Day Quest Tracker!

From the EQ2Traders announcement:

What does the racket of a barrel full of goblins have to do with Erollisi Day in any way, shape or form? My Muse seems to think they go together in Curtain Call, the short story to go along with the E-Day preview. Erollisi Day officially kicks off at midnight Pacific tonight (well, one minute after midnight, but close enough!), so get ready for love notes, hard candies, roses galore, and … curtains!

Double Experience This Weekend, StationCash 50% Rebate On Select Items on Dec 31st ~Jan 1st

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From RadarX on the EQ2 Forums:

Finish up your holiday shopping and clear your calendar as this weekend starting Friday, December 20th at 12:00 PM PT you’ll get double experience from Adventure, Tradeskill, Alternate Achievement, and Guild Experience! This event will run through Sunday, December 22nd at 11:59 PT.

Also, to help everyone ring in the new year and finish out Frostfell, we will have a 50% Rebate Sale on many of our items on Tuesday, December 31st at 12:00 AM PT to Wednesday, January 1st, 11:59pm PT. You only have two days so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Double XP Time Zone Conversions

  • PST: December 20 @ Noon ~ December 22 @ 11:59pm
  • EST: December 20 @ 3:00pm ~ December 23 @ 2:59am
  • GMT: December 20 @ 20:00 ~ December 23 @ 7:59
  • CET: December 20 @ 21:00 ~ December 23 @ 8:59
  • AEST: December 21 @ 5:00am~ December 23 @ 4:59pm

StationCash 50% Rebate Time Zone Conversions

UPDATE: As per the revised announcement, this is a TWO day event.

  • PST: December 31 @ 12:00am ~ January 1 @ 11:59pm
  • EST: December 31 @ 3:00am ~ January 2 @ 2:59am
  • GMT: December 31 @ 8:00 ~ January 2 @ 7:59
  • CET: December 31 @ 9:00 ~ January 2 @ 8:59
  • AEST: December 31 @ 5:00pm ~ January 2 @ 4:59pm

Gifts and Goblins: Frostfell returns to Norrath!

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From Erin Oakley on the EQ2 Forums:

The weather may be wintery, but the denizens of Norrath are full of holiday cheer! The annual celebration of Frostfell features gift giving, fabulous feasts, holiday crafts, and of course, Santa Glug and his helpers.

Interested in joining the fun? Travel to the Frostfell Wonderland Village by finding a magical wardrobe in Qeynos Province District, Freeport, Haven, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn, or New Halas.

Frostfell will begin December 12, 2013, and run through January 9, 2014, so bundle up and join the fun!

Check Out all the new Frostfell Items @ EQ2Furniture

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What if someone could take a screenshot of every item that could be placed in a House, Guild Hall, or Dungeon, and then provide information about where that item is acquired, either from a Merchant, Recipe, or Quest.

Well you don’t need to wish any longer because such a site exists. Lera’s is a comprehensive catalogue of every house item in EQ2, with screenshots from multiple angles, as well as data on how to acquire each item. The vast majority of this information was hand-entered, so this has surely been a monumental undertaking.


EQ2Traders: Frostfell 2013’s Snowy Facelift

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Frostfell this year has new quests, new crafts, and more things to do and acquire from the daily Gifts, Quests, and Crafting. Niami Denmother of EQ2Traders has once again covered them all in exquisite detail. First up is a revamped Frostfell Winterland Village (it’s no longer merely a clone of North Everfrost). Read her detailed article here:

<< Frostfell 2013: Snowy Facelift @ EQ2Traders >>

There is also a new Frostfell-themed Prestige House. Follow Niami as she goes on a detailed tour of this new arctic wonderland:


<< Frostfell Dwelling Tour @ EQ2Traders >>

Finally, a much-requested feature of diehard crafters and lovers of all things Frostfell, permanent Frostfell Crafting Stations. If you want to discover these on your own, then don’t read the article below!!

<< Shiny Boxes All Do Hide @ EQ2Traders >>

EQ2 ZAM: Frostfell Returns to Norrath!

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From EQ2 ZAM:


The season of giving and cheer has arrived! Frostfell will begin following the downtime on Thursday, December 12, and this year brings about a festive season of change.

This year Frostfell introduces one new quest, A Deepice Mystery, which explores the altered Frostfell Wonderland Village and must be completed before several older quests may be obtained. Many new craftables are available to tradeskillers this year, resulting in items such as Gingerbread Plushies and a Glacier building block set. Several returning quests have new reward choices or tokens added to them.

Players with extra “gifties” from the Gigglegibber Gifty Storehouse can exchange them for Frozen Tokens of E’ci on the Enchanted Lands dock. Santa Glug can be found with his bag of goodies inside the Frostfell Wonderland Village for players to receive their daily presents. Crafters can finally rejoice as they obtain the first ever Permanent Frostfell Crafting Stations!

ZAM is pleased to offer alt-a-holics an updated Frostfell Quest Tracker. Print it out and chart up to 15 of your characters’ progress. We also have an image gallery of the new zone which you can see by clicking on the image below. Happy Frostfell!

<< Jump to ZAM’s complete Frostfell Guides >>

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