New Hua Mein Furniture @ EQTraders

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Niami Denmother over at EQTraders has posted a new article about new Hua Mein furniture added with yesterday’s Hotfix.

Today, one new furniture item was added to the hua’mein faction vendor in the Sundered Frontier (the hua mein artisan).

In addition, however, 12 furniture items were added to the Stonebrunt Mountains pandas, the Disciples of Circling Destiny. Check out the screenshots and faction details on them here!

images courtesy EQTraders


SmokeJumper Clarifies Research Assistant Changes

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Earlier this week, we commented on a change to Research Assistants which would have an effect on Scholars (Sage, Jeweler, and Alchemist). Namely, it allowed players to Research a spell all the way from Adept to Master without needing the assistance of a crafter to make the Expert first. Some players have downplayed the ramifications of this change, pointing out that most players will not want to wait for the Adept -> Expert upgrade, as with a 28~30 day Master, it adds another 13~15 days wait.

After the jump, SmokeJumper has posted his own thoughts on this change and what it means for crafters going forward.

Guild Hall Tapestries and Hua Mein Furniture

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First mentioned just after the introduction of Guild Halls, many players have been hoping to place tapestries in their guild halls which display the guild’s chosen heraldry. At Fan Faire, we were told that the artwork was essentially done. Domino on the EQ2 Forums has indicated:

If all goes well, you can expect to see this around February…

Also, apparently merchant Nin Yung in the Stonebrunt Highlands was supposed to offer furniture items for players with Ally faction. Domino informs us:

Seems that at some point between Sentinel’s Fate beta and launch, a shipment of Hua Mein furniture intended for merchant Nin Yung in the Stonebrunt Highlands fell off the back of the truck and went MIA.

Happily, the furniture has now been recovered, and should be showing up in Nin Yung’s merchandise in the next available hotfix, if all goes well. (At ally faction.) Merchant Radi in the Hua Mein camp in the Sundered Frontier also managed to get his hands on a new statue for the tradeskill allies of that encampment.

Sages, Jewelers, Alchemists Get Lump of Coal for Frostfell

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It looks like some unexpected changes to Research Assistants have hit the Test server. Spell and Combat Art upgrades are now possible without any involvement by a Sage, Jeweler, or Alchemist. And instead of hailing an NPC, Research is being folded into the interface.

From the Test Copy notes:


  • The Research window has been moved in to the Knowledge window.
  • Journeyman through Master spell tiers can be researched.
  • You are no longer required to speak with a Research Assistant to start/change/claim research.

Haunted Home Decorating Forum Challenge

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The EQ2 Community Team is hosting a unique decorating challenge for Nights of the Dead this year.  You create a new character on the Test Copy server in Neriak and post a response in this thread on the official forums.  The EQ2 Community Team will then give you supplies to work with and PM you when you have your supplies.  Use the provided supplies to purchase a house at 1 Walk of the Dead and purchase items from a special merchant just outside the house.  You then have until the 25th at 6pm PDT to finish decorating your new home.  Further details after the break:

House Item Limits — Great News/Bad News

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If you have been /feedbacking to the EQ2 team for years that you would be ready, willing, and eager to sell family members, limbs, or just pony up a few extra bucks to increase your house item limit, then I have some great news.

If, however, you hate StationCash and everything it stands for, and SOE will never get a penny of your money over the $14.99 (or less depending on your subscription plan), then I have some bad news.

But first, let’s look at some cool changes to housing in Game Update 58. 😉

Totems Now Go In Potion Cabinets

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Prior to GU58, totems didn’t stack.  If you wanted to sell large quantities of these, you could get a Jewelry Box and stuff a bunch of them in there to sell.

With GU58, new totems now stack up to 100 (old ones remain the same).  Because of this, they no longer fit into Jewelry Boxes, they go in Potion Cabinets.  DominoDev explained this on the official forums:

Due to the new format of the totems (essentially acting like potions, and stacking) they are now considered potions by the sales crates and would now fit into a potion cabinet instead of a jewelry box.  Apologies for the confusion, it hadn’t occurred to me that this would be a side effect of the change or I would have called it out in advance.

Update: Apparently, this change currently only applies to the following totems:  Fearstalker, Void, Otter, Jaguar, Butterfly, Owl, Turlte, Chameleon, and Escape.  I’m sure this will change one way or another eventually.

Game Update 58 Preview

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Game Update 58 is looking to be a massive update, not so much in content, but in changes large and small to the game, and its User Interface.

Game Update 58 includes:

  • A level 90 dungeon – Zraxth’s Unseen Arcanum
  • New bosses in the Vasty Deep dungeons with new loot
  • Spell Animation and Sound Effect tweaks
  • Click-to-Cure
  • Mounts and Currency tabs
  • Numerous UI tweaks
  • Outdoor Balconies have been added to 6+ room houses, making them feel a part of the city they belong to.
  • House item limits have been increased, and Moving Crates now count independently of house item limits.
  • Additional house items have been added to Moonlight Enchantments, City Festivals, and of course Nights of the Dead
  • The adventure Vitality XP bonus remains effective at level 90.
  • Betrayal now suspends your access to spells and spell upgrades you are no longer permitted to use, but does not totally reset them. Should you betray back to your original class, your spells will be restored including any spell upgrades you have purchased or researched. Changing your alignment or citizenship without changing class no longer resets your spells.
  • Numerous Tradeskill tweaks

We have been unable to confirm if we can expect:

  • New loot for Marks of Manaar

Update: We’ve been able to confirm this feature of Game Update 58:

  • A fix for the Call of the Veteran to reduce some of the problems, and better messages when it doesn’t work.

Our more detailed preview of Game Update 58 after the jump…

GU58: Coming soon to a server near you: New Fuel Names!

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Domino posted this heads up for the test update notes on the official forums.  This is scheduled to go live with GU58:

The fuel that I’ve made since joining the team has had more standard names that I hoped would give some direction as to the level range, but the old fuel names were not easy to guess the appropriate level from the name.  Although I realize it’s going to require some work updating notes, web sites, and habit, I think it’s worth while in the end to rename the fuel to a standard so that it all uses the same adjective.

Consequently, if all goes well this afternoon, by this evening on Test server you should see all the tradeskilled fuel convert to using the name of the imbued material for that level range (and the level 1-9 fuel is called “basic” so it will be listed right at the top of the list).  Example names:  glowing candle, glowing coal, glowing kindling, lambent candle, lambent incense, luminous candle, luminous coal. The examine descriptions on the fuel have also been standardize to say the level range they are used in. Nothing else has changed about the fuel, prices etc. are all the same, and if you have any fuel in your inventory it will simply be automatically renamed when the update hits.  I hope that overall this will solve more confusion than it causes, but if you come across any NPC dialog or quest text that specifically references the name of a fuel that no longer exists, please do /bug it or post here so I can get that changed.

New Game Guides at

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The fine folks over at Zam have recently published several really nice guides to make your life in Norrath a bit more pleasant:

  • The Alternate Advancement Guide explains everything a new player needs to know about how Alternate Advancements work, what the trees are, what the slider does, etc.  A very good resource for new players.
  • The Lore and Legend Hot Spots is a very nice hunting guide for where to go to kill mobs for L&L pieces.  42 L&Ls are listed in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the best place to hunt these creatures.
  • The Recipe Books guide tells you everything you ever wanted to know about where to go and how to get recipe books.  It covers where to get the basic and advanced recipes for each tier, shard recipes, mark recipes, battleground gear recipes, even includes the recipes out of unrest and many many more.
  • The Betrayal and Citizenship guide tells you what you need to know to change cities or alignments.  It has been updated as of GU56 and includes the new neutral classes as well as the city ambassadors.

Stop in and take a look when you have a chance.  They’re doing great things over there.  🙂

More on that Class Reset Quest

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It seems that ever since the new Inquisitor trainer in Qeynos prematurely offered the ability to reset any class to Inquisitor, players have let their imaginations run wild with the possibilities of switching between classes without losing their AAs, completed quests, etc. Imagine a character who has completed all 24 epic weapon quests!

Just to nip this idea in the bud, EQ2 Lead Designer Rich Waters has clarified further the purpose of this quest — to aid Tradeskillers who made a hasty choice on their adventure class and have not significantly advanced that character.


Adventure Class Reset for Crafters

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Players logging this morning after Game Update 57 went live discovered an NPC in North Qeynos that allowed them to change adventure class from Illusionist to Inquisitor. This NPC has been pulled out, but here’s the explanation of what we can expect here, from the EQ2 Lead Designer Rich Waters:

Actually, at one of the Fan Faire Q & A panels we agreed we’d look into letting players reset their adventure class on high level crafters. This will likely work the same way high level adventurers can reset their crafting profession now.

So, crafters can expect to be able to reset your adventure class to a low level (perhaps level 9) and pick a new adventure class in a future update.

Comments after the jump…

Game Update 57 Notes

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Today marks the introduction of Game Update 57 to the live servers. Key features of this update include:

  • The EQ2 User Interface has received a facelift, with a new toolbar, a refresh of various windows, and a merged Character/Inventory/Profile window. The default theme is red, but easily switchable to blue by typing /loadui and choosing the Blue graphic set.
  • More character classes are now neutral and may start in either good or evil cities.
  • Spell animations and effects have been revamped.
  • Intrazone travel now supports path linking. Travel within Kingdom of Sky has been improved.
  • Erudin group instances (level 86-90) are now easier to reach.
  • New tradeskill quests have been added in the level 10, 20, and 30 tiers. These quests reward a mount as well as access to what have previously been overpriced Advanced recipe books.
  • Starting areas in Greater Faydark and Darklight Wood have received substantial revamps. Gorowyn has received further architectural rebuilding to improve navigation.
  • All classes have had some group-specific spells postponed until later levels to reduce the number of spells new players get in the first 20 levels.
  • Fighter heals will no longer critically heal.
  • The “Notable Norrathian” contest winning paintings are now available within Norrath but only during the monthly City Festivals (next is Sept 1-7). They are guild hall placeable.
  • Lucan D’Lere has returned to Freeport.
  • Today’s update contains no new dungeons or raid zones.


Also going live today is the public beta for EverQuest II Extended, the Free-to-Play alternative to a monthly EQ2 subscription. Game Update 57 will arrive simultaneously on both servers. EQ2X, as it’s being abbreviated, may be discussed on the separate EQ2X Forums.

GU57: Tradeskill Quests Filled Out

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The team over at EQ2 ZAM have buckled down and delivered complete documentation to the new Tradeskill quests being added in Game Update 57. These quests now fill out the entire level 10-90 range in EQ2 with at least a few Tradeskill quests on each tier so you have some options other than discovery XP from new combines and grinding Rush Order writs.

Of course these quests provide new rewards, including a 25% runspeed mount which, for some players who have low level adventurers but high level tradeskillers, will be quite useful.

These new level 10-30 tradeskill quests will also help players who think paying over 1 plat for a level 10-30 Advanced crafting recipe book is a bit over-the-top. At the conclusion of these quests, players will be able to buy Advanced recipe books from a vendor.

To get a grapple on the details of these quests and their rewards, check out the EQ2 ZAM guide.

DoV: Coldain Prayer Shawl HQ Angst

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Emily “Domino” Taylor, Tradeskill developer for EQ2 has been fielding some intense comments from players regarding the first ever Tradeskill Heritage Quest coming to EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious, specifically the Coldain Prayer Shawl quest. This was previously an adventure quest in EQ1 so some players have expressed their concerns about this being a tradeskill quest rather than for adventurers.

You can follow this discussion of the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quest on EQ2 Forums.

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