GU60: Offhand Multiattack and More on BG Tokens

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Multi-attack Not Working on Offhand Weapons

In a two different forum threads, players reported that Offhand Weapons are not multiattacking unless their timing is staggered (use a combat art to interrupt one, or use weapons with two different delays). Zoltaroth‘s response:

We found what is causing this and are working on a fix. Most likely the fix will be in the next hotfix after tomorrows (ie: not tomorrow).

Battlegrounds Tokens for 2 Gold

For testing purposes, Battlegrounds Tokens were placed on the PvP Vendor for 2 gold a piece on Test Copy. Unfortunately, these cheap tokens made their way through to live and as a result, some players on Nagafen have stockpiled thousands of tokens. Some players have even transferred from other servers to Nagafen just to buy them. Olihin says this will be addressed:

This was not intended as stated and we are taking steps to resolve the issue. We appreciate the report and patience while this is resolved.

We thank those that had the restraint to NOT buy the tokens, since it was a bug that the token was there to begin with.

US Battlegrounds Restored

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As of about 30 minutes ago, an in-game message was received indicating that Battlegrounds have been restored to service. More as we have it…

Customer Service are still in the process of handling all those Petitions and support requests to un-stick characters that got stuck in the Battlegrounds Lobby.

GU60: Battlegrounds Disabled, AA XP Display, Other Known Issues

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Battlegrounds Disabled, Characters Stuck in Lobby

From the in-game EQ2 MOTD:

The Battlegrounds are temporarily unavailable. Attempting to zone into the BG lobby will cause your character to become stuck. Please refrain from going to Champion’s Respite until the battlegrounds are available once again! If you are currently stuck, please petition a GM. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Battlegrounds Tokens 2g on PvP

Players are reporting a bug that made it to the PvP servers (Nagafen and Vox) from Test causing Battlegrounds tokens to cost just 2 gold pieces on PvP servers. Who knows how many players will transfer to Nagafen for the nearly-free gear.

AA XP Display Bug

Players are reporting receiving the message “You convert 1 experience into AA experience!” with their AA slider set to 100%. This would seem to be a display error as I personally tested killing a few mobs and received the normal amount of AA XP (about 1/3% for a group of 3 mobs in Velious).

New Adornments System

So far, the new Adornments display is receiving mixed reviews.

New Public Quest in Eastern Wastes Postponed

During Destiny of Velious beta, there was a third Public Quest in Eastern Wastes. As it did not appear today with Game Update 60, we must assume that it has been delayed further.

Game Update 60 Goes Live Today

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Today, arguably the largest Game Update we’ve seen in years hits the live servers. Game Update 60 adds 4 new dungeons, 4 new raid zones, more crafting, more quests from a solo shard quest to a Heritage Quest, major changes to PvP from gear to itemization to mechanics, not only a new Battlegrounds lobby, but a 4th Battleground 18 vs. 18.

We are still waiting for the full list of Game Update Notes, but in the meantime, here’s just a quick bullet point list of what we can expect:

New Level 90 Dungeons and Raid Zones

The Crystal Caverns will naturally be familiar to those who adventured through Velious in EQ1.

The Fortress of Drunder consists of 3 new group dungeons, 3 new x4 raid zones with both regular and challenge modes, a new x2 raid zone, as well as a crafting zone. Drunder zones are only accessible via flying mount.

  • Drunder: Spire of Rage (group)
  • Drunder: Strategist’s Stronghold (group)
  • Drunder: Tower of Tactics (group)
  • Drunder: Citadel of V’uul (x2 raid)
  • Drunder: Sullon’s Spire (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Tallon’s Stronghold (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Vallon’s Tower (x4 raid)

GU60: Cross-Faction Communication Coming to Nagafen & Vox (PvP)

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From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

Just a heads up on the change coming with GU60.

You will now be able to change your spoken language on Nagafen (and Vox). This will enable you to communicate to the other team via /shout and /say commands. By default, your language will continue to be Lucanic (evil) or Antonican (good). If you don’t change your language, the other team will not understand you.

Update Notes for April 12, 2011

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Today’s Update for Tuesday, April 12, 2011 brings PvP Character Transfers to and from PvP servers, fixes for the Storm Gorge PQ, fixes bugs in instances and raid zones including Tower of Frozen Shadow which has been broken since a week ago Thursday preventing raid progression, and eliminates harassment of other server’s chat channels (players were able to join the 1-9 and other numbered chat channels of other servers).

After many years of requests, it is now possible to transfer characters from PvP to PvE and vice-versa on both regular and exchange-enabled servers (exchange-to-regular is still not allowed).

Feedback: PvP to PvE Server Transfer Poll on the EQ2 Forums

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There have been many reasons in the past not to allow PvP to PvE or PvE to PvP server transfers. Over the years, with itemization changes and server merges, some of those reasons have become less important. From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

We’ve created a poll and asked for feedback related to PvP and PvE transfers over in the PvP forums. Since many players may not watch that forum, I wanted to make a post here because this decision can impact PvE servers as well.

Please feel free to vote and post your feedback/opinions in this thread.

PvP to PvE Server Transfer PLAYER POLL

The question: How do you feel about allowing Marketplace transfers to/from PvP and PvE servers?

GU60: PvP Changes

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EQ2 PvP Guru Olihin has given PvPers a taste of Game Update 60:

GU60 will bring lots of changes to PvP.

  • Fame is being reworked
  • Fame and title gains will now have their own EXP BAR, no more trying to figure out how long or why you gain/lost a title
  • New armor and adornments
  • Ongoing balance changes (this will never stop and will never be perfect in any realistic way)
  • New Battleground
  • Enhancements to the Matchmaker for Battlegrounds
  • Cross faction communication

There will be more details as we get closer to GU60.

Cross-Faction Communication Coming to PvP?

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From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

We’re always looking at ways to improve the fun factor on PvP servers and one point that comes up occasionally is how we handle cross-faction communication. Currently each faction has their own language and there’s no way to communicate other thing minor things like pet names, etc.

We are considering opening up public channels to cross-faction chat and wanted to find out how the community would feel about that. We understand that chat in PvP can get pretty heated but also feel that taunting your opponents and being taunted is part of the PvP experience.

New 18 vs. 18 Battleground in Game Update 60

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From Olihin on the EQ2 Forums:


With GU60, a new battleground will be added that will allow for a 18 vs. 18 combat setting.

We are currently working on possible additions to the achievements earned while in a battleground and we would like to hear some thoughts on what you may want to see.

We will also evaluate the current achievements and look for ways to reward those that have earned or are in the process of earning them. We believe that someone that can help control all the towers while at the same time having the highest kill streak should be acknowledged, for example.

Feel free to add your ideas and we will do what we can to make your experience while fighting more enjoyable and rewarding and perhaps even humorous at times…

Flying Mounts and PvP

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A topic is raging on the EQ2 Forums about PvP and Flying Mounts. Rothgar has waded hip-deep into this one, asking for player feedback.

Rothgar posted this:

If we changed it so that players have a chance to knock other players off their mount, would that alleviate some of the issues? I realize it probably doesn’t solve the entire issue, but perhaps its a move in the right direction.

A player responded:

Please no knee jerk reactions like just giving people the ability to knock others from the sky. Those that cannot melee, bow shoot, or bring mage pets to bear on an oppenent on the way down will be at a disadvantage. People like sorcerers would die more becuase they cannot cast on the move.

Notes from Destiny of Velious Feb 11 Webcast #3

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Here are some notes from Friday night’s live Webcast of Rich Waters, Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson and Salim “Silius” talking about the upcoming Destiny of Velious expansion, including player-submitted questions. Getting into the mechanics and itemization changes, we get very close to a full transcription as there is a lot of detail and information here. We recommend listening to the webcast to get a complete picture of what was said.

Some bullet points:

  • The EQ2 team have the next year of Game Updates planned out with more group zones, raid zones, heritage quests, etc. The first Game Update will add more dungeons.
  • Items will become a lot more modular and straightforward, with procs largely moved to adornments.
  • Group players in Sentinel’s Fate should be able to jump right into grouping in Velious such as Tower of Frozen Shadow.
  • Casual raiders in Sentinel’s Fate may want to test the waters with the contested Kael Drakkel dungeon which falls right before the easier raid content.
  • High-level raiders who are already doing Underfoot Depths should be able to move into the easier raid zones in Velious without grouping, although Kael Drakkel is a good stepping stone.
  • Silius went into detail on the new Adornment scheme including a new type of adornment War Runes.
  • We won’t see new Battlegrounds gear or other PvP content until the Game Update after Velious.
  • A new mechanic on mobs (NPCs) called Critical Avoidance which means you’ll need well over 100% Crit Chance to succeed harder dungeons and raids. This effect reduces your crit (including healing!).
  • Flying mounts start at level 86.
  • On March 1st, everyone will be able to fly as a live event. The gnomes are putting in experimental test pilot tracks in Lavastorm, Tenebrous Tangle, and Butcherblock. You’ll be able to grab a tinkered craft and run through the race against time.


GU60: PvP and BG Work

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Believe it or not SmokeJumper posted a bit about Game Update 60, which will be anywhere from 1-3 months after the Destiny of Velious expansion launches. It’s expected to have some Battlegrounds and PvP tweaks. His post also talks about EQ2X marketing and EQ2X PvP servers:

Answers (but you might not like them):

1) We haven’t started spending marketing cash for Extended yet. That’s slated for January. The reason I bring that up is until we bring more people into Extended, we have no plans to open up a PvP server because too many servers dilutes the population and we’re not willing to do that yet. However, we *would* like to do a PvP server. It’s currently slated to be the third server, assuming we can kick start population beyond its current levels.

Everfrost Players Not Receiving BG Tokens

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Everfrost players have reported that they are not receiving Battlegrounds tokens for either winning or losing Battlegrounds events, and also not receiving any updates on Battlegrounds Daily Quests. Rothgar has been made aware of the issue and it’s being looked into.

From the EQ2 Forums.

From Rothgar:

Ok, thank you for the info. It’s almost 11pm here tonight and there’s nothing we could do to fix it this late but I promise we will be on it first thing in the morning to determine the problem. Unfortunately its too early to tell if a fix will require a new build and downtime or something as simple as a configuration change.

I’ll keep you posted as I find out more information.

Game Update 58 Preview

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Game Update 58 is looking to be a massive update, not so much in content, but in changes large and small to the game, and its User Interface.

Game Update 58 includes:

  • A level 90 dungeon – Zraxth’s Unseen Arcanum
  • New bosses in the Vasty Deep dungeons with new loot
  • Spell Animation and Sound Effect tweaks
  • Click-to-Cure
  • Mounts and Currency tabs
  • Numerous UI tweaks
  • Outdoor Balconies have been added to 6+ room houses, making them feel a part of the city they belong to.
  • House item limits have been increased, and Moving Crates now count independently of house item limits.
  • Additional house items have been added to Moonlight Enchantments, City Festivals, and of course Nights of the Dead
  • The adventure Vitality XP bonus remains effective at level 90.
  • Betrayal now suspends your access to spells and spell upgrades you are no longer permitted to use, but does not totally reset them. Should you betray back to your original class, your spells will be restored including any spell upgrades you have purchased or researched. Changing your alignment or citizenship without changing class no longer resets your spells.
  • Numerous Tradeskill tweaks

We have been unable to confirm if we can expect:

  • New loot for Marks of Manaar

Update: We’ve been able to confirm this feature of Game Update 58:

  • A fix for the Call of the Veteran to reduce some of the problems, and better messages when it doesn’t work.

Our more detailed preview of Game Update 58 after the jump…

Update Notes for 28 September 2010

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Here are your update notes for 28 September 2010 (since we cover EQII Live and EQ2X, the link is to the EQ2X forums where the full update notes are posted):


  • Going to Battlegrounds on EQ2 Extended should no longer cause your items to set to 1c sell value.


  • There is now a new respawn location right by the entrance to the Underfoot Seal chamber where Master Yael spawns. In order to activate this new respawn location, players will need to defeat fire elemental encounter “Saalax” before it can be accessed.

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