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PvP Exile

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Lots of great questions about PvP and exile. Alas it was almost a throwaway factoid rather than a discussion. I’m sure there will be more info.

Thanks for reading my blog! It was a lot of fun. Might keep it going if there is interest. Btw I post at as feldon23. I’m Feldon on Butcherblock (80 ranger/jeweler).


Tradeskill QA

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Tradeskill Group Quests (Missions)
9 recipes which must be completed. Each requires their own tradeskill arts (no more Geocrafting/Geomancy). So with 6 tradeskilers they must craft the other 3 recipes using someone elses arts with some difficulty (sorta like Frostfell).

Rewards include Tradeskill Mounts. Existing animal, new look, range of run speeds.

One of the new AA lines will be Tradeskill Harvesting. Will increase items harvested per node.

Tradeskill Rush orders give +300 faction
Tradeskill Work orders give +200 faction

Domino and others have had a lot of discussions about loams vs cluster cost. Changing recipes or increasing drop rate is not a perfect answer. Considering other solutions.

Domino wants to revamp jewelry and adornments (esp. resists). But focusing on major shortcomings on ts classes first.

May be some way to use non-Mastercfrafted potions on raids. MC potions may get more special effects to make them better than handcrafted.

Upgrade to the appearance of cloth and leather armor items. More tints, some more underclothes items like different solid color pants. Nice robes, etc. Bringing back some appearances that were lost due to loss of non-pristine crafting.

Tank balance etc

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SoE would like to boost taunt as one of the new AA lines so crusaders and bruisers can catch up and match the damage of current weapons.

Torch slot or maybe more items with light effect. No more 80s running around with lightstone. On the flipside perhaps an option to auto-hide light sources on stealth. Maybe too easy? 🙂

Auto mentor 80 down to match some zones instead of having to have a 60 tag along.
Make mentoring more rewarding include AA.
Warden asked about having to cast 14 wards on every death. SoE might allow more than 2 non-combat buffs to trigger in a macro.

Critical errors in raids will name the culprit ala VS. Right now you can’t tell at a glance who messed up on Trakanon.

May reconsider caster resists because there aren’t enough spell critical items.

Would like to do bard instruments but not in current plans.

No x2 epic zones ready but maybe after expac.

Itemization, etc.

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Itemization — We have a plan. Raiders should not need legendary items.

Rodcet nife is new avatar. We have thought about splitting avatars into good evil neutral for more frequent spawns. No plans. No other contesteds being added.

Cannot respec and move existing AA (140) to new tree

6 man Group Missions — do a dungeon at the request of an NPC
1 per day, 1 per dungeon
Reward is tokens which can be spent on legendary and low fabled items.

Might add loot to Tangrin.

No epic quests. 1 more signature quest. Long but not repetitive. Good and evil version of quest.

More Guild hall News
Vendor to buy “trash”
Npc to buy status items.

Bard, Crusader, Cleric specific armor. Less archetype specific. No more templars running around with chain or leather.

Avatar loot for Rodcet Nife is all new and loot tables for the existing 12 avatars will eventually be updated. basically, if you like a loot item on avatars now, don’t miss any opportunity since it might change.

Combat xp in 70-80 will be improved. The pendulum “swung too far in favor of soloing and hurt groupers”.

Dungeons are smarter. Puzzles in dungeons ala some of the raids and VoeS.

Lvl 50, 60, or 70 groups going into the new scaleable dungeons will get scaled down loot. All loot designed for 80. All the new dungeons (20) are in the old/familiar places one would expect.

New travel being added — airships. Live event to build airship and build docks.

Big news! PvP will now allows all classes in all cities. Existing unhappy classes can complete betrayal to whatever class they want. This will reduce the requirement of Exile PvP guilds.


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New AA tree:

Archetype (Priest/Mage/Fighter/Scout)
Class (Cleric/Summoner/etc)
Subclass (Warden/Ranger/Assassin/etc.)
Instead of a “tree” that forces you to take AA items you don’t want, AA lines are straight across and you just pick ones. End of line reward for each level.

Tradeskill AA
Harvesting AA increase # harvests per node

Asymetrical armor pieces if you want one big shoulder, one small shoulder. 🙂

The Shadow Odyssey

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New overland 77+
20 dungeons
4 new raid
60 pts for new aa tree
Missions – even if good loot does not drop you can get shards to turn in for weapons

Re use existing zones

Most dungeons scale 50-80

Najena’s is a new big ass dungeon. Very tall (4 story stairs and just really cool). Very organic, wood, ropes, not the current stone boxes. Najena’s forge is the new place to go to craft various master weapons, etc. taking the place of the existing Solusek Ro forge.

Upper and lower Guk

One of the two dieties being added will behave differently. Must be unlocked on each server. Featured on the Shadow Odyssey box art.

Marketing department added the “of” in Shadow Odyssey. Many jokes made by SoE about it. Marketing dept was surprised that a EQ2 expansion didn’t have “of” in the middle. 🙂


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All fan faire attendees get eq1 seeds of destruction and eq2 shadow odyssey expac free.

Eq2 freebie is a cloak

I think shadow odyssey refers to some of the best dungeons from eq coming back in eq2. Dungeon…shadows…maybe a stretch. 😉


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Will be first to play the first 3 mobs of Veksar here in about 1 hour. 30 min time limit to beat. Either /testcopy your char or play a prebuffed char. Group tournament for $250 visa card each member for winning group.

Yesterday tournament was eq1 pvp for $500

New games

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DC universe looks awesome. Much less dogmatic mmo gameplay than coh. Just plain fun. Assist batman superman wonder woman flash or the joker and other baddies. All art by Jim Lee.

FreeRealms for younger less serious players. Has enough of the Sims and Second Life but Very good graphics. Completely free with premium content and microtransactions to buy certain stuff. Solves a lot of deterrents to playing that existing games have:

Don’t pick character class at char creation.
Create character on flash website while game downloads.
Tons of minigames. Racing, cards, etc.


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Allakhazam is now

Fully connected to Sony servers. Web accessible broker. Items show full details and drop %. Try on new armor with 3d model of your character. Suggest armor and find out where it drops.

Voice and Station

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Really pushing Station launcher for all games even non Sony. Buddy list is very smart. If you meet someone on eq and add buddy then that is how the see you. It hides the fact you are on an alt or playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure unless you are also buddies in that game or with that alt.

Smart buddy list collapses multiple alts from multiple games to keep the buddy list clean.

Voice chat on station launcher. Personal or guild chat from launcher. Voice chat on station launcher from a CELL PHONE.


Stay Tuned

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The big news is tomorrow at 2pm PDT, the revelation of The Shadow Odyssey expansion. So far, SoE has managed to keep this expansion completely under wraps. Until tomorrow…

Guild Halls Preview Rollup Post

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Tier 1
Guild Level 30
5 room guild hall house in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, etc.
50 plat 100 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
Upkeep 50g, 50k personal status per week 1pp and 100k personal status

Tier 2
Guild Level 50
10 room house in the Hall of Thunder in South Qeyno or Stonestair Byway in Freeport.
250 plat 500 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
Upkeep 2p50g, 100k status per week 5pp and 150k personal status per week

Tier 3
Guild Level 70
1,000 plat, no status to buy (nonrefundable if you upgrade)
25 room castle in Antonica or Commonlands
Upkeep 10pp and 200k personal status per week


  • 1,500 house item limit
  • Guild Hall Actions Log — see what people have done
  • Upgrade T1->T2->T3 done via moving crate system. Amenities are refunded.
  • Players can drop (donate) furniture but not pick up unless a gh trustee.
  • GU48 will offer harvesting quests — turn in 10, 20, and 30 times to get house item, nicer house item, and finally “Guild Constructor” title
  • Status Reduction Furniture HAS NO EFFECT on status upkeep. You can bet that all guilds are going to change their Ranks from measuring Guild Status to Contributed Escrow Status for rankings.

Escrow System

Members can contribute plat and personal status (at full 100% not 10% to guild hall
Escrow carries over when guild hall is upgraded from T1->T2->T3

Purchasable items. Start with 5 and gain 2 for each level. 42 amenities at game launch.

Amenities value is refunded when upgrading from T1->T2->T3

  • Call of Guild Hall
  • Mariner’s Bell (T3) to Ant, CL, etc.
  • Druid NPC to port
  • Complete Tradeskill setup including writ givers and merchant
  • Tradeskill Supply Depot — store materials and fuels for tradeskilling in guild hall
  • Mender Bot (guild leader can set guild to comp up to 100% of mender fees)
  • Intraguild Broker — place items on broker that only guild can buy
  • 1 Raid Strategist Tactical Rally Banner — drop flag at zone to raid (2 hour lifespan)
  • 5 teleporters can be placed in guild hall to teleport — even with speed hack, the T3 hall is freaking huge and takes a long time to run along
  • Set race and clothes of all house npcs (hirelings) via. mannequin system
  • House Broker (flat 20%? not real clear)
  • Guild Cloak Designer
  • Creature Conjurer — summon mobs for practice fighting
  • Tradeskill Table
  • Courtyard Statue Sentry — perfect for PvP when you need to keep other players out!
  • Magic Carpet to Sinking Sands
  • Vendor to buy “trash”
  • Npc to buy status items.


Head of Trakanon, Godking, etc. which drop off their raid items (2 trophies per expansion) and can be placed in hall.

Tier 2

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Tier 2
500 plat
Lvl 50
10 bedroom house at stonestair byway qeynos or fp
old hall of thunder.
Upkeep 5pp and 150k status per week


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The represented members of Solaris Society (Thorien, Feldon, Naopia, Okidok, and Afra) are joining a tournament Saturday a.m. to see some new content coming in GU49. 3 group mobs which we have 30 min to bring down. Any dps available? 😉

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