EverQuest II Ask Me Anything Chat Logs for May 1st, 2017

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Isle of Refuge – May 1st

Cloudrat: watch out for nerf bats
Ennia: hello Gninja
Ennia: and Kander
Cloudrat: no such thing as cool chain Kander
Elyana: hello Devvies =D
Tannayr: There’s cool looking chain armor?
Gninja: Hiyas
Daxx: it takes 50k faction to get
Cloudrat: Plate or cloth only way to go
Ennia: when can we get kander wig like the skele on queen’s colony has
Raynja: [eq2u]Hood of the Soulscorned[/eq2u] [eq2u]Tunic of the Soulscorned[/eq2u]  
Ennia: oops not time yet
Tannayr: Plate would be cool, but none of it ever fully matches color wise. Should calibrate artist monitors /shrug
Kander: I put the Unseen stuff in game. It is pretty cool. =p
Kayoss: i literally just finished teh Unseen faction. The armor is still no-trade tho 8( so I can’t share it
Cloudrat: Why can’t i use all my cloud mounts in flying appearance slot?
Ennia: is Domino coming? and why not /cry
Pellia: need Kandar skelly house plushie
Daxx: [eq2u]Fireblighted Cuirass[/eq2u] best appearance ever
Elyana: Ennia Domino is no longer working for DBG
Feldon:Ennia: She moved back to Canada and no longer works for Daybreak.
Kayoss: [eq2u]Dark Mail Tunic of the Voice[/eq2u] [eq2u]Dark Mail Hood of the Voice[/eq2u]  
Jexi: More ultra glossy like this in more colors please: [eq2u]Ceremonial Tunic of Marr[/eq2u]  
Ennia: I know hence the crying
Ennia: someone bring her back, and marry her or something to give her citizenship
Kayoss: [eq2u]Dark Mail Leggings of the Voice[/eq2u] [eq2u]Dark Mail Chain Leggings of the Voice[/eq2u]  
Ennia: and hi Feldon!
Amender: sooo before it actually starts lets get my crying out of the way about the priiest epic update in inner sanctum and fountains ^^
Elyana: eek run hide.. feldon!
Feldon:hi 🙂 and lol
Jexi: that BP looks very pretty also
Leonitas: she said they need to setup a daybreak office in canada, im all for that :O
Ennia: I’ll second that
Jexi: if its ultra glossy or blue, I’m totally there lol
Kittaene: hey, Feldon
Cloudrat: Why can’t i use all my flying squirrel in flying appearance slot?
Amender: flying squirrels is a clider
Gninja: @Cloudrat because its a glider
Amender: glider*
Ennia: who’s actually running tradeskill stuff at Daybreak now?
Feldon:glider mount = vomit comet
Kittaene: lol
Daxx: haha
Cloudrat: i know what it is so what horses are ground mounts but they fly in lavastorm
Elyana: flying mounts make me hurl =/
Elyana: well the gliders anyways
Leonitas: @ennia hamsters….
Pellia: give frogloks racial leaping
Gninja: Those “horses” are nightmares actually and those in lore do fly
Cloudrat: we needs to fly but want to buy cuter mounts
Zanzviolet: yes that is my question, who is the main dev for crafting and for decorating (housing)
Daxx: and “ribbit” emotes
Elyana: WTB more wings..
Ennia: just wondering 🙁 would be nice to get all building block sets completed with the newest window/door cutouts
Elyana: rip them off the mounts and glue them to my back!
Cloudrat: call them what you will the graphics are there
Ennia: and not in some special faction book 2 expansions away
Jexi: speaking of mounts I would love these in more colors also: [eq2u]Pegasus Feather Flight Wings[/eq2u]  
Exoi: OMG thats an awesome Idea Pellia. Frog leaps.
Feldon:They’d give us frogs that can leap nearly a quarter mile in the air. They will not, however, mastered the ability to land. They have no natural predators. They are just stupid.
Jexi: take my monies lol
Gninja: @Zanzviolet – Right now its kinda spread out with a few people. Best to send Kander anything crafting related and he can get it to the right person
Elyana: Ennia they are slowly adding them as the city fests happen
Uliakia: 1 minute till ama
Mybeats: spaceships next
Kander BROADCASTS: /wave
Holgo: /wave
Dalca: /wave
Daxx: hola
Mybeats: /thumbs up
Amender: best mount ever[eq2u]Waterfowl[/eq2u]  
Elyana: /cheer!
Leonitas: waves 🙂
Exoi: When will they make HighHold guild halls affordable?
Anashtaa: /wave
Kittaene: personally, not a huge fan of wings. I’d like the flying lion in black, though….and un-patchcraft
Lanai: /wave
Uliakia: hey feldon you got logging activated for chat
Zanzviolet: @ kander /wave back but I did not have a specific question atm…
Zanzviolet: @gninja ty so much
Kittaene: *waves back*
Jexi: wings make is easier for decorating. can still maneuver well don’t block my view as much
Kayoss: hiya!
Raldyr: hello devs
Ennia: I got my log on, cause I’ll have to probably leave early
Cloudrat: ok why can’t i use my quested cloud for flying appearance? the prismatic one is too glowy hurts my eyes hehe
Elyana: /1 Yep! btw Jexi WB =D
Caith BROADCASTS: The official Ask Gninja All The Things so the rest of us can sneak out is now open. Please ask your questions in general chat.
Jexi: and they make my character look like an angel elf lol
Mooncast: Hey everyone!
Xaedra: With the promise of class balancing coming, how will that be achieved? Will you bolster one class or nerf the others?
Gninja BROADCASTS: You mispelled Caith…
Mybeats: heya
Uliakia: can we get a daybreak live convention?
Kittaene: we’ve had discussion in Guild today about the Ascension Scrolls–should players get rid of their extras when they hit 4th class?
Uzok: hello
Jexi: thanks. new PC built and can run anything now
Zentroll: is the girth worthy in eq2?
Feldon:Xaedra: There are 4 classes now. Should be pretty easy to balance.
Holgo: @Dev Team, Do you have any plans to have tank threat be effected by fervor?
Ennia: not a question but thanks for all you guys do, in spite of all the problems
Ennia: I’m having a ton of fun
Caith: Xeadra – Whenever possible we try to do things via bolstering classes. Nerfing sucks, no one likes it, so we avoid it whenever we feel it is possible.
Gninja: ty Ennia
Exoi: Are they looking at adding any new Guild halls soon?
Feldon:*puts away the salt shaker*
Raldyr: interested in why certain mercenaries such as Zhugrus and Claz’zakla overwrite my HP buffs, lowering HP of members of my group (and myself).
Elyana: When class balancing occurs is there any chance that there will be LESS buttons to push instead of more.. real estate on our hotbars is getting slim for bards especially =p
Jexi: Will you be adding block sets to the Moonlight Enchantment tiles?
Caith: Kittaene – No, but it won’t hurt them if the do.
Xaedra: Awesome, ty
Zentroll: oh thought it was any question
Kittaene: ty
Crankish: If two spells are combined into one in the expansion, will players have all 3 spells on hotbar or just the new one?
Gninja: Exoi – We are always on the lookout for cool guildhalls to make so you might see some in the future. Can’t give any timelines though
Kander: Cloudrat, some of those partical effect mounts simply just do not work in appearance slots, because they are partical effects. Like Cloud of Bats.
Uliakia: ooh speaking of blocks where there new ones at city festival today
Exoi: Thanks for answering
Daxx: Question–Being how we could not use Battlegrounds–Will the co-op zone be available to IoR?
Zanzviolet: ohhh yes good question Jexi
Cloudrat: but im talking about the ones that are clouds
Gninja: Raldyr – Not sure we were aware of that, we will look into it. They should only overwrite if they are better.
Jexi: they’re in Commonlands
Caith: Holgo – We feel threat is in a good place right now, needing all party members to contribute. We do not currently have any plans to change that by introducing such a large swing as Fervor.
Raldyr: thanks Gninja
Xaedra: Can you explain please what is meant by, spells level 101-110 will be combined, what is being combined?
Ennia: yes Uli there are new block with wndow/door cutouts in FP fest today
Jamzez: will you try a free server transfer week for more players to try the IOR server
Gninja: Daxx – IoR folks WILL be able to use the new Co-opetition zones. 🙂 And there was much rejoicing!
Daxx: /rejoiced
Amender: if people are sending the devs /tells with questions please dont, it just makes it confusing when they answer in general
Kittaene: @Devs: will Planar Fragments be used in next expac spell upgrades, ie. in the Fall? Can they be Heirloom?
Primordial: The problem is not the cost of transferring, it’s the fear of being stuck here forever if they don’t like it
Gren: there are only 93 players worldwide on this server atm. I seconnd a recruitment drive
Crankish: Will there be new combat stats introduced in the new expansion, or old ones removed?
Caith: Elyana – Not as part of the class balancing itself, but as part of the expansion level increase you will have abilities that combine two or more of your current profession abilities.
Holgo: Thanks for the reply Caith, I also think threat is in a good spot, i like the idea of it being a combined effort from the group/raid
Gninja: yes please dont send us tells with questions. Just ask in general and we will get to them as fast as we can
Kander: Xaedra, the idea would be to combin certain spells to make 2 spells one spell, that shares the saem cooldowns, but is better than casting the two spells, so that perhaps we can lure you into having to cast less spells. I
Kayoss: the factioning quests in Sentinal’s Fate need balancing. You end up with about triple max faction with Paineel before you finish any other factions. Make the dialy tradeskill faction quests there repeatable immediately
Zanzviolet: combine us with AB
Daxx: QUESTION–is there a way to make transfer–but with maybe a waiting period if people want to go to another server?
Uliakia: can be familiars be used as house items if more than 20?
Daxx: would help us out a lot
Primordial: Agreed Daxx
Xaedra: Ty kander I like that idea
Dalca: Dev’s – i play a ranger and heard rumor that you might change the dps on my new epic 2.0 hawk, any coments?
Gninja: Crankish – We will not be adding new combat stats. We will be using the same stats for balancing that we used this past expansion.
Xaedra: Agree with Daxx about a time limit to go back
Teera: @devs Hello =) question is there an item or way to make ur RNG better with like Luck items or anything ? (my rng is horrible =P )
Exoi: Are there any plans to add any new lower level raid zones? There are very few but I enjoy the lower level playing.
Kayoss: the adventure faction quest was already made repatable immediately, and the Velious (Thurgadin) tradesskill one. But the Sentinal’s Fate tradeskill ones are still at once/day
Tadpole: when are the free lvl 100’s?
Uliakia: tadpole the 9th
Tadpole: thank you
Teera’s luck stats has been rerolled and reduced by 14%
Crankish: Can we talk you into giving players the choice between an adventure level 100 bauble and a crafting one?
Holgo: rekt
Ennia: rofl
Kittaene: hahahaha
Xaedra: Lol
Mybeats: ouch
Gninja: Exoi – New lower level raids? Like level 50?
Caith: Uliakia – Not currently, but we’ll look into it.
Dalca: Dev’s – any plans on a contested zone for KA, seems to be missing a dungeon for all (skyshrine ish)
Exoi: yes please
Teera: um ?
Uliakia: thanks
Caith: Dalca – I don’t comment on rumors I don’t start.
Kittaene: @Devs: Any X2 Raids forthcoming??
Leonitas: we enjoy our guides…folks really dig the newsies(aom) and guide’s guide(tot) status quests….can we see a status guide quest for KA?
Jexi: theres a forum that shows when the guides come here
Elyana: Question- i know you guys are working hard with the staff you have, are there any plans to increase staffing for the game going forward? I am sure you are all getting pretty burnt out trying to keep content up to date =D
Raldyr: haha Teera
Kander: Crankish, we have no plans to make a TS heroic character bauble.
Dalca: Dev’s thanks
Gninja: Exoi – We don’t have any plans to introduce new lower level raid zones. The usage of those zones would not warrant the time involved with making them.
Crankish: Will new cyan adornments be coming in the update or expansion?
Teera: really ??? /sad face
Holgo: @Devs, With this xpac being kunark ascending, I think it would be cool to have a fabled Veashans peak! I think the layout of that zone would be perfect for a new heroic contested zone.
Kayoss: @dev team. New recipes using lower level rares would be nice! There are so many lower rares that barely get use any more. Can you run a search of how many of each rare are sitting in Depots? Make new furniture using those rares?
Kander: Elyana – Just going to be honest, that is outside of scope of our control.
Amender: there is new cyans out now
Amender: how “new do you want
Gninja: Kittaene – We have no current plans to add an X2 raid anytime soon
Elyana: /hugs Dev team Thanks for your honesty about that
Windstalkerdev: ….
Kander: Holgo – We wont be doing any fabled content this year,
Caith: Crankish – No upcoming Cyans, but other adornments may show up sooner rather then later.
Kittaene: Thanks, Gninja. It would be helpful on the Isle, though 🙂
Cloudrat: [eq2u]A Self Contained Cloud[/eq2u]  
Leonitas: @devs.. we enjoy our guides…folks really dig the newsies(aom) and guide’s guide(tot) status quests….can we see a status guide quest for KA?
Kander: We’re already full in cycle for the expansion. Its going to be a bit of an undertaking.
Kander: Leonitas, there will not be a guide quest for KA.
Crankish: Will crafters be given new container recipes in the expansion, like bigger bags and boxes?
Uliakia: will epilogue hint what expansion is?
Jexi: @devs can we get the option to purchase the previous expansions collector’s edition? My PC was down most of last year.
Leonitas: 🙁 ok thx
Kander: Uliakia, maybe…
Ennia: hello Windstalker
Jamzez: are we going to the moon next xpansion?
Uliakia: woot
Kander: Jexi, that is something we have looked at repeatedly. Not sure, but not out of the question.
Gren: hard to breath and walk on moon dust
Elyana: oooh i spy a Holly!
Zanzviolet: hiya holly
Tadpole: i thought the gnomes blew it up
Kittaene: *waves to Windstalker*
Caith: Inventory space is one of our biggest contributers to lag, outside of combat spam itself, so we will not be increasing bag size for this upcoming expansion. I would rather find ways to decrease the bag space you NEED.
Caith: Crankish – Inventory space is one of our biggest contributers to lag, outside of combat spam itself, so we will not be increasing bag size for this upcoming expansion. I would rather find ways to decrease the bag space you NEED.
Gninja: Uliakia – While the epilogue quest continues the story leading toward the expansion there arent really any hints as to what the next expansion will be during that quest.
Devilsbrew: QUESTION – will the Sloroth(named in Kralet Penumbra) camp to desktop during fight bug be fixed anytime soon?
Uliakia: army of the shissar still on luclin preparingt o invade
Zanzviolet: hahaha @ Caith… bbbuuuttt we are decorators… we need lots of space
Crankish: @Caith: reducing need for bag space is a wonderful idea.
Tannayr: Will we ever get the ability to have ‘sets’ in the wardrobe, Wardrobe is a great way to reduce needed bag space, and sets would make it nice.
Kayoss: making furniture stackable in bags would reduce teh number of bag slots needed 8)
Gren: *** hoarders*** cough cough
Ennia: make things stackable, chairs surely can be stacked
Leonitas: in the past, there were “gold” trial periods, where f2p players could try the perks of membership. could a similar promotion allow f2p peeps to perhaps try the Isle of Refuge server for a week or so?
Crankish: Will the new expansion have new mercenaries?
Uliakia: i need more wardrobe slots lol
Kittaene: @Devs: Will the fall expac be a little easier on Altaholics?
Exoi: I’m a horder. LOL
Tadpole: how about softer backpack straps
Elyana: question: decorators have for years been hoping to get some relief from Dungeon Hording needs- one way to reduce lag would be to make items buyable more frequently. any chance that could happen?
Gninja: We can make chairs stackable but only up to 3. Anymore they will fall over and hurt someone
Cloudrat: how about a furniture dye tub like UO has to avoid have so many colores of same items to store
Gninja: That was a joke btw, don’t quote me bro!
Kittaene: lol, Gninja
Dalca: Dev’s – Coments were made by guildies to decrease bag size by making some things in broker bags / boxes come in sets (like a set of 7 pieces of armor) or a (set of lvl 91-100 spells) 1 set for many items in a broker bag slot
Ennia: easy answer: load straps
Leonitas: trying to think up new ideas on getting and retaining more people to our wonderful server 😀
Primordial: Are there any plans to make the Ascension grind a little easier, (Quicker) for alts on accounts that already have a 4×10 Ascension class?
Kander: Leonitas, We’ll see. We are disussing a waiting period thing thing for leaving. We’ll see,
Devilsbrew: Question – are Ethereal drop rates in Kralet Penumbra nerfed or the same as always?
Kayoss: @devs how about an option to place an item directly from inventory into Moving crate, rather than having to place it in house, then move to Crate
Jamzez: just started playing again what’s up with with the gates xp for ascension and will it be removed?
Jamzez: gated
Jexi: oh yeah…thats a pain
Zanzviolet: just what Kayoss said, that would be sooo nice
Ennia: can you make the expansion building blocks from KA and ToT not heirloom or no trade?
Dalca: devs – and mages are missing TOPS on most items (i am a tailor) can make robes and pants just no tops (frustrating)
Kayoss: @devs can we get a PLACE ALL option for hosue items?
Tadpole: this game is way short on frogloks.. maybe we could have a deluge where they fall from the sky
Jexi: I want a “drop all” option or drop from inventory to crate
Kander: Primordial – Yes, we are adding more ways to get scrolls with the GU and there will be lots of Ascension xp and scroll events over the summer.
Gninja: Devilsbrew – We have not changed the droprate on the ethereal stuff in Kralet.
Devilsbrew: ty
Primordial: Thanks Kander
Kittaene: Thoughts on Veteran Bonus for all 4 Ascensions completed, so easier for 2nd toon, etc?
Pellia: ribbit leaping frogloks and leaping bovich
Uliakia: will we ever see another daybreak convention?
Gren: just want to say THANK YOU for doing this, has to be tiring after a dozen servers. nice to see you do care
Leonitas: one thing in the past i really enjoyed was the recruit a friend program. i could drag friends from other games here, get them to sub, and each see a small xp boost when grouped together. Plz consider bringing it back?
Caith: Ennia – Claim items will not be changed to freely tradable.
Tadpole: yes all joking aside thank you for your time.. i been a eq player since 2000
Ennia: aww, thanks anyway
Ennia: then ability to obtain older collectors editions is even more desired
Holgo: Yes, adding a “veteran bonus” type thing for ascension leveling for alts would be great, are there any plans for that?
Uliakia: speaking of recruit a friend will there ever be a way to get those rewars that are no longer available?
Devilsbrew: appreciate your time as well . ty
Kittaene: This one from Guild today: Will the Epic 2.0 completion Bauble work cross server?
Kittaene: ie account wide
Gninja: Kittaeneneae – No plans to have alts get a bonus for ascension past your first character. It doesnt play well with the per character bonus you get from having 1, 2, or 3 ascension classes maxed.
Kittaene: gotcha, thanks Gninja (and just “Kitty” can save your typing ) 🙂
Uzok: Thank you !
Teera: @devs some of the items on merchants on this Particular server are not marked properly but when u buy the item they are remarked to heirloom where as before they look tradeable could there be a fix to show them correctly ?
Primordial: How about a “Pocket” Ascension trainer so we don’t have to run back every time we’re grinding to ding, then back into the zone we were working on?
Tadpole: hello kitty 🙂
Gninja: Kittaeneeae – Its bought from a merchant so you would have to transfer a character to the server you wanted to use it on.
Jamzez: hoe much coffe you guys drink in a day lol
Crankish: will veteran rewards be coming back in the new expansion?
Daxx: Question–How about a pocket reforger! 🙂
Kittaene: ty
Kander: Kittaene, you have to have a character on the server that has completed the Epic 2.0.
Leonitas: im with gren, we truly do appreciate all the devs do for our wonderful game. we love this game and want it to run strong forever!
Kayoss: @devs second what Teera said
Devilsbrew: nice q. daxx:)
Ennia: vet rewards ended at 13
Raldyr: i third what Teera said
Ennia: or was it 12
Kittaene: thanks, Kander. We have some new transfers working on it herem hence the question.
Pellia: agree with terra
Ennia: any chance to add more items to loyalty? maybe all those recruit a friend items not available anymore?
Amender: Most-Important-QuestionEver — How about a tinkered heartbound refresher, for high level tinkerers. . soo I can refresh my love on the go
Exoi: Will this remain a members only server? Please say yes.
Elyana: question: is there a chance that for the summer etherials we can get dungeon maker items converted to housing items as something to spend coin on?
Cloudrat: why did vet rewards end?
Elyana: rofl Amender
Kander: Amender , no plans for that.
Uliakia: becuase of someone making date of creation count instead of actual time
Amender: ah shux, @kander thanks
Caith: General – We do not have any plans to make an “Ascension” veteran bonus that works like the normal veteran bonus. However we have some things in the works that will provide similar benifits.
Uliakia: not naming names so i dont ge tin trouble
Primordial: When you say “no plans”, does that mean yet, or just that it’s out of the question?
Kolder: i wanna heart bind with three women at the same time … can you make that happen
Ennia: they said no plans never ever about flying looong ago, and here we are
Cloudrat: women dont play this game
Ladyofthedead: i love flying!
Gninja: No plans means not right now… We try to stay away from words like never. Example: “There will never be beastlords in EQ2”
Jexi: lol Cloudrat
Ennia: ^^^
Leonitas: one thing in the past i really enjoyed was the recruit a friend program. i could drag friends from other games here, get them to sub, and each see a small xp boost when grouped together. Plz consider bringing it back?
Uliakia: yeah there will never be duck mounts lol
Caith: That is why they are named b3astlords in code
Kittaene: +1 Cloudrat!! What women?
Ladyofthedead: hehe=)
Daxx: what Leonitas said
Sorathian: Anyone wanna group up and do some dungeons in dungeon finder?
Amender: [eq2u]Waterfowl[/eq2u]  
Elyana: Will we been seeing the moon up close.. and will Vah Shir be coming if we do as a player race? =p
Crankish: Will the new expansion have new mercenaries?
Kander: Leonitas – Well you are the only one. =P
Jexi: I think a bird person or a fish person liike from Phianegels place in EQ1 wold be cool for races
Xaedra: Player made sales crates? Could out an entire set of armor, or set of spells for one class like level 90-100, set of furniture, taking only one slot in bags or on broker. Something to think about.
Tadpole: i thought we had vah shir
Leonitas: lies! :p
Jexi: a whole underwater city
Kittaene: lol, Kander
Pellia: As a Froglok, would love to be able to ride a [eq2u]Striped Savage Pteranodon[/eq2u] withough being impaled
Gninja: We can make a fish person and fill the entire game with water, all other races would drown
Ennia: I’d love to be able to buy those recruit a friend rewards, even for a lot of loyalty points or on market
Ennia: the ambassador cup!
Elyana: +1 Ennia
Holgo: Recruit a friend rewards would be awesome on the loyalty merchant @dev team
Ladyofthedead: nix on the water world..lol
Caith: New races take a massive amount of code and art time, so they are not something we can do on the spur of the moment.
Jexi: LOL
Tadpole: i’ve seen dryland
Elyana: fair enough and makes sense. Thanks Caith
Jexi: I mean water areas lol
Uliakia: cubes as a new race 🙂
Zanzviolet: oh no
Caith: Perfect!
Kayoss: @devs can you make non-flaying mounts usable as flying appearance? That would make older mounts at least slightly less useless 🙂
Nuadha: @Devs. Would it be possible to create instances of group/raid zones, and invite people cross servers? Maybe even someone similar to dungeon finder, but with more options to build your group.?
Zanzviolet: lol
Gninja: Kayoss – Gnope
Kayoss: *non-FLYING too ;p
Leonitas: no seriously though please chew on it going forward at least. many of us drag peeps here whenever possible reguardless, but its neat when friends get lil extra perks for bringing new blood into the game
Kayoss: whyyyyyyy?
Uliakia: could call the race leraians
Jamzez: is class balance planned for next xpansion and the hot bar spell bloat?
Jexi: I love the aerakyn people they made. they’re very cool
Exoi: Can we have more hot bars?
Pellia: the areakyn wings are too heavy looking for the females
Shoamia: cross server raids would be cool hard to get enough for raid zones now usually do on skyfire but here i never have
Gninja: Nuadha – Cross server dungeons / raids are not exactly easy to setup. We were able to make the new Co-opetition zones able to be cross server though so go check those out after the update.
Ladyofthedead: i wanna say that we really appreciate what u all do @devs=)
Kayoss: pretty sure everyone would be fine with running animation through the air, is there some other reason ground mounts can be flying appearance?
Kander: Yes Jamzes, both.
Windstalkerdev: We appear to be on the “creative” server of solutions and suggestions….Woot!
Caith: Jamzez – Class balance is always an ongoing thing, but yes there will be a big focus on it leading up to, and in the expansion.
Gren: need better models for the freeblood though, more mistmoire vampish
Tadpole: you dont use the horbars you have now
Crankish: Adept spell drop rate is good now, but when they become required and everyone wants them first couple of months of expansion, can drop rate of adepts be temporarily increased?
Kittaene: @Holly, this is THE best server. The folks here are all proactive.
Uliakia: is the menagerie a completely new zone or based off ed the existing menagerie zone
Jexi: speaking of dungeons @devs can we get access to the dungeon merchants again? I still have tokens and can’t buy the house items.
Tadpole: oh yeah why in the world cant freebloods fly in batform thats nuts
Exoi: I use every hot bar space I have.
Windstalkerdev: Nice to hear, Kitty!
Holgo: @devs, do you have any plans to add a merchant that sells the rare drops from each zone like you have in the last few xpacs?
Shayliaz: yes some more hotbars i have no space
Daxx: seconding Holgo’s question!
Holgo: I have like 14k of the new currency, and nothing to spend it on, some new temp adorns would be sweet too =)
Kander: What we should do is just give you 1 hotbar and then you have to decide what you get to cast. Good plan.
Holgo: Maybe have them give resolve/fervor?!
Amender: low drop rattes on this server means more people need to group instead of just running around in circles
Zanzviolet: lol
Tadpole: so when can freebloods fly in swarm of bats..
Amender: get the drop rates higher 🙂
Leonitas: another idea, what if there was a program where ppl could put an eq2 advertising banner on their website, free adverstising for eq2, and perhaps perks/ingame rewards for ppl whose sites are successful in driving new blood here?
Ennia: 1 hot bar? I’m having EQ1 flashbacks /shudder
Huror: @Devs. I may have missed any response about vet rewards, but many feel that our vet rewards were used as a lure to buy the upgraded expansions, i.e. reduced rate salesman crates. Nothing at all is sad.
Kander: Ennia, that was kind of the joke. tee hee
Mooncast: @Jexi — the Aerakyn are my favorite 🙂
Pellia: dev > would be nice to get mysterious blue coins for carpenters in some repeatable fashion
Ennia: 🙂
Exoi: no kidding as it is there is no room for my portable tables I have to sacrafice for the travel icons instead
Jexi: 🙂
Crankish: IDEA: Create guild hall furniture items where each one allows you to zone into a current raid zone, but you have to earn them somehow as a guild.
Caith: Hotbars (and the spell icons on them) are another lag issue. We won’t be adding more hotbars, but we will be decreasing the number of profession spells you need to have on your bar by combining multiples of them into single.
Uliakia: that would be a great bristlebane joke have everyone log into the original eq1 interface
Shayliaz: oh 1 hotbar i was already fig that out
Ennia: oh yeah there is a bugged repeatable for mysterious blue coins, it does not work tho
Kittaene: Is there a chance that we could get a Currency Conversion between the Sovereign Medal and the Crusader’s Medals from last expac,–to enable purchase of Recipes?
Squeasy: ok… i have the mercenary ui open from the character window, and i click on my Stamper Jeralk, and click hire (I have free hire), but it keeps hiring ashenwing.
Mybeats: macro link skills
Raldyr: i second Kittaene’s statement
Exoi: Oh shoot. Thanks for answering
Squeasy: how do i make it move to jeralk?
Kayoss: @devs ditto on the Mysterious Blue coins for Carps. You cannot get all the coins needed to purchase the recipes
Caith: Ennia – We’ll take a look at the quest
Gninja: Huror – Vet rewards were extremely hard to please everyone with. Also they were calculated based on creation date of the account not time played so someone with a day 1 account but never played has advantages over someone who…
Gninja: Started at expansion two but plays every day
Gninja: That is why we made loyalty system to replace it
Daxx: Back to the rare merchant–Can we expect one with this xpac?
Primordial: Yeah, but you gotta keep the Loyalty merchant interesting lol
Elyana: Question: is there a way to integrate into the normal UI some of the features of Dark UI or Drums, to make it easier to heal for healers without using outside 3rd party interfaceas?
Holgo: @devs, do you have any plans to add a merchant that sells the rare drops from each zone like you have in the last few xpacs?
Pellia: Dev> would love to see dungeons made into normalized housing for visitors
Gninja: Primordial – There are tons of items on the merchant but we will add more as time goes on. Not sure the next time we will add things but it should be ongoing.
Huror: I agree with Primordial, I have almost 1000 loyalty tokens and nothing that interests me to purchase.
Caith: Daxx – Probably yes
Ladyofthedead: question—-> is there anyway for housing to have more expansion?
Daxx: Thanks
Primordial: I can’t remember it changing much since its inception, maybe it has, and I just haven’t noticed anything enticing
Kayoss: @devs could Dungeon maker items be made into regular house items please? 🙂
Jexi: I had to get blue coins with my alts to give them to my main for all the recipes
Caith: Kayoss – Cnope
Zanzviolet: I agree with Kayoss!!
Jexi: but at least here we can buy them
Zanzviolet: /frown lol
Elyana: +1 Kayoss
Zinj: I’d be happier if they expanded the number of items you could put in houses.
Shoamia: is opening a new tle server going to hurt us with the population being so low?
Elyana: ooh good question Shoamia
Caith: Kayoss – To expand, the current items will not be made into house items. If there is a list of specific items you would like to see as house items, we can make house item versions. Send me a list
Pellia: about blue coins > not everyone has many alts they can park at the right level with an apprentice. Please make the coins avialable with a repeatable quest
Primordial: Agreed, we have to explore new methods for keeping this server viable
Elyana: <3 Caith
Krugar: id be happier to zone into housing without crashing -more items= more crashes
Kayoss: ty Caith, send you a list here and now? or when/where?
Gninja: Zinj – increasing the number of items allowed in houses and guildhalls would increase the amount of lag in them so its a double edged sword.
Elyana: Kayoss go to eq2furniture.com
Kittaene: On keeping this server viable, there is now a Discord Channel and we’ve started an invitation thread on Forums.
Caith: Kayoss – My email, [email protected]
Ladyofthedead: ty
Kander: Shoamia, we are discussing all sorts of incentives for Isle of Refuge. Are hope is that these will be implemented before or with the new TLE.
Kayoss: ty Caith, will do!
Crankish: Can you create new guide shiney collections for expansion or update? I keep getting the same ones now.
Primordial: Yeah Kitty, that’s a great idea, but if it’s not hitting the ears and eyes of the decision makers…
Caith: Lists of every dungeon maker item will just be filtered btw, so make sure you make a list of things you actually want, not just everything 🙂
Gninja BROADCASTS: 25min left for the AMA Developer chat. Get your questions in!
Exoi: Would keeping the Housing zones smaller help with the lag? Some of them lately including guild halls are way to big.
Uliakia: have you thought about instanced house expansions that would require us to zone to a new wing for house etc?
Kittaene: @primordial We had to ask, to have the channel setup in Discord 😉
Leonitas: can the 5% tinkered crafting tools work just from bags, just like the 1% and 2% ones? i swore they used to, but now they need to be worn.
Ennia: I’d love some of those dungeon maker items as house item, go Kayoss!
Pellia: (some decorators are expert on how to manage load)
Primordial: Oh, you mean it’s “within” the EQ2 server
Caith: Leonitas – I’ll take a look.
Jexi: I decorate with multiples of same item so its less load
Gninja: Exoi – The size of items does not reduce lag the zone still has to load the same number of shaders/geo etc. So it does not reduce lag.
Kayoss: 8) yes, i will be selective, np 🙂
Huror: more options for floors and walls in housing and guild halls may help with lag. Tiles and such add alot of items.
Jexi: it only loads an item once
Uliakia: when will guides start offering a new quest for this expansion like newsies and guides guide?
Leonitas: thanks Caith! *hands a fresh mug of ale*
Exoi: Thank you
Primordial: Not talking to you Amender 😛
Gren: could allow larger tiles to take the place of several smaller ones?
Shoamia: be nice id decoration of houseing be made easier there was great inprovementes in the past but feel it could be better?
Gninja: Uliakia – Thats already been answered, there will not be a guide quest for KA. Sorry!
Sloot: guild hall lag is due to pour item management by the guild … spread it out … use your space wisely … grasshopper …
Amender: technically if your talking in genral chat i can read it so you are in reality talking to me
Poison: I would like to suggest a purchasable item to make your city home into a prestige home so that you dont have to worry about rent
Jexi: OH YEAH…bump up the tiles to the size of those Zek ones
Primordial: Nope, you close your eyes when I talk
Jexi: they get up to size 12
Jexi: rather than 6
Kayoss: @poison you can already do that. with Treasure Hoard from Lyaoty merchant
Xaedra: As far as tiles and dividers, I would like to see a “snap to” grid feature so they fit seamlessly, but just dreaming here lol
Kayoss: *Loyalty
Uliakia: ok thanks missed it wish there was a way to filter jsut the devs responses, it’s why reading logs after ama is so helpful
Cloudrat: but no travel portal that way Kayoss
Primordial: That’s one of the reasons I don’t decorate Xaed
Leonitas: another idea, what if there was a program where ppl could put an eq2 advertising banner on their website, free adverstising for eq2, and perhaps perks/ingame rewards for ppl whose sites are successful in driving new blood here?
Ladyofthedead: i think it would interfere with tile placement
Gninja: Xaedra – Thats not really something our engine could really do without a major rewrite sorry.
Nuadha: Could the Deity point cap be lifted? 10 just feels to low.
Kayoss: ooo yes! @Devs can we get Travel portals for regular housing!
Xaedra: ok, I was dreaming afterall 🙂
Cloudrat: what about skin purchases like the houses in town?
Huror: i was just thinking the same thing about travel portals for city housing.
Caith: Leonitas – That sounds like a cool idea, but it would have to go through web development. The game team cannot really influence that.
Amender: lets talk about this Dirge epic compared too the Troub epic 2.0. .
Poison: Lyaoty merchant?
Elyana: DIE Amender…
Amender: in appearence only*
Kayoss: @Devs can we get an upgrade on our Mushroom Rings to make it an actual portal to the 5 grottos? 8)
Gninja: No class versus class questions please
Jexi: Yes that would be awesome. in EQ1 you can buy a set of portals to link 2 homes of any kind
Elyana: and i mean that in the best way possible brat =p
Kander: Nuadha , yes, we’ll raise it to 11.
Caith: Nuadha – We do not have any plans to rais the tithe point cap at this time.
Primordial: lmao
Caith: Kander lies to you
Mybeats: haha
Exoi: Is there any way we can put a name on a tomestone? that is placeable? like the books we can write and place in the guild hall?
Daxx: but this one goes to eeelevun
Amender: @gninga oops sorry / – – – – – -/
Pellia: dev> would love to have housing portal similar to guild amenity for house
Raldyr: whatever happened to the plans for hairstyles, maybe player-made?
Leonitas: @caith just putting it out there in case devs wanna jot it down 8)
Kayoss: @Devs can we get an Achievement for the number of Root Beer made? 10k, 50k etc? with a house item version reward? ;D
Kittaene: Hmm, with all my typing: was there an answer on whether we could get a currency exchange between the current PQ Currency and the Crusader’s Medals, so folks can buy the Recipes?
Elyana: +1 Kittaene
Amender: you can still do PQs’ for those medals. in ToT
Uliakia: kit something coming for that was in one of other logs
Caith: Pellia – Please describe your question in further detail
Ladyofthedead: oooo i was gonna ask! plzzzz let there be more hairstyle options for us!!
Pellia: agree with Kayoss, instead of 99 bottle of obeer, 99 million brews of rootbeer
Jexi: We have a strong decorating community on this server. 🙂
Zentroll: amender troub was almost thanks for ur help its epicwich
Gninja: Hairstyles are not something that is easily added
Leonitas: one cool idea ive seen often,from many players: will a pocket chronomage ever be offered, in any form?
Exoi: HAIRSTYLES would be great because looks are everything in this game. 🙂
Jexi: Insert picture of Phillip J Fry here… lol
Crankish: Is the intent to tune warlocks to be T1 DPS?
Pellia: I would like to be able to place a housing portal in my home that is similar to the guild amenity housing portal.
Daxx: Picturing a pompadour on my Kerra
Teera: @devs Kaisha swifteale and her desk in front of her, Requistion Order desk .. can we get the desk as a house item so we may do these rush orders in our guilds or houses ?
Caith: Kittaene – There will either be an exchange or the items made avaliable from another source soon.
Caith: tm
Elyana: cheers Caith
Gninja: Leonitas – We have no plans to add a chronomage you can take with you, too much potential for exploits… You have been added to our watch list
Kittaene: ty, Caith
Gren: OMG YES Exoi! was a hairstylist IRL. its frustrating to be unable to choose a better look here
Daxx: And Leonitas just made “The List”
Cloudrat: i still want a cloudrat angel topper for my frostfell treee:)
Gren: make it a tradeskill. train to be able to sell looks
Caith: Crankish – It depends, if your name is Mogrim, no. Otherwise, yes. Balance is a big focus in the upcoming months.
Jexi: Oddly enough all the hairstyles match the characters from twilight on the vampires. I’m not complaining
Jexi: 🙂
Primordial: These pocket tools would be a good idea for loyalty purchase items……..hint, hint
Exoi: Agree with Gren. 🙂 Thanks
Zinj: t-shirts with messages, and shorts
Devilsbrew: reforgeaholic here< please reconsider the pocket reforger ty:)
Daxx: QUESTION–what can we expect in terms of the COmbat Mitigation nerf?
Gninja: Wouldn’t it be twilight took hairstyles from us? We came out before it, I’m pretty sure. Not sure which is more embarassing :p
Saheera: a reforger for teh guild hall would be spectacular
Caith: Daxx That it will go down.
Primordial: Put reforgers in GH’s at least
Elyana: roflmao Gninja
Cloudrat: Are we ever going to get a dresss?
Kittaene: AND, the big question: When will the Kander-Wig be intro’d in-game??
Uliakia: i still have pics of the cloudrats from soelvie you sent them
Amender: +1,000,00,000 to the guild hall reforger
Elyana: +1 Primordial
Devilsbrew: oooo gh reforger nice!!
Jexi: the books yeah, the movie first came out in liek 2008 I think
Kander: No Guild Hall Reforger. No. Nope, Nope. No.
Nuadha: Server Transfer question: I understand not wanting people to transfer over to this server, gear up, and relocate.. But being considered a “Jail” server may put people off the idea of transferring.
Devilsbrew: perk
Leonitas: lol u must be joking. ppl can exploit that? hmm. didnt realize that.
Primordial: What is the point of that Kander?
Uliakia: kander wig is the final boss behind everything in the final expansion
Exoi: Or even something other than a kilt for a skirt.
Elyana: rofl Kander
Gninja: Daxx – There won’t be a combat mit nerf so to speak. We are rebalancing it to take into account teh disparity between physical and magical damage and as a result damage will likely go up slightly but its not a nerf to combat mit.
Nuadha: Would the idea of stripping the character of all gear be a viable option to transfer back to another server. And remove the stigma of being considered the “Jail” server?
Amender: yah good idea nuadha, they can come, and leave, but anything they have on or bring stays here on thsi server
Amender: but they can at least take their completed content with them
Primordial: I had several friends on MD that considered a move here, but then decided not to because they didn’t want to jump into a black hole
Nuadha: Might help boost the community.. people wouldn’t be so scared of coming over to peek around 🙂
Kittaene: The Jail Server?? We prefer to be called “Hotel California” pfffft
Gemo: oops, bad time lol :-p
Elyana: margaritas for all!
Amender: saying you can never leave is basically callin this drunder
Daxx: @ Gnunja thanks for the calrification.
Kittaene: not to us, we love it here
Gninja: Nah Drunder doesnt have free trade :p
Daxx: @Gninja too
Gren: so… what I’ve guessed is true? This was some sore of Penal Colony at first? Like Australia? and the US?
Ladyofthedead: solution for that…make all servers like this..?
Kolder: love all the people on this server … why leave
Cynnisa: Best. Server. Eva!
Ladyofthedead: agree!
Crankish: When balancing classes, is there a chance that some classes get nerfed, or is the plan to raise the abilities of everyone else?
Cloudrat: I love this server
Elyana: +1000000% agree!
Exoi: agree
Jexi: This is the best server I’ve been on
Raldyr: agree
Devilsbrew: we love Isle of Refuge server
Shoamia: rhis is the best server we dont ever want to leave
Primordial: But if you can’t ever get them here in the first place
Caith: Crankish – Previously answered
Jexi: I was on Lucan DLere when I started
Nuadha: The idea is people would be more willing to dip their toes in this server if they knew they could touch their homeland again
Kayoss: aye, this server is the best <3
Elyana: they have a free 100 coming may 9th they can use to come here on
Xaedra: It is the best server I have been on, hands doown
Ladyofthedead: make a toon here…have a toon there…problem solved
Littlebit: we love this server.
Feldon:Everything tradeable should have just rolled out to all servers.
Gren: I’ve got a bunch of rich old toons on another server gathering dust. More fun playing my new alt here
Amender: we all undertsand that its not agood idea to let people come here swap gear and go back, but if they go back Naked it shouldnt hurt the game economics would it?
Kolder: copy toon idea for a week maybe?
Pellia: Luv server too. All my characters have been brought here.
Raldyr: same Gren
Primordial: Yeah, but then it’s still a toon on a server they can never leave. And, with things like the Epic 2.0 bauble being one server only…
Kolder: or copy toon for tw weks maybe
Cloudrat: omg that copy toon messed up character select
Gninja BROADCASTS: 10min left for the AMA Developer chat. Get your questions in!
Ennia: Freeport one? yeah, my copied toon is stuck to the bottom of character selection
Kayoss: @Devs I would like a quantity TWO under craft multiples, rather than jsut 1 or 5 🙂 I would use 2 most!
Cloudrat: all those dang freeport toons wont move up the list
Jexi: its kind of unfair though. What if they could come here get all the loots and then go back home and leave us? 🙁
Elyana: question: any teasers for us for whats coming in the expac?
Jexi: sinces its all tradeable
Caith: Kayoss – Sorry, you will have to continue crafting twice for such a low multiple.
Cloudrat: HOW about a way to sort character select
Shoamia: the last few 2 months i been crashing a lot during loading zones more than ever before
Primordial: All what loots? NO ONE on this server is doing anything even remotely close to what even Skyfire is doing
Ennia: @devs cake or pie?
Crankish: Can you make portals that guilds can give out to other players so the other players can port to their guild hall?
Jexi: well its still new yet
Cynnisa: Ennia took my question 🙁
Pellia: I used to crash a lot. Bios update and fresh drivers fixed it up.
Jexi: not established enough
Primordial: Just saying, ti’s not really a valid point right now
Caith: Ennia – Low carb diet, your question makes me sad.
Windstalkerdev: Elyana — POSSIBLY TRIANGLES
Elyana: crys for Caith
Cynnisa: o.O
Cloudrat: fiber one bars for the low carb dieter
Caith: Crankish Not a bad idea, I’ll take a look.
Elyana: question holly- can i get my title back =p
Shoamia: i am going to submit a tickt but just thought id bring it up case it was an issue going around
Jexi: I love triangles..thanks for making our feedback requests a reality especially all of mine
Kayoss: @Devs will we get some more Smaller homes soon? The hugs hosues are nice, but some smaller options would be great too!
Crankish: Can you change housing portals to show your own houses first?
Windstalkerdev: Ely…..Ely…..cake. The end.
Kayoss: *huge
Elyana: roflmao
Jexi: well of the things that fesible anyway
Jexi: feasible
Amender: anyway, aside from all my trollin and crying @DEVS been here since eq2’s original beta and thanks for all your hard work in keeping this game going @windstalker , kander, Gninja. Game was good then it’s good now.
Elyana: yes cake + devs = triangles nods
Pellia: tosses in sweetflies
Uliakia: will any eq2 devs be attending any conventions this yr?
Crankish: Devs, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I had a long list, and got almost all the answers I was looking for. Very nice.
Zinj: OF PQ in 5 minutes
Amender: now please /givemyfury his inner sanctum epic 2.0 update thanks
Kittaene: Thank you, Devs. <3
Gninja: Uliakia – I will likely go to Comic-con! :p
Gninja: its kinda far away though
Ladyofthedead: much love to u devs!
Gninja: like 12 miles or something
Devilsbrew: ty Devs awesome news and appreciate your time
Elyana: <3 our Devs
Crankish: Also, @Caith, thanks for looking at guardian epic 2.0 weapon spells. Especially if you prioritize them first. =D
Uliakia: lol
Caith: Start walking now Gninja!
Pellia: thanks a bunch for creating such a fun and entertaining game
Windstalkerdev: Kander is going to the Leather Jacket Festival. Caith is going to Numbers ARE Awesome Convention. I’m going somewhere with cupcakes. Gninja is….well….he will go quietly
Daxx: @gninja I will be there! Are you cosplaying a smurg again this year?
Jexi: We need roof tiles added to each of the cities
Mybeats: ty devs
Zinj: OF PQ in 4 minutes
Daxx: smurf even 😛
Jexi: only have Neriak right now
Gninja BROADCASTS: 5min left for the AMA Developer chat. Last call! /drink
Elyana: your going to visit Domino??
Kittaene: lol
Leonitas: yes ty and hopefully we asked enough unique questions, i tried to ask only stuff i didnt see in logs from the prior ama’s
Ennia: and shoutout to Domino! I want her back!
Exoi: Thank you all very much for your time. /CHEERS to you in your travels.
Uliakia: gninja is going to the lollipop guild reunion isn’t he
Kayoss: @Devs THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Jexi: Thanks for the chat with us. 🙂
Elyana: question: burnt key.. any way to trigger it without people getting it multiple times?
Dalca: Thanks Devs
Gninja: Uliakia – Maybe! :p
Zinj: OF PQ in 3 minutes
Elyana: like some sort of a off switch?
Gren: you could throw out a bunch of goodies before you go!
Uliakia: lol
Kayoss: @Devs is teh Community Lounge something that will ever open again?
Kittaene: Question: Burnt Key–can I have one, puhlease? heheh
Gninja: Elyana – burnt keys are not given out twice to the same person
Jexi: the lounge is always fun
Windstalkerdev BROADCASTS: Thanks all for participating. If you’d like to see us do this again, or not, please let us know in General chat! BIG HUGS NORRATH (frogs too)
Gninja: Kitty – Gnope
Kander: Kayoss, ask community. Its their lounge.
Elyana: YESSS! thank you Gninja!
Jexi: sure thing! come chat us up again.
Jamzez: trhxs all
Devilsbrew: haha burnt key farmers:P
Norsker: Did anyone ask if we’ll be able to buy/sell houses or transfer housing to alts?
Uliakia: every other month would be nice
Sloot: …::ribbit::…
Saheera: Thanks devs for your time 🙂
Gren: the Devs came to Isle Of Refuge and all I got was this wicked cool tshirt
Zinj: OF PQ in 2 minutes
Kittaene: lol, Gninja
Elyana: low pop server so we are trying to trigger it alot.. for people.. without getting repeats for ourselves
Ladyofthedead: yay!!
Leonitas: yes ty and like billy idol we want more more more more more! 😀
Kander BROADCASTS: /wave
Ladyofthedead: wave!
Windstalkerdev BROADCASTS: Bye for now!
Kittaene: *waves back*
Ennia: byw, thanks for chat
Seviah: Bye all and TYTY
Elyana: CHEERS more more more!
Ladyofthedead: byee Holly~~
Shayliaz: come back soon!
Gninja: Buh bye folks! Fun chat 🙂 headin to next one. If you didnt get your question answered feel free to join us on Majdul.
Devilsbrew: cheers woot woot and a heck yeah
Uliakia: now to majdul for last ama lol
Kayoss: yes please! lets do this again!
Huror: Safe travels to all. thanks devs.
Kittaene: *pours Margaritas for Chat*
Squeasy: just don’t kill this server… ti’ll kill the game for me if ya do
Raldyr: thanks Devs for the AMA
Mooncast: Thanks everyone! 😀
Zinj: OF PQ in 1 minutes
Pellia: did all the questions get asked?

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