EverQuest II Ask Me Anything Chat Logs for April 28th, 2017

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Stormhold – April 28th

Kander BROADCASTS: /wave
Fiddious: woohoo
Fiddious: /wave
Wryk: /waveback
Anita: woot Kander!
Annaliiza: oh hai
Raziel: /wave
Gninja: Hello Stormhold 🙂
Unnatural: herro
Ninon: Hi dudes
Crux: nerf lifeburn
Willow: Hi there 🙂
Fiddious: hiyas gninja
Korvan: Time to get my list of 18 questions together …
Rendain: hiya
Anita: #kanderwig 2017
Odde: /wave /kiss our ass. We want our double xp day back
Krowbar: Waves to Devs!
Fiddious: yeah tell ttobey to get on the wig!
Gnomoore: I just got triple on a mission
Madeleine: no, “we” do not
Gninja: /ignore Odde
Gninja: mt :p
Gninja: If you guys have questions feel free to ask, we are here!
Caith BROADCASTS: The Ask me Any Old Thing At All (AMAOTAA) is now started, ask your questions in general chat!
Odde: lol, I amt sorry I upset you
Mooncast: Hello everyone 🙂
Poochi: WTS powerlvling service take advantage of this triple exp
Korvan: Has a specific date been set to unlock Sentinel’s Fate?
Caith: Poochi – Don’t need any leveling at the moment, thanks.
Remind: sweet
Gninja: Poochi – Sorry I am already maxed, but thanks for offer!
Onra: A date would be nice to know ahead of time, even if it needs to be pushed back from the server issues
Caith: Korvan – It will be launching on the same day as the GU
Ishamael: tyty
Korvan: 2. Wards are not benefiting from criticals, when will this be fixed?
Maplewood: DPS cap being removed?
Ninon: Could you fix the problem with NPC under the world in Kylong plain but many other places, i have to type /target npcname and /hail to make them pop out
Craftington: I missed the question, what is launching the same day as the GU?
Vanarhost: 59 swash LFG
Korvan: SF
Fiddious: SF
Annaliiza: sf
Onra: I got Demonstration of Faith fixed to crit… and the base value nerfed, then the crits went away 🙁
Gninja: Ninon – Thats a long standing issue that has been very difficult to track down. We will continue to look at it but not likely fixed anytime soon
Craftington: thanks
Ninon: Could you fix wardens and more generally druids on live, they can hardly solo heal currently
Krowbar: When are you going to unlock our claim rewards so we can claim stuff we have?
Lone: Will Stormhold get mercs when we unlock the expansion with them in?
Fyreflytedev: The dps cap will increase to 600 when SF unlocks
Madeleine: holy crap chaos
Gninja: lol
Maplewood: DPS mod cap being removed?
Maplewood: rework of the system?
Caith: Ninon – That is a local client thing. The world loaded them in the correct spot, but your client got confused.
Ninon: Could you make guise of teh deceiver, hooloh hat and other sweet reward usable from bags ?
Gninja: Lone – Yes when the expansion unlocks that contained the mercenary feature, they will become available.
Maplewood: familiars on TLE?
Caith: Maplewood – No, DPS stat is not being removed.
Sprok: Summoners currently have a -60% debuff on our pets to Fervor in what I assume is an attempt to balance live. This has made Conjurers far and away the weakest class on TLE, is there any possiblity of that being addressed here?
Ninon: ok well i know how to do but new players may be lost\
Zlith: will Guild Halls ever be available here
Rendain: when will beastlord be available on TLE? if at anytime
Caith: Maplewood – Slow down brah! Yes, familiars on TLE.
Maplewood: dps cap….. its currently on 125%
Kander: Zlith – Maybe.
Korvan: With Critical Mitigation being added, will players continue to have their physical mitigation and healing output reduced?
Saura: Certainly hope so, Kander.
Caith: Lone – Expansion 08
Craftington: for the upcoming TLE (Fallen Gate) what will the marketplace look like? will vitality potions be available at launch, or will they be delayed / non-existant similar to this server and RTT
Gninja: Korvan – Crit mit?
Onra: Applied heals is the most powerful tank stat… but it comes from Group zones and an x2… is this going to be added to SF raid gear or are we going to be wearing 4 pieces of TSO gear for SF?
Onra: [eq2u]Streaming Volcanic Girdle[/eq2u] Jeunessa: How long will triple xp last?
Maplewood: is the dps mod stat staying at a 125% cap?
Maplewood: how we will get familiars on TLE?
Korvan: Sorry, meant the new mechanic, not cirtmit
Korvan: critmit, even
Thismayhurt: How will we get famaliar on TLE?*
Ninon: Could we see hiddden stats on items ? because may be an item that look crap will be good once the stat (ie critical bonus) will be live
Hardhat: anyone porting
Viscerate: 22 assassin LFG for xp anything pst! bonus xp!
Caith: Korvan – There is no crit mit being added. Combat mitigation is what I believe you are referring too. TLE servers always had a mitigation style, we are moving from the current one to the combat mit one because it is more flexible
Krowbar: any chance of unlocking claim rewards?
Kander: Ninon, no plans to reveal hidden stats.
Ninon: would love Call of teh Veteran 😉
Maplewood: How are we getting familiars on TLE? proving grounds on TLE?
Willow: Is travel going to be easier when SF is added? a little more like it is on live maybe?
Caith: Continued – Your overall DPS should not be reducted by all that much, if at all.
Korvan: Right, combat mitigation. Is the current reduction in player phys mitigation and healing output being kept, with combat mitigation being added?
Caith: Maplewood – No proving grounds, at least not yet, but the familiars will be avaliable in game on TLE.
Maplewood: how will we get them? as drops?
Ninon: Will the new TLE start with no blue stat like Stormhold did?
Zlith: will Crit Bonus be enabled here soon?
Ishamael: we had blue stats in vanilla
Parody: any plans for pvp?
Maplewood: TLE had tons of blue stats…..
Sprok: PvP was an afterthought.
Maplewood: ^^^^^
Ishamael: lol
Korvan: there were blue stats, just a restricted number of them
Caith: Ninon – That is still under discussion.
Ninon: may be but i m sure that amod was not ther
Onra: PVP is alive in the Maj’Dul arenas!
Maplewood: is the cap on DPS mod staying at 125%?
Craftington: for the upcoming TLE (Fallen Gate) what will the marketplace look like? will vitality potions be available at launch, or will they be delayed / non-existant similar to this server and RTT
Rendain: Will classes such as Beastlord be released oN TLE?
Maplewood: because currently can you cap it with almost no effort
Caith: Maplewood – See previous answer. You may have if you read the answers before asking another one 😛
Parody: are the class changes going to be on tle aswell?
Fyreflytedev: Onra – Incoming heal will not be added as a general stat on SF gear. If previous gear is not being replaced due to that stat being too powerful, we’ll take a closer look at the system.
Caith: Kadony – No, druids have all the ports they are going to get.
Krowbar: Any chance for veteran rewards or claim rewards we have on TLE?
Annaliiza: lmfao
Sprok: Summoners currently have a -60% debuff on our pets to Fervor in what I assume is an attempt to balance live. This has made Conjurers far and away the weakest class on TLE, is there any possiblity of that being addressed here?
Madeleine: lol good one;)
Ninon: i m not weak
Korvan: Will world travel bells be updated so that less zoning is required?
Ninon: and till 60 i was totally insane 😉
Willow: Yes what Korvan asked !
Maplewood: are SF weapons being balanced to be in line with TSO ones? or are we going to have the values that are currently there?
Madeleine: what? and put al the portal housing whores outta work? how would you get house ranking>>
Onra: Any idea what the rewards from Fallen Gate will be like for TLE? Will it be like the R2T ones? [eq2u]Two Handed Rune: Undying Power[/eq2u] etc…
Fyreflytedev: Maplewood – If you’re referring to weapon ratings, yes, those have been balanced out, and that change will go in when SF goes live.
Maplewood: thank you
Craftington: for the upcoming TLE (Fallen Gate) what will the marketplace look like? will vitality potions be available at launch, or will they be delayed / non-existant similar to this server and RTT
Korvan: Oh, let me send a big shout out to Fyreflyte who’s done an awesome job getthing things fixed up so far
Krowbar: suck ass
Korvan: and I can’t type
Gninja: Fyreflyte rocks 🙂
Crux: ^
Ishamael: he is super
Fyreflytedev: I dunno.. that guy Fyreflyte is a little shifty
Caith: Craftington – The details are still under discussion, when we know the full details, we will announce it.
Onra: Fyreflyte #1 [eq2u]Helm of Fire Fight[/eq2u] But the procs named after you are not anymore 🙁 Procs making a come back for SF?
Ninon: do you eat vitality with combat xp off ? it seems that no but i am unsure
Korvan: Will world travel bells be updated so that less zoning is required?
Rendain: any ports atm?
Gninja: Korvan – No, but there may be some changes coming to help with that… maybe… possibly…
Caith: Korvan – We’ll discuss it, but we do not have any plans currently to unlock the bells.
Curves: selling PL starting at 30+ PST Triple xpz
Fyreflytedev: Onra – That wasn’t named after me. There is a Kunark weapon that is, but I don’t think anyone else would recognize it, as it was too obscure 😉
Krowbar: This is BS the only questions getting answered here are from Disturbance and Vindicate.
Korvan: If there will never be guild halls, will you provide us with training dummies, rally flags and trophies that can be used in homes?
Sprok: Rest of the questions are readily available information if you look them up online.
Gninja: What was your question Krowbar?
Ninon: honestly i love the fact that finding a wizz or a druid makes your travels faster
Maplewood: was PVP an afterthough?
Bowz: lookijng for healer for Deep Forge DD
Maplewood: afterthought*
Fyreflytedev: Krowbar – We’re getting to questions as fast as we can.
Caith: Chat scrolls, and we get PM’s as well. If your question is not answered, ask it again.
Krowbar: I asked one 3 times lol whatever
Maplewood: feelsbadman
Ishamael: lol
Merlinea: Offering wiz ports in Malica’s Evil Lair, #40 in Hall of Fame section of Housing & Leaderboard window for a few minutes. Druid ring ports available on request.
Gninja: we are not deliberately avoiding questions, chat just goes by fast.
Maplewood: What will familiars buff on TLE?
Sprok: Summoners currently have a -60% debuff on our pets to Fervor in what I assume is an attempt to balance live. This has made Conjurers far and away the weakest class on TLE, is there any possiblity of that being addressed here?
Craftington: Will vitality potions be available at launch for the new TLE or will they be delayed like this server and RTT
Ninon: Could you fix wardens and more generally druids on live, they can hardly solo heal currently … and this is not controversial
Parody: any plans for pvp on an event server or something in the future?
Maplewood: is pvp dead?
Viscerate: more questions! make it overwhelming! /popcorn/ beer
Maplewood: wait nvm we know the answer
Colour: i think theyll make a pvp server
Maplewood: pvp was an afterthought
Gninja: We have no plans to add pvp to the game anytime soon
Colour: well ur shit
Thismayhurt: duh
Caith: Sprok – Summoner dps is currently in a place we are comfortable with at the moment, we will not be adjusting it unless something changes.
Annaliiza: Any chance of Veteran or Claim rewards on TLE
Korvan: Will Chronomagic and missions be introduced with SF, since it was added during TSO?
Colour: add some BGs to this TLE
Colour: ive been playing eq2 for 11 years and honestly killing mobs is unbearable
Maplewood: what stats will familars give?
Gninja: Maplewood – They vary
Colour: so make a bg for the tle and make sure that theres no pvp gear.
Maplewood: thanks…..
Colour: so make a bg for the tle and make sure that theres no pvp gear.
Colour: so make a bg for the tle and make sure that theres no pvp gear.
Colour: so make a bg for the tle and make sure that theres no pvp gear.
Colour: so make a bg for the tle and make sure that theres no pvp gear.
Maplewood: SPAM
Curves: LOL get rekt maple
Maplewood: hard to get rekt when curves is around
Annaliiza: Any chance of Veteran or Claim rewards on TLE
Onra: Hey let’s clam down with questions they’ve been pretty direct about answering
Sprok: FailFish PvP Players FailFish
Caith: Annaliiza – Claim rewards are going to continue to be restricted to the expansion claims for the most part.
Krowbar: OMG they finally answered that question!!!!
Annaliiza: Thank you ^_^
Bleach: sorry if i missed it but will guild halls ever be implemented?
Parody: can u guys chill ? not only your questions matter
Krowbar: YAY for the little peeps
Caith: Maplewood – You will have to see when they come out!
Maplewood: kk
Korvan: Will Chronomagic and missions be introduced with SF, since it was added during TSO?
Ninon: any plan to add xp bonus for toon at max level (toons on the tle server)
Maplewood: any comment on pvp being an afterthought?
Warpaint: can we have training dummies?
Maplewood: can we have them ^^^^
Onra: Is Fallen Gate going to be Race to Trakaon, just with no Trakanon/ less events, or is there more to it than the Heritage Quests?
Krowbar: Any chance SOE will buy back EQ2?
Caith: Korvan – It is not currently on our radar, but we’ll take a look and discuss it.
Colour: add pvp please, there is so many pvp players looking for a bit of excitement which you just don’t get
Zlith: thats a good idea, if they could code that as level changes here
Kander: Onra- Its a long term server.
Maplewood: are we getting training dumbies?
Craftington: Will vitality potions be available on day 1 for Fallen Gate?
Ninon: Training dummies would be nice
Colour: How long is triple xp?!
Korvan: How about spell research, since it was added during TSO as well? I suspect it would also be a source of revenue for you guys
Gninja: Bleach – We do plan to put in Guildhalls on Stormhold but no eta just yet. Training dummies would be included in that.
Maplewood: and will you nerf ykesha so triton can kill it?
Bleach: thank you
Thismayhurt: well they would have to nerf it to 2hp for them to be able to come close to killing it maple.
Gninja: Maplewood – Send me a PM on the forums about Ykesha and I will take a look at it
Sprok: LUL
Bleach: LOL
Maplewood: kk will do
Thismayhurt: lol
Caith: Colour – The xp bonus will be announce in our of the company official channels sometime soon(tm).
Poochi: haha
Sighanara: my bar says server bonus is on now
Maplewood: can lifeburn be nerfed plz?
Colour: same
Colour: so how long is it gonna last
Lone: Mine too
Korvan: Will spell research be added with SF?
Fyreflytedev: As long as it needs to! We aren’t allowed to go home until you ask ALL THE QUESTIONS!!!!
Lone: Update on site too
Jamiss: Those responsible for Fyreflytedev’s answer have been sacked.
Fyreflyte has been chained to his desk…
Sighanara: lol
Riots: i miss pvp very much
Maplewood: is lifeburn overpowered?
Annaliiza: hahahah
Colour: i miss pvp too
Craftington: /sigh… i’ll just assume you can’t answer my vitality potion question and move on
Ishamael: no– its 3% of my parse in VEK2
Gninja: Craftington – Caith answered your question
Onra: With the Fallen Gate server… would there be any merit to considering unlocking it by level range instead of expansion… so hertiage quests are at least somewhat challenging and needed to be done at/before level?
Caith: Riots – So do I, however without the base systems being written with it in mind it is just not feasible to support in a way that makes it fun an engaging in the changing game.
Maplewood: can we have a nerf to auto attack and buff to scout/fighter CA’s???
Maplewood: currently most scout/fighters are at almost 40-50% auto attack damage
Korvan: Will the buffs from the Arcanna’se Effigy, Skyfire Phoenix and Fenice mounts scale up with level 90?
Riots: ok well thank you
Lone: Will the chronomages be added?
Riots: i still play anyways
Zlith: good idea Onra, not sure they could do that as base game was to 50
Haary: any work on bugs in progress? I noticed a lot of crashes lately, a clean install helped but i still crash
Gninja: Onra – Interesting idea for the future but not likely something we will do in this next TLE server.
Tenyen: will the mystic Epic reprucssions buff finally be changed from double attack ! [eq2u]Cudgel of Obviation[/eq2u] Maplewood: dammit tenyen
Craftington: I see it now, sorry, its hard to pick you guys out >.<
Caith: Maplewood Incoming with the combat mitigation changes with SF. Pushing buttons should matter. Again, overall DPS should not change much, but passive DPS will be less, and abilities will be more.
Tenyen: ooh hai maple <
Tenyen: <3
Fyreflytedev: Korvan – Not to my knowledge. They should stay where they’re at until KA is unlocked
Maplewood: Perfect! i like it!
Jamiss: @Haary: We always keep an eye on performance and crashes. We attempt to address them as we can
Maplewood: will it affect all classes the same?
Maplewood: currently mages get far less from passive damage
Korvan: Will rewards for completing HQs on the Fallen Gate server be available on Stormhold?
Durandy: Question: Who would win in a fight between a reincarnated Margret Thatcher and Madeline Albright?
Onra: Fighters are the most reliant on auto attack at the moment, is that being taken into consideration?
Maplewood: mages it sounds like will get a huge buff over what they already have
Ishamael: scouts #1
Haary: thatcher of course
Gninja: Korvan – Heritage rewards for the Fallen Gate TLE server will be available for all servers including Stormhold
Maplewood: mages sound like they will be the king of SF
Maplewood: unless CA’s recive a boost?
Caith: Continued on mitigation – The combat mitigation system gives us a lot more flexibility to adjust specific things, as opposed to the raw mitigation that TLE has been running with since launch.
Jamiss BROADCASTS: 30 minutes left in the Developer AMA in General chat!
Korvan: Can you look into fixing fabled altars so they can be used by guests of a house?
Craftington: Yeah… if live has told us anything, its that lowering passive damage in favor for ability damage hits fighters harder than anyone else
Zlith: Fighter DPS overall as compared to DPS classes has gone down over the expansions as more Caster stats were available. Right now some tank classes – SK/Pally are great in DPS comparably to later
Maplewood: so does this mean mage spells will be balanced vs scout CA’s?
Maplewood: currently mages spells have a huge advantage over CA’s
Caith: Fighters have love incoming.
Gninja: If you had questions that went unanswered put them back out there and we will try to take a stab at them best we can.
Caith: Globally
Fyreflytedev: Maple/Onra – Damage parses are being considered when making those changes. We’re not going to make any dps classes overwhelmingly better than others.
Warpaint: was there an answer re: training dummies?
Korvan: Will spell research be introduced with SF, since it was added during TSO?
Lone: yes War, with guildhalls
Tenyen: will the mystic Epic or epic reprucssions buff finally be changed from double attack as the stat no longer exists! [eq2u]Cudgel of Obviation[/eq2u] Maplewood: can we have training dummies to test things?
Gninja: Warpaint – Training Dummies are part of the guildhall system. If/when guildhalls are activated on TLE training dummies will as well
Maplewood: tenyen its being given flurry
Crux: can we give triton a 100% fervor boost so that we can promote competition on the server?
Caith: Korvan – Uhh, dunno. I “think” it is locked behind an expansion flag, but I don’t remember exactly which one.
Maplewood: guild halls were added in RoK
Onra: Who uses training dummies these days? Simulations is where it’s at!
Maplewood: why dont we have them?
Caith: We’ll look into it
Korvan: @Maplewood duel a Ranger, instant training dummy for ya!
Ninon: Are you planning to change the price of AOE auto attack on tiem, crusader get 40% with 10 aa and priest like 40 dps mod with 10 aa, but on item usually 1% of AOE attack is valued like 20 dps or something like that
Haary: my wife wants to know if she will see me at all the first week of the new expansion
Maplewood: dueling a pally would be better
Onra: SS docks, let’s go
Annaliiza: no haary…
Gninja: Maplewood – Guildhalls we decided to not be added on the TLE server intentionally. That may change but not right now.
Fyreflytedev: Tenyen – The buff from the that epic is giving the correct stat – it’s just misnamed in the description. I’ll try to get that fixed.
Maplewood: it was not a vote
Korvan: @Caith spell research was introduced with the “Might and Monument” update for TSO back in 2009
Maplewood: we did not vote on it
Jamiss: @Haary: *shakes magic 8 ball* Outlook not favorable
Gninja: Maplewood – That is correct it was not a vote
Maplewood: thank you
Tenyen: @fyreflyte it isnt currently impacting any stats thoguh so its much more than just the wrong name
Enusesk: will we see the travel options open up? it would be nice to not have to zone 4 times to get to a zone that has a bell in it already…
Ishamael: Could we please make the step up from expert spells to master a lot more powerful— they average a 3-4% difference right now—its my understanding they used to be closer to 14% on live back in the day
Craftington: have you guys made any decisions regarding whether BL / Channeler will be available for Fallen Gate?
Gninja: Enusesk – We dont have any plans to change the bells at this time but more travel options might be added soon(tm)
Onra: Make Masters’s great again!
Bleach: ^^^
Maplewood: Make masters great again
Korvan: Are there any plans to increase mount speed?
Nyghtshade: Wow, didn’t realize it was going to be a whinning fest today, would have brought some cheese …… this is the TLC sever isn’t it – where its suppose to be timed locked and not easy peasy like live isn’t it? LOL
Ishamael: no one is crying– its a fact
Gninja: Onra – Masters’s are the same here as on other servers
Onra: They are, but we don’t have grandmasters here. In these original expansions, we only had Masters, and they were huge upgrades over Experts
Enusesk: are grandmasters going to be made available here as well?? i know it wasnt for like another 3-4 xpacs, but i’m collecting spell recipes at an alarming rate
Fyreflytedev: Ninon – That is not really how item statting is done right now. If you’re finding the AEAuto on items to be too low to be useful, send me a pm with your thoughts
Maplewood: masters give very little for what they are
Zlith: this is a base issue with expansion releases, but is there any way to make the max level spells craftable as experts.. each level increase the top level not available
Nyghtshade: LIve severs has none of these “issues”
Gninja: Korvan – We’ll look into increasing mount speed very soon
Korvan: Brawlers in their defensive stance have much lower physical mitigation than druids. Is this an issue that’s being looked into?
Caith: Onra – We won’t be able to change the master tiers unfortunately.
Korvan: For example, a Warden in T2 legendary void armor will have about 5500. A raid geared Monk in defensive stance, with mythical, has about 4800
Caith: Or master mults that is
Onra: Brawlers have less mitigation than mages too Korvan 🙁 Feels bad when brawlers die to Truama AEs that no one else even takes damage from
Nyghtshade: Live = increased mount speed. Live = guild hall. Live = bells to everywhere. Live = All spells can be crafted.
Dream: having just joined in, is there a date set for the SF release?
Zlith: will Flying be available in SF as most are level 85, or DOV?
Maplewood: is the weapon skill stat being up’d enough on gear to match up with lvl 98 mobs?
Maplewood: currently scouts/fights are quit low on the stat
Kander: Zlith – Flying comes with DoV
Enusesk: better yet….is there a list compiled, say on a website, where we might view all the changes that are ocurring for those of us that dont remember what changed during release on live?
Korvan: @Nyghtshade this isn’t a vanilla experience anymore. If you want that, Fallen Gate is coming to you Soon(tm)
Maplewood: and we have too much accuracy for this content
Durandy: is there somewhere we can read all these answers for those who logged in late???
Craftington: do you have a release date for fallen gate yet?
Maplewood: eq2wire
Ishamael: eq2wire Durandy
Gninja: Korvan – This isn’t a regular server either 🙂
Durandy: ty
Nyghtshade: Its vanilla with chocolate sprinkles on top ……… and apparently a few nuts scattered in too 🙂
Caith: Bad mental picture
Gninja: lol
Onra: Windstalker used to come by and talk with us all the time during T5 here, we miss her! 🙁
Korvan: No, but there’s a point where “challenge” just becomes nuisance (see: Travel bells)
Dream: Nyght dont make fun of Distrubance like that , they arent all nutz
Gninja: Windstalker is a very busy person hehe, but she is awesome 🙂
Shakacon: Question: Will the GU103 or new expansion give carpenters and tailors new backpack /strongbox recipes with bag space greater than 48 (these haven’t been increased in numerous expansions)?
Craftington: Will Disturbance be playing on Fallen Gate?
Fiddious: yeah second that, it was so cool to see her drop by
Nyghtshade: a challenge is only a nuisance to those who are not up to it 🙂
Zlith: Durandy – https://eq2wire.com/2017/04/26/everquest-ii-ask-me-anything-chat-logs-for-april-26-28-2017/2/
Gninja: Korvan – that was already addressed earlier in questions/answers
Mooncast: I’m requesting Windstalker gifs so that she can always be with us
Fyreflytedev: Maple – Weapon Skill stats are pretty close to where they were in vanilla. This trend is continuing into SF. I have been trying to add weapon skills to a larger variety of items, however.
Enusesk: what xpac allowed the use of green slot adornments?
Maplewood: thanks!
Caith: Shakacon – TLE server recipes are dependent on the current expansion content that the server is linked too.
Gninja: Enusesk – Chains of Eternity
Korvan: Can you look into fixing fabled altars so they can be used by guests of a house?
Enusesk: no they arent caith…. i know GM spells werent released in TSO or SF and I just scribed lvl 40s priest GMs a day or two ago
Zlith: Fyrefylte – I know this is aways off still, but any chance of adjusting stats on original game items at least for new server, the stats for same level items in EOF zones are much better
Enusesk: [eq2u]Brood Cure (Grandmaster)[/eq2u] for example
Moomoomoose: can you make channler and beastlord masters stop dropping
Craftington: I think Enusesk chose the most useful example
Sprok: Craftable grandmasters were added during a later expansion to all content, they weren’t in when this was originally released.
Shakacon: Question: What classes are considered Tier1 DPS?
Caith: Enusesk – Recipes for the 14th expansion or GU103 will still not be avaliable on Stormhold however
Fyreflytedev: Zlith – I’ll be doing a review of lower level items in prep for the Fallen Gate server. If that addresses your concern?
Crux: sorc pred summoner obviously
Enusesk: will they release in time as the server moves forward?
Zlith: thanks Fyreflyte 🙂
Craftington: how long am I going to be playing on the eq1 TLE before Fallen Gate comes out?
Ninon: Could look at itemisation lot of solo quest rewards are better than t1 shard armor/items
Fyreflytedev: So… many… items….
Maplewood: will munzok be nerfed so curves can kill it?
Gninja: Craftington – As long as you want
Korvan: Wards are not benefiting from criticals, is this intended or will it be fixed?
Onra: Steamfont won’t be so OP on the new server then! :0
Caith: Enusesk – When that expansion content becomes avaliable, yes. Some recipes were put into older content, that is a different thing then new content/expansion recipes.
Shwetty: spell transcription / class betrayal ?
Enusesk: word
Craftington: I can play on it as long as I want before Fallen Gate comes out?!… so… the release date is up to me?
Gninja: Maplewood – Curves will have to get better
Nyghtshade: *throws random pieces of cheese at people in general*
Shwetty: chronomentoring ?
Maplewood: thanks! ill tell him that!
Sprok: LUL
Jamiss: HEY, I got velveeta, that’s not cheese
Zlith: yeah Onra – Butcherblock – Steamfont questing blew away original zones for items
Caith: Korvan – Wards multiply based off of crit bonus, since the TLE server does not have crit bonus, they do not multiply.
Nyghtshade: ohhh sorry Jamiss that was for the kids !
Gninja: Its velveeta… versus chedder…
Gninja: 10min left folks…
Korvan: @Caith wouldn’t you consider that to be a real negative for shamans?
Fyreflytedev: Ninon – Are you refering to TSO items, or SF items?
Maplewood: @curves gninja said you have to get better to kill munzok
Onra: Wards used to get the base crit value here…It only got broken again recently
Craftington: do you guys have any new news on whether BL / Chan will be available on Fallen Gate?
Jamiss BROADCASTS: 10 min left for Developer AMA in General chat! Be there or be square!
Korvan: It would seem they should still get the base 1.3x or whatever
Crux: @caith yeah but when other abilities crit they use the base multiplier still, shamans dont of course
Onra: But TBH, it’s a pretty good and fair balance to not let ward crits
Zlith: Since the original announcement was summer for Fallen Gate and that starts June 20th, and last 2 years servers released July 12th and July 21st, I would say late June or early July for FG 🙂
Ninon: Unsure, all i know is that shard armor rank 1 looked crappy to me and i just did the solo time lines + KT and WOE access
Caith: Korvan – Are wards not useful? Balance isn’t about give me more because I want more. Making wards too powerful leads to some fairly significant issues.
Alleycatz: anyone 35-42 wanna come for exp gringd?
Kander: Craftington, We’re still discussing it. It isnt out of the question.
Craftington: @Caith — like bleedthrough
Sprok: IMO we’ll see how it all works out on SF hard mode. All raid content is currently killable with wards as is.
Shakacon: Question: Which Devs are responsible for class balance?
Sprok: As Gninja would say, you just need to get better. =D
Crux: i feel like they should still get the base modifier but I could be wrong, just depends how hard things hit in SF
Onra: Solid balance plan Caith. Shaman used to be way too OP with critting wards… it just sucks they don’t get value out of a stat that 22 other classes do
Gninja: Zlith – We are planning for summer loosely because we dont want to commit to an earlier date in case during our testing we find major issues. Better to release earlier than planned than later.
Remind: is the xp bonus working? it doesnt seem like it
Caith: Shakacon – For the most part, me. But I spread the love around when I can.
Gninja: even if we don’t want it :p
Zlith: Gninja – I agree, just was a guessimate based on previous releases 🙂
Bremynz: hey bot man brommando
Gninja: oh you meant class balance
Gninja: Zlith – the best answer I can give you is when its ready
Korvan: Any chance of a #tle channel on Discord, might make it easier to separate out TLE specific issues
Korvan: particularly since you’re adding a new TLE server down the road
Bremynz: how do you devs feel about botting?
Gninja: Korvan we’ll bring it up with RadarX but I don’t see why not
Onra: https://discord.gg/j3GhmhT TLE Discord channel
Krowbar: Yes I see botting alot on TLE
Craftington: @Kander if it makes your decision any easier, it would make me extremely happy to see BL / Chan available on TLEs… they are my favorite classes by a very large margin
Shakacon: Question: What classes are considered Tier1 DPS? (I ask because I read the prior AMAs and it was mentioned swashie was not and I always thought they were so I wondered which ones are).
Alleycatz: my thought .. can we fix the crashing to character select // 1 min lockouts on zoning
Caith: Crux – Wards did not crit at all in the original game, which was where the base issue lies. It was wedged in a couple of years ago (after crit bonus was added), but would need a re-write to take advantage of the base modifier.
Sheana: @Devs – thank you for taking the time to get on and answer our questions . we appreciate it ♥ ♥ ♥
Bremynz: suck up
Jamiss: @Alleycatz: We are always keeping an eye on crashes. If you have specific cases where you are seeing it, a PM on the forums with as much information as you can provide will assist us in tracking it down.
Gninja BROADCASTS: 5minutes left for the Developer AMA – Ask those questions!
Gninja: Bremynz – I doubt it, I am pretty short
Bremynz: so how do you devs feel about botting
Zlith: if BL and Channelers are added at launch for FG server, would they be added here at the same time, or still on release based on expansions
Korvan: Only other question I had was about the fabled altars being borked
Maplewood: @gninja will there be lost of disco’s in SF so bremynz?
Thismayhurt: lol botting is allowed
Enusesk: someone asked earlier about botting…..i’d be interested in hearing if the company is still a bunch of soup nazis about it
Maplewood: will be triggered*
Caith: Shakacon – It shifts based on what the class brings to the groupd/raid outside of DPS. If a class brings a lot of support and buffs, they will not be as high on the intended DPS scale as one that is nothing but boomstick.
Karliah: Will TLE servers eventually merge with another main server like Majdul when tle catches up
Ninon: BTW Thanks a LOT for the Baby Bovoc … this is so cool
Gninja: Bremynz – As in the eula botting using third party software is definately not allowed. If you see folks doing it /petition them and CS will take care of it
Korvan: TLE “truebox” servers for the win … grow 6 hands!
Remind: yeah what will happen whenit catches up?
Maplewood: use your feet korvan!
Bremynz: ok can i report the whole pc delta guil
Onra: Which guild is going to destroy the contested in SF?
Brommando: pc delta for life bud
Zlith: thats a couple years out still – lots of expansions still to go.. not sure they would even know at this point 🙂
Crux: i think a single target ward in SF will be like 15-20% of the main tanks total hp when buffed, just to mention for scale
Maplewood: pc delta for life
Caith: Karliah – We are too far out from that being an issue to have a firm plan for it one way or the other at the moment, sorry.
Shakacon: Are there any plans in the future to do another special reward server like Race to the Trakanon one?
Brommando: can i report brem for being triggered
Bremynz: so triggered and salty
Brommando: so salty
Gninja: Shakacon – Yes… Fallen gate comes out later this summer
Gninja: its not really an event server but it has special rewards for playing there you can claim on other servers
Draknox: How much later this summer? June or September?
Shakacon: Thank you for answering our questions. We really appreciate it.
Gninja: Darknox – A specific date has not been announced yet sorry
Zlith: thanks for coming to clear up some questions
Korvan: Thanks for the AMA guys, much appreciated
Brommando: yes thks
Jones: thanks Devz
Maplewood: thanks guys
Mooncast: Thanks everyone!
Maplewood: ill send you that PM Gninja to help out triton
Onra: Can we do a petition to bring Weeman back?
Maplewood: #neverforget
Onra: That would make SF a great experience
Caith BROADCASTS: The official Ask Me All The Things And Don’t Give Me Time To Answer (Maplewood) is now over.
Gninja: As always we appreciate you guys! Take care and see ya around.
Maplewood: LOL
Zlith: lol Caith
Maplewood: <3
Korvan: hah
Remind: thanks for coming
Onra: WE love Maplewood
Sprok: One quick final question, can you guys send Maplewood to Drunder?
Krowbar: PLEASE
Maplewood: :)))))
Korvan: was there any kind of over/under on GU103 hitting on Tuesday? might have missed that
Maplewood: they said it needs time to bake
Maplewood: they making weedbrownies witht the new server
Maplewood: YUSSSSSSS
Brommando: dreams do come true
Sprok: Rejoice!
Loquacious: bout time!
Onra: You have to actually do it.
Korvan: so a safe bet we’re looking at the 9th then, not the 2nd
Zlith: didnt see that Korvan, thinking we will have to wait til Monday to see if downtime announced
Korvan: They just announced it.. yeah, the 9th
Zlith: ahh yeah didnt see that
Onra: Where is it announced Korvan?
Maplewood: where?
Korvan: https://www.everquest2.com/news/gu-103-may-9-2017-bonus-experience
Onra: EverQuest 2 Forums – Error
Onra: Your IP address has been banned. Feels bad man
Korvan: their community news page
Dreadedknight: i mised Maplewood’s Q&A. Did he say anything about delaying unlocking the SF xpac or that it will be unlcoked on the day that the GU103 update is put in?
Maplewood: same time
Maplewood: may 9th
Dreadedknight: 🙁
Zlith: SF will release with GU103 – currently scheduled for Tuesday May 9th
Maddogg: now casting ye druid ports in Crusaders of Chaos home #1 slot 1 on Hall of fame, thank ye
Dreadedknight: I was hoping SF would be unlcoked sooner. Already have a lvl 80 maxed out for adventure and crafting XP and AA pllus another maxed for crafting. Need common harvest materials from SF to upgrade my lvl 80 necro’s lvl 80 spells
Dreadedknight: plus make better gear
Zlith: Ive been level 80 since October 12th and Max AA since 3/12.. thats what alts are for 🙂 Or helping guildies
Krowbar: LOL Brem is correct
Krowbar: Cheers BREM

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    New to this. I’m an “illy” 40. Finding it difficult to solo even in EL with under level attacks as I gather. Back in Goblin Pass and now into Rivervale. My spells seem useless against mobs. Any advice?
    PS, my son got me into this and I’m hooked!


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