EverQuest II Ask Me Anything Chat Logs for April 28th, 2017

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Skyfire – April 28th

Thanks to Lestat for providing these logs!
Caith BROADCASTS: The Ask me Any Old Thing At All (AMAOTAA) is now started, ask your questions in general chat!
Kreechure: Kander, are there any plans to scale or rework the multitude of static buffs that are no longer useful due to stat inflation?
Brokenshieldd: Are we going to get more AAs or Dragon points with the New expac?
Geriknak: So, is EQ2 on the verge of being canceled?
Bishka: Can you make the 300mil status mount 100mil status when you launch the new mounts
Symitar: Hi! Can you point me to current info on Ascention and Tithe? 10 year player but I’m not getting how it works.
Gibme: are ascention levels going to be in next xpac
Aaak: any chance at makeing Sarya Val’Sara sell [eq2u]Crusader’s Medal[/eq2u] instead of [eq2u]Defender’s Medal[/eq2u] ? the defender ones are kinda useless at 100…
Kemmi: In the future can coercr pets persist through zones?
Bishka: seriously .. can you make Mages do as much dps as BL?
Gninja: @Falqu We would have to rework some stuff on the avatars in Precipice of Power in order to remove the 21 player restriction. We dont plan to so that anytime soon. Sorry!
Ygrainne: when will the No-Value tag be removed from these so we can sell them for status? [eq2u]Damaged Stone of Glarsh[/eq2u] Hallann: I think HoT’s need more or something
Phiea: I ask again then…. when will we be able to use our prestige homes fully used as a guildhall?
Kander: There will not be additional AA or Presitge points with the level increase, we may be opening up a lot of the resctrictions though. More to come.
Caith: Gibme – There will be some new Ascension stuff in the expansion, but the current Ascension abilities will remain relevant. Also, new upgraded profession stuff!
Kashue: <Question> Will leveling up spells from 100-110 be treated like the current paywall Ascension spells or will they go back to being able to be acquired reasonably within Solo / Heroic content?
Kabongg: is it possible to change to 8 man groups in the future?
Gninja: @Geriknak Nope not on the verge of being cancelled. Still going strong! 🙂
Zelnora: Kandar R we ever going to be able to equip more then 2 Relics om 1 toon?
Brokenshieldd: Are we ever ever going to see Cross server grouping that you guys have been talking about for the last 2 years?
Alfrid: will the epilogue quest require group content (heroic or raid)?
Clintsat: Any thought to more variety in tradeskill food?
Bishka: Are you going to make a way for non elite players to be able to raid ?
Gabo: when will accolades be available for sub 100lvl Mercs ?
Lecacia: why epic 2.0 have to be relic?
Gninja: @Brokenshieldd Its not as easy to make that happen but the new PvEvP zones are on the battlegrounds server so technically cross server grouping 🙂
Grazda: will tradeskillers ever get recipes for bigger bags/boxes?
Unclebrig: also reading the other ama’s any more details about the removal of aa
Kander: Zelnora, No plans to allow more than 2 relics at this time. 2 Relics, 1 greater Relic
Brigsword: would actaully like to see more crafting stuff available to be made
Inebreeated: @ Devs plz change the raid grouping so that a person with a merc can be moved as a single person between the raid groups? The mercs make PQ raids a real pain to manage now
Unclebrig: also reading the other ama’s any more details about the removal of aa/prestige restrictions
Magicshadow: Question, Why is it, as soon as I lvl 5 on u 4th ascension class, I now only get 1 scroll a daY? tyvm
Caith: Hallann We have some ideas for healers in the near future yes.
Gninja: @Alfrid No the epilogue quest is solo
Lestat: Will there be a bauble or veteran type bonus once a toon is fully ascended to help with the time gate wall of the 4 ascension classes for alt toons?
Brokenshieldd: I see
Hallann: I thinkg 10,000,000 for an ancient spell is like 9,000,000 too much, never seen it, probably never will
Mesana: What other solo content is in the next GU?
Bishka: Am I on @Dev ignore
Himayc: any plans to increase max lvl?
Vahnn: will nebulous newsies be offered again anytime soon ?
Diseasse: @himayc have you even read the notes, answer is yes
Gibme: can you bring back the bazaar server in a tle please
Ghostyy: Is Daybreak looking into the unusual influx of plat on servers? i.e. apparent plat duping?
Lancelot: Greetings, thanx for doing this QA – any plans to take an overall look at Paladins to put them back on public radar? Been a long time since Paladins have been addressed in a serious way in my opinion
Gninja: Whats your question Bishka? Lots of questions being asked tough to keep up
Himayc: no i have not, i am returning player just got on today
Caith: Inebreeated – Not possible to to seperate the merc from the owner unfortunately
Bishka: i guess im on @Dev ignore
Bendark: Are planar frags ever gonna be useful after youre done with your epic spell upgrades?
Bishka: I want to know if we can expect to have Mages do as much DPS as BL
Pharesmus: there has been less quests in the last 2 expansions together than in any newbee zones , will we see quests again in expansions to come ?
Unclebrig: non eleite players can raid T1 resolve is like 175 iirc
Hanzori: you should qualify mages by the type you are asking about, specifically…sorcerors
Inebreeated: @Caith not what i’m asking, asking to combine the two so they can be moved between groups, currently cannot if player has merc up
Airial: What Bendark said…
Brokenshieldd: With the new xpac will be getting new tinker or adorning recipes with it?
Phiea: are we ever gonna get our little villages back??
Kander: Bendark, possibly
Caith: Bendark – We do not have any plans to expand the use of the planer fragments
Gninja: @Bishka there are all different difficulty raids. The entry level raids are not that difficult. If you are having difficulties feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about it
Faeonara: Are we getting new signature quests for trades as well as adventure in the near future
Inebreeated: also ty
Kander: Phiea , No
Caith: Inebreeated – Ahh, gotcha. Will look into it.
Goezer: Oh lord.. someone did something wrong if we got Kander, Gninja and Caith here.. Lord help us.
Hallann: Can we all have our spells changed to wards, its the only thing holding me back !
Crutoc: JW1 PQ is up
Bishka: i never have done a KA raid cause its too hard for normal players
Gabo: Gninja or whoever… Is there any plans to add accolades to sub 100lvl mercxx ?????
Brokenshieldd: Are you guys going to be putting more PQs in the game in the near future?
Gninja: @Bishka shoot me a PM with details and we can look at the difficulty of entry level raids
Phiea: kander, no to which questione?
Gninja: @Brokenshieldd Yes we will be putting more PQs as time goes on
Ygrainne: when will the No-Value tage be removed so we can sell this for status like it says we can, but cannot because it is No-Value?[eq2u]Damaged Stone of Glarsh[/eq2u] Aarsath: will [eq2u]Illegible Scroll Page: Stone Hammer (Adept)[/eq2u] ever be heirloom
Kander: Gabo, Yeah, we’ll add some to all level rangers, for accolages
Skulls: does doublecast and ability doublecast stack so if i have 97% doublecast and 3% ability doeblecast are my spells gonna 100% doublecast??
Brokenshieldd: sweet ty
Airial: @caith, to go along with Inebreated, kinda like whe you have a merc and invited to a gfroup and your merc gets kicked, make it so the mer gets kicked when moving between raid grps?
Bendark: How are the Co-petition levels being judged? time to completion? that sounds wrong lol
Kander: Gabo, Yeah, we’ll add some to all level ranges, for accolages
Maeladjusted: After more than a decade of finding a mostly enjoyable place to escape RL, I just hope it will continue being available. Class rebalancing, New this, new that aside. Love the game for what it is.
Brokenshieldd: ty
Faeonara: Wild question but can we have someone make it possible to search by Home address on Leaderboards please Pretty please 🙂
Mystieyes: can we get casting skills on [eq2u]Mantle of the Grandmaster Alchemist[/eq2u] the crafting cloaks
Gabo: thanks Kander for the respons !
Kabongg: /in order to make raids more challenging in the future will we see new stratigies or strats being randomized on the named mobs?
Zelnora: When do u plan on starting the summer ethers and how many slots will they be for
Kander: We’ll add some lower level accolades to the crafted stuff this year. Making a note
Gninja: Bendark – Yes timed
Caith: Ygrainne That was done to close an exploit, so it is unlikely to be reverted any time in the near future.
Poldira: pls make furies less gimp
Kreechure: @Devs, are there any plans to scale or rework the multitude of static buffs that are no longer useful due to stat inflation?
Maath: Rumor has it the new teir of spells will be leveled the same as way as Ascension spells,true or false.
Operon: < Question > So since the Nexus is supposely destroyed are there an plans in the works too get the planes of power put into the game now that Lucan is reformed an whole once again ?
Visper: will Trump get impeached?
Aarsath: why are there no tanks stats on crafting cloaks, acension rings and tombs
Falqu: Can you look into fixing the Guardin spell sentry watch? It never triggers and saves people in the group from dieing
Gninja: Kabongg – We don’t typically make randomized strats on boss mobs.
Caith: Bendark – The first couple you will see are all based on time to completion, but there is a lot of variety for some of the ones in the works for the future.
Mallyus: Are you ever going to do anything with New Tunaria? It’s a pretty zone but virtually no quests other than Heritage Quests.
Kabongg: if there is going to be a rebalancing classes will we be getting resets on diety points ect.?
Aypoc: yes @Devs will the new spells levels be leveled like ascensions having to learn them on order or will it be kept as it is currently?
Scabz: are you planning on expanding merc slots for more gear, and giving them the ability yo equip[ and benefit from the newest purple set bonus”s
Clintsat: @devs, will we be seeing more class-specific loot in the future?
Anunnaki: any double scroll events planned in the near future?
Aaak: any chance at makeing Sarya Val’Sara sell [eq2u]Crusader’s Medal[/eq2u] instead of [eq2u]Defender’s Medal[/eq2u] ? so we can buy wantia adorn recipes
Caith: Falque – I’ll take a look at Sentry Watch, nothing was changed on it that I am aware of in the last several years that should have broken it.
Kabongg: gninja it is just an idea 🙂
Gninja: Always appreciate ideas 🙂
Diseasse: @@Devs…..Why is Luclin whole again? Age End has Ended hasn’t it?
Falqu: @Caith ty, it hasen’t been working for a few years lol
Kabongg: how about booby trapped shinys then ?
Staniforth: aask’s question pls
Eldoth: only question needing asked is , if i complete the sig line will it open everything axcension etc on toons on other servers
Aenoruk: Q – How will the account wide tithe system will be implemented?
Staniforth: aask’s question pls /2 aaak’s
Zelnora: when will the swamp finally be drained. Looks the same to me 🙂
Kander: For those asking about spells for 101-110 , they will be very similar to past level inceased, spell drops, etc.
Lestat: Will there be a bauble or veteran type bonus once a toon is fully ascended to help with the time gate wall of the 4 ascension classes for alt toons?
Gninja: Eldoth – no
Mesana: [eq2u]Bloody Tooth Bonecaster’s Robe[/eq2u] can all of the KA MC armor be fixed to have the correct crit bonus?
Caith: Scabz – Mercenary equipment will be expanded on in the expansion.
Crutoc: JW1 PQ is up
Kander: Lestat, no, but we will be adding more and more ways to get scrolls.
Unclebrig: more ways just upp the rate and ways as well Kthanx
Kabongg: will we be seeing a new armor tier soon?
Eldoth: well that sucks, is it possible?
Caith: Eldoth – There are no account wide unlocks unless you transfer a character with the alt baubles.
Gninja: Eldoth – Not currently
Clintsat: will we be seeing more X2 raids in the future?
Eldoth: ok ty
Airial: The time lock was 2 years for the Epic 2.0 to be BiS, is thet really viable for lvl 110???
Aarsath: why is there no contested zones in this xpac
Sacapuntas: Is there a Reason spells such as Mark of Divinity, Natural Boon and other such Procs only proc off melee hits and Not Wands?
Gninja: Clintsat – Not anytime soon. X2 zones are very underused traditionally
Meeaks: a x3 raid for 3 groups would be nice
Kander: Eldoth, we are going to be removing the requirement for doing the KA signature lines to do ascension levels, so you’ll be able to just start them on alts. Soon TM.
Caith: Airial – Yes. See [redacted upcoming feature] for details.
Kreechure: Kander, are there any plans to scale or rework the multitude of static buffs that are no longer useful due to stat inflation?
Kander: Airial, Yes. It is.
Diseasse: What happens to Summoner Pets once the Level cap goes to 110? Are they going to become useless as they did with Epic 1.0 Pets?
Eldoth: also might not be much to think about but can we get INT added to this lol [eq2u]Twark Carved Idol[/eq2u] Gninja: Diseasse – Youll have to be more specific. Send us a PM about it
Kander: Kreechure, we will be re-working things as we work on class balance over time.
Aypoc: yes great questions about summoner pets
Maeladjusted: RE: Rework of useless static buffs: Big Smiley face 🙂
Kreechure: thank you
Eldoth: and alll the other mage secondarys
Caith: Sacapuntas – Sometimes due to a balance decision, others were made that way because wands did not exist when they were made.
Eldoth: [eq2u]Twark Tome of Secrets[/eq2u] Telemetry: are you all in a office together and if so do you have punch and pie?
Skulls: does doublecast and ability doublecast stack so if i have 97% doublecast and 3% ability doeblecast are my spells gonna 100% doublecast??
Gabo: pie is good
Balehzam: @devs can you talk a little more about class balance?
Kander: Telemetry, yes
Kabongg: EQVOICE seems to be having multiple issues here more so as of late , is there anything that can be done to make it run better ???????
Sacapuntas: Could you please look at adjusting them to use Wands? If it fits into balance/
Nastiekobii: Could you make improvements to the macro system with more script options?
Sacapuntas: ?
Gninja: Balehzam – Do you have 3 weeks to talk? :p
Khaldain: Did yall beefup the agnostics sence the servers went down yesterday?
Balehzam: I have been playing for 12 years.. 🙂
Kander: Balezam, the plan is to work on it through out this year, lots of focus on it. If you want specifics, than join the beta this year and contribute to the discussions.
Zokia: will Rangers ever be on the dps charts again ?
Unclebrig: actually can you just remove that and the waste of resouces eqemote
Kahu: @ Devs how much money do you make a year?
Kashue: Kander were you a Roadie for a Heavy Metal band in the 80’s ?
Wizzam: Thanks so much to Aneylee and friends for an amazing HHE17 home! Published under massive homes, please be sure to stop by and visit Cake In The Tank and see why I am in love with everything they’ve done in here. Amazing!!!! Thank you 🙂
Icaras: Currently there are several stats relating to autoattack which aren’t worth much because autoattack doesn’t do much. Are there any plans to remove them, consolodate them or make any other changes to them?
Balehzam: :0
Blazinn: Q: are temp buffs like ruthless cunning and deceit ever going to get updated to be useful, ie increase pot, ab mod, etc to be in line with current stat needs as the bonuses they add now are useless
Inebreeated: @ Devs – could we get a new ability where when used before harvesting a shiny it will always roll a shiiny for that location that the character does not have? maybe with a long reuse?
Goezer: @Caith/Kander Are we going to see balance with healers being that some have more useful wards/heals/abilities than others before X-pac 14 or is it going to be redone around then with all the balance going in?
Caith: Diseasse – Summoned pets are controlled via the spells level, epic pets will scale with the level of the caster.
Diseasse: @Gninja ok I will ask it this way, is my Current Epic 2.0 Summoner pet going to be capped at level 100 or will it increase to 110?
Helspawn: will the summer ethereal event have currency drops like last years did?
Pharesmus: please make [eq2u]Roadyle’s Scribing Scroll[/eq2u] and similar useable from inventory
Azzuratum: hold up is it question answer time
Gninja: @Kahu – 5 dollah
Kander: We did not touch Agnostics.
Kahu: lies
Ognot: can someone please make every mob in the zone aggro on me?
Meshala: Skulls has a very good question that I would like to know the answer to as well.
Airial: *cough rangers are on the DPS charts*
Kardinalzzz: yes! Pharesmus has a good point with tradeskill escape items
Zokia: the bottom 🙁
Kabongg: so is there something that can be done to imporve eq2 voice ??????
Brokenshieldd: leave the Rangers alone nerf the Bl lol
Airial: Skulls Question ^^
Zokia: ^
Mesana: can pets share accuracy as well as strikethrough?
Kahu: @ Devs did you prefer to work for SOE or DB?
Mystieyes: Do you think you could organize a Round Table, on something like Discord to get player imput on important class balance Issues? They did it for EQ1 a few years back Prior to the Shadows of Luclin Xpac and it worked great.
Eldoth: heals in agnostics dont scale too well tbh, agnosticsd are a great idea but only being used to PL, they need better rewards for people to use them properly
Phiea: kander are you all going to put the housing portals in all cities? it is pain having to go to a lot of trouble ti get around that .
Skulls: does doublecast and ability doublecast stack so if i have 97% doublecast and 3% ability doeblecast are my spells gonna 100% doublecast??
Zokia: what Brokenshield said
Mylani: isn’t this what reddit is for?
Caith: Helspawn – They will have a combination of how they are attained, similar to last year.
Kerstyn: @devs would it be possible to move the geomancy trainer so that peeps without Nye’caelonia faction don’t keep getting booted from zone?
Kabongg: yeas what broke said
Perdishun: how about questing to upgrade the manastone from way back
Azzuratum: @ anyone how is the diety potency going to be affected
Bendark: How do you start the new upcoming HQ?
Slackubu: PQ up in OB2
Lestat: Will we be getting Reforgers for the guild halls “soon”?
Makigh: let’s all mob him at once
Eldoth: @perdisun , who runs out of mana now?
Caith: Skulls – Yes spell doublecast and ability doublecast stack, so you can get a triple cast if you have both.
Kander: Perishun, we are working on upgrading all previous Heritage quest rewards this year.
Gninja: Perdishun – Yes, the new TLE server will give you a way to do just that!
Perdishun: there are still mana drainers…
Eldoth: take a chanter
Rincewynde: trolls
Lilys: @Devs I was hoping you could let your art department know that it would be amazing if they could have someone finish the Heritage Armor Crates so that all classes are represented there. Woodleves feel unloved
Brokenshieldd: When will the new tlc start?
Skulls: thats not the question i asked
Neale: will the epilogue quest require group content?
Blazinn: Q: are temp buffs like ruthless cunning and deceit ever going to get updated to be useful, ie increase pot, ab mod, etc to be in line with current stat needs as the bonuses they add now are useless?
Kabongg: is daybreak have plans for improving the subscribing members benifits/swag anytime in the future?
Caith: Lilys – Wood elves only use fig leaves.
Airial: stop it, you know you are <3’d 😛
Kander: Lilys, we do what we have time for, the current focus is to make sure we have new armor and weapons for the upcoming expansions.
Lilys: lol okay sounds good. I love you guys 🙂
Anunnaki: the doublecast answer was worded oddly. if you can get a triple cast that sounds like it means they are separate pools.
Aaak: @ devs any chance at makeing Sarya Val’Sara sell [eq2u]Crusader’s Medal[/eq2u] instead of [eq2u]Defender’s Medal[/eq2u] ? so we can buy wantia adorn recipes
Azzuratum: @devs can you give my guild the final push to level 80 lol
Airial: can’t you put any armor in Wardrobe anyway?
Amathyest: Question : could Illusionists plz get all the races to illusion to ?
Caith: Blazinn – While it is too early in the process for specific class adjustments for the expansion, many current profession abilities will be upgraded.
Inebreeated: @Devs – could we get more items like this to burn off the extra L&L items we have overflowing our guild L&L box? [eq2u]Pulsating Dark Crystal[/eq2u] Kyrick: need tank for heroic instances pst lvl 100
Mallyus: Will the archtype-specific instances such as Isle of Vul in epic 2.0 be scaled up in the new expansion so that they will still be very difficult for casual players?
Caith: Anunnaki – They are seperate pools.
Blazinn: thank you as the brig temp buffs have been outdated for a couple years now
Grazda: How about adding status to the upcoming xp/scroll bonus? Pretty please?
Kaanji: evening Skyfire, Devs
Falqu: Can you look into making the achievement system mean something? Currently each achievement has a point value assigned to it, but accumulating points doesn’t really mean anything. It would be nice to have a reason to try get points
Kahu: @ Devs where are we going to have a Peat Bog raid zone?
Anunnaki: okay then 97 spell DC + 3 % ab DC =/= 100% DC
Kahu: when
Lestat: Will we be getting Reforgers for the guild halls “soon”?
Caith: Kahu – Peat bog is a raid zone. It has a big ugly slime.
Kander: Falqu, we would love to. We’ve discussed uses for Achievement points. We don’t have a specific plan though.
Pharesmus: would it be possible to add channel for PQs so the general is not permanently polluted , and / or have real moderators to drive away the constant trolling ?
The epic guild <The Factionless> has attained level 80
Magicshadow: Congrats. Keep up the good work !!
Gninja: @Falqu we’ve thought about that many times but the points would have to reviewed which means currently players points would need to change and we dont have an easy/safe way to do that currently.
Brokenshieldd: grats
Azzuratum: did that really work @devs
Toadilly: Is there any intention to bring the new fervor based Epic 2.0 abilities online with the orange adornment? For example the illi 25 fervor buff with 8% uptime isnt much compared to 150 fervor with 40 % uptime.
Phiea: grats
Poldira: @devs all I really want is for furies to be appreciated again
Aarsath: @devs will illegible scrolls ever be made heirloom
Gninja: Pharesmus – Use LFG channel maybe? I know general gets a lot of traffic.
Azzuratum: thank you all
Eldoth: blazinn youhave a point, a few of my toons have useless temp buffs now like swash with a 20 dps or ma temp buff, but i bet itd meana huge overhaul
Bishka: i there any plan to overhaul the inventory system? this archaic system is useless if you are a loot whore like me
Caith: Anunnaki – No. They are seperate checks, seperate stats. If you have 100% SDC, and 100% ADC, you will get three hits.
Dish: i think they should make all contested zones pvp 8)
Rincewynde: true he is a loot whore
Mystieyes: Would you look into organizing a Round Table, on Discord to get player input on important class balance Issues?
Maath: So,97 spell double cast + 3 Ability double cast = 100 spell Double cast?
Bendark: What other items besides the epic and ethereal rune have abil double cast?
Telemetry: maybe more bank slots?
Mystieyes: Maybe by invite only?
Kander: Biska, no there is no plan to overhaul inventory system, we already have more inventory than any other MMO to date.
Aarsath: @Devs will tank stats ever be added to acension lvl 10 rings, crafting cloaks ect
Gninja: Mystieyes – We would rather do the AMA style chats and the like in places where more players are available.
Theodora: @ Devs Can you please make Guild Hall Hirelings so they can be customized like the House Actors please?
Unclebrig: ok then isnt double up surpost to give ability double cast then or was that changed again
Bishka: i dont mean the items in the bag. just a way to organize them without spending 2 hours looking at junk
Aenoruk: Any chance of getting a Sort button for banks?
Zhaw: OF1 PQ up in 1 minute
Hypernia: any plan to increase the size of containers and bags made by crafters as the levels increase?
Amathyest: @devs retyping cause not sure they know i was askin them my Question : could Illusionists plz get all the races to illusion to ?
Jamiss: @Telemetry: We will not be adding bank slots
Apocryph: no math, they’re not combined to form a full 100% dc. they’re two separate rolls, so if you ahve 97% dc and 3 adc, you’ll first roll 97% dc, followed by another roll of 3% adc
Zelnora: and 100 spell doublecas and 100% Ability double cast would =triple spell cast
Kander: Theodora, we have plans for that. It is a ton of work to change.
Aaak: @ devs any chance at makeing Sarya Val’Sara sell [eq2u]Crusader’s Medal[/eq2u] instead of [eq2u]Defender’s Medal[/eq2u] ? so we can buy wantia adorn recipes and stuff
Bishka: a query system with sort filters for bags
Kashue: <Question> When will with “No Value” tag be removed from Green Adorns? [eq2u]Damaged Stone of Qlark[/eq2u] Meshala: is there a way at this moment to get more adc than the 3%
Gninja: Amathyest – We can look at it but it wouldnt be a top priority currently sorry
Inebreeated: @ Devs – Please make trophies able to be placed in character homes and not just guild halls
Theodora: Ok thank you
Maeladjusted: regarding Spell and Ability Double-Cast: Just simplify it to be be outright Doublecast!
Amathyest: ty Gninja =)
Kander: Aaak – We will be adding conversion to Sarya for those medals soon. Yes.
Aaak: cool , thanks
Kerstyn: @devs would one of you please define “profession abilities”?
Gninja: Inebreeated – We can look at it, sure.
Eldoth: lol yeah spell reuse and resue while youre at it
Sacapuntas: I hope they don’t @Mael
Bendark: Do you guys aim to test class rebalancing before next expac beta?
Lousia: ty for that
Caith: Hypernia – Inventory, including bags and house vault and bank and shared bank all contribute to lag in a fairly significant way. So it is not likely to see a large inventory space increase, no.
Anunnaki: id gladly take spell reuse AND ability reuse if they both reduced my spells independently
Inebreeated: ty Gninja!
Aenoruk: Will New Itemization be coming with Class Balances next expansion?
Caith: Kerstyn – Abilities you gain from leveling up your adventure class.
Artemiz: @kander – when planning on the guidl hirelings for customization like actors, can that include pathing like we have in dungeon maker?
Kander: Bendrak, yes, during expansion beta.
Bishka: its the inability to filter or sort or query from bags .. not talking about the magnafying glass
Pharesmus: what about a button in Broker serch to exclude shinies / recipes / spells you already have (similar to the ones on depots
Theodora: And, Please make the Frostfell Trees so the Lights STAY ON when y ou turn them on
Mallyus: Will the archtype-specific instances such as Isle of Vul in epic 2.0 be scaled up in the new expansion so that they will still be very difficult for casual players?
Kander: Lots of new itemization with expansion, yes
Caith: Aenoruk – We will consider putting in new items in the expansion yes, but it is still under discussion.
Helspawn: currently mercs dont benefit from purple war rune bonuses such as [eq2u]Firmament of Fire[/eq2u] , is there any plans to fix that?
Mystieyes: Recently Retribution of the Fallen was readjusted to only work for Profession spells. Could you look at adding maybe a 20% increase for Non profession spells?
Lilys: we miss dragons!
Gninja: Mallyrus – We have no plans to increase difficulty on any of those zones.
Bishka: we miss world events @Lilys
Pleasedie: i miss some x2 ans x3 raid zones
Meshala: how do we get more adc?
Jamiss: @Pharesmus: Adding exclusions on the broker isn’t possible due to limitations on how the data is stored and held. We can’t limit the results in the way you’re asking at this time.
Caith: Helspawn – Mercenaries will never be able to benefit from effects on items, adornment or otherwise.
Rowenaxo: Why can’t we equip more than 2 Mythical Relic’s?
Theodora: I think all you Developers are doing a great job so far!! Keep up the good work!
Makigh: I agree with Theodora.
Aliviana: Can “relic” just go away? lol
Gninja: ty Theodora 🙂
Helaena: Is there going to be fabled kunark content sometime this xpac? since we are in “kunark ascending”
Mystieyes: aye I agree with Theodora! I would add I might not agree with every change I still respect the very hard work you do.
Theodora: Youre very welcome 🙂
Goezer: Gninja dont’ work tho
Lilys: @Gninja i love you more though!
Maeladjusted: Theodora: Two thumbs up!
Lancelot: @Devs – do you guys realise there is an item on broker since last year with no name that looks like a chest plate. it can’t be bought, sold or removed from broker and so far so many people stuck with it that has taken 19 pages?
Brokenshieldd: you know if you guys sold extra bank slots and shared bank slots on the market place you would make a lot of money =)
Mesana: is it intended that merc damage abilities are not affected by the merc’s potency, crit bonus, or ability mod?
Kander: Helaena No, no plans for any fabled content this year. We are already starting expansion 14.
Aenoruk: +1 for More Storage Slots, fwiw
Dish: yea seen lots of improvements since you guys …now next big thing i would think is a complete revamp of the aa system plz
Ognot: lancelot, that is an item that was removed from game
Eldoth: also loggin out, and would like to thank ya for the hard work you guys put in, and congratualte you on a game that still holds my attention after all these years
Helaena: Okay thanks Kander ^.^
Maath: Any ideas when the bonus scrolls xp are going in?
Caith: Lancelot – That happens when an item is removed from the DB but the marketplace did not handle it gracefully. PM me the name of the seller and we can remove it.
Meshala: @ devs why is the jewelry from the epic mage line has no dc on it. And how do we get adc
Helaena: Excited to see what comes in xpac, sounds great 🙂
Theodora: and Just so you know, I just celebrated my 12th year as an EQ2 member!
Mystieyes: @Dish don’t forget to have them Fix Wizards =-d
Lancelot: ty for answer , yes but still showing on our broker
Dish: lol
Arivelantando: yes fix the wizzies
Aenoruk: Q – Roughly when will the content for E14 be revealed – locations, name, etc
Hanzori: from your tome of the ascended, get to grinding 🙂
Gninja: Congrats Theodora!
Bendark: Are there going to be any equipment upgrades avail (without fabled dungeons) to help guilds with progression?
Bishka: pretty please @Mystieyes
Bishka: pretty please @Dish
Kander: Aenoruk , as we get closer to beta, as usual.
Theodora: Thank you!
Kashue: Can you make lvl 100-109 food / drink rares a little more attainable? i know they are rare, but it seems like they are ULTRA rare instead.
Maeladjusted: There is one thing that’s been bothering me as I work my 30+ alts up: Why is it that the 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall Quest is non-deleteable?
Kahu: @ Devs what is being done to make Troubs into T1 dps monsters?
Theodora: and Im 65 years old, LOL!
Gninja: @Bendark – There are always ways to upgrade your character
Caith: Mesana – Merc damage is absolutely modified by the mercenaries stats. There may be some legacy abilities that do not use them, and if that is the case let us know what merc you see it on and we can check it out.
Unclebrig: any chance on combat mit/resolve going away since it been an issue since you broiugh them into teh game
Kander: Kahu – Nothing
Munro: with the coming orange rune is there a possibly that tanks could pick between the one posted on the forums and one version with 35% dr effect on the proc like the fighter purple fervor rune?
Lancelot: @Devs – any plans to take an overall look at Paladins to put them back on public radar? Been a long time since Paladins have been addressed in a serious way
Caith: Unclebrig – No
Kahu: bah
Darwiin: @Developers ….Will Conj Epic Pets be stuck at level 100 once Level Cap is raised to 110?
Mystieyes: I’d Love to see left side made Viable for Wizy by adjusting ascension to Fire dmg instead of Cold
Goezer: Only yours Darwiin =0)~
Mystieyes: and have Incin work off that
Faeonara: Its a great game Has been since it first came out and it better be here a long time or i am gonna be mad !
Inebreeated: @ devs Any chance to do a DPS check during public PQs and eject players with a massive kick to outskirts of the zone for those who are not doing any attacking or only autoattacking for more than 5 minutes?
Gninja: Darwiin – thats already been answered
Lestat: @Devs – Why do the Provisioner recipes from Twark faction use rares from the last xpac when all other recipes from Twark requiring rares use the Shadeweave rares?
Scabz: Is there any chance to increase the drop rate of illegible scrolls . A rate that would allow the broker prices to maybe drop some?
Toadilly: Is there any intention to bring the new fervor based Epic 2.0 abilities online with the orange adornment? For example the illi 25 fervor buff with 8% uptime isnt much compared to 150 fervor with 40 % uptime.
Kyrick: any tanks wanna do ka heroic instances pst
Kander: We’re not discussing class specific balance here, with 26 classes, that would just be rediculous.
Darwiin: Can someone tell me what the answer was?
Darwiin: even if not a Dev
Kreechure: @Devs. So you want to go back to intended dps tiers, where are these classes intended to be? Not asking for an itemized list, just a general pred=x, summoner=x, yadda yadda.
Darwiin: I just got online
Gninja: Darwiin Feldon will likely have the logs posted on EQ2Wire
Helaena: Will the new orange adorn cancel out the ethereal rune or just suspend it?
Esmond: feldon will he did last time
Maath: Are there plans to nerf the pojays out of Toad;s Illy cloak?
Kander: Kreechure – We already posted out intentions in the Kander’s Candor.
Mystieyes: lol
Maath: The other ones are fine.
Mallyus: Will the archtype-specific instances such as Isle of Vul in epic 2.0 be scaled up in the new expansion so that they will still be very difficult for casual players? Sorry to ask again.
Lancelot: @Devs – any plans to enable us group with two or more Mercs at a time?
Toadilly: All glory be to the illi cloak.
Kahu: @ Devs coke or pepsi
Airial: lol @ maath
Kander: Lancelot – No, no plans to allow multiple mercs for one character. Ever.
Gninja: Kahu – Coffee
Maath: Hell ,why not 5 mercs?
Airial: Frog legs for dinner!
Jamiss: @Kahu – Water or tea
Falqu: Is there a way to promote PUG style raids so that all my friends can join and not worry about messing up lockouts? Raid lockouts currently prevent community interaction by preventing people from helping and having fun.
Bishka: Baccon Wrapped Deep Fried Icecream
Aaak: could we get somw woodworker recipes for a group version of [eq2u]Totem of Escape[/eq2u] ?
Toadilly: @devs how do you feel about froglok rights and how do you plan to expand them over the next year? 😛
Pleasedie: froglok right, stop when French Canadian jumped in.
Yavie: @devs Will you be giving those of us that don’t raid any love in the next expansion?
Magicshadow: add more butter & garlic for tastier frog legs ;p
Bishka: yumy frog legs. yum yum.. can we get back into the city of the Froglocks any time soon? Not without a world event
Gninja: Falqu – Sure we can do raids without lockouts but they will not have rewards 🙂
Toadilly: I live in constant fear that humanoids will eat my legs at any moment.
Arivelantando: @devs why did you take the noble aeryakyn and not let there be a quest to fly for ius
Caith: Pleasedie – Froglocks have the right to be turned into frogs legs.
Airial: nom nom nom
Toadilly: O_O
Bishka: can you make a Froglock city accessable again please
Tuti: come on guys stop the crap..let the Devs answer us please
Lancelot: @Devs – I know you guys said no plan to add more hotbars, but for those of us not using third party software, we really running out of room on Hotbars..
Darwiin: @Dev any plans to allow /testcopy to work so people can actually Test stuff for you? (even if wipe once a month)
Telemetry: can you allow us to have more aa on a severe diminishing returns so we can max out all our aa trees at least?
Kander: Yavie – We already work hard to make sure that there are excellent items in all play styles, and not just all the best of the best in Raids. We will be continueing this philosophy going forward with expansion14 and on.
Inebreeated: @ Devs could portals be added near the current public PQs like they were for DoV to easily change from say KP1 to KP2? sometimes its impossible to change zones.
Kyrick: need tank for heroic instances pst
Pleasedie: Toadilly…i got the rights to eat your legs…..hmmmm
Hanzori: everytime I do shrouded temple on my froglok my ghost ends up in the pond and I think thats profiling
Yavie: Thank you Kander
Maath: Will we get ahkeva as a playble race with the upcoming Luclin xpac?
Apocryph: he wasn’t not reeeeeadyyyyyy
Kahu: @ Tuti… no
Lilys: there is a great balance for raiders and non-raiders. Thanks for thinking of everyone 🙂
Caith: Lancelot – The answer to that is to allow players to consolidate more, not add more. Stay tuned fo rexpansion.
Takoub: @Devs KJ needs a giant monkey PQ added to it aka Kong
Yavie: Are we ever going back to Luclin?
Aarsath: will a faster way to travel ever be added to KA, in zone that is
Apsu: lol
Nyemi: Devs any chance of getting an upgrade to the training dummies ?
Brokenshieldd: i hope
Bishka: Aarsath i thought Sundered Fronteer was Lucan
Lancelot: @Devs – still didn’t get an answer on this – any plans to take a look at Paladins ? been a long time since anything was done for them
Azazzim: aarasth fast enough world bell jarsath evac toitem to obulus tunnel
Airial: I find that super cool, Froffy in the pond!
Kander: Aarsath, we just added a wizard portal. What else do you want?
Apocryph: actually nyemi has a good question. is there a chance we’re gonna get dummies with customizable stats?
Aarsath: i use totem and evac atm
Airial: Froggy*
Sacapuntas: They said they arn’t answering any specific class related balance questions
Kyrick: need tank for heroic instances in KA pst
Faeonara: I need Pygmy Actors or plushies please …wish list 🙂
Hanzori: 🙂
Aarsath: birds, perhaps
Kerstyn: will there be any type of vet rewards for those of us beyond the 12 & 13 year mark?
Jamiss: @Lancelot: It was already stated that specific class balance wouldn’t be discussed during this forum
Lancelot: tyty 🙂 and thank you for doing this QA 🙂
Caith: Nyemi – Upgraded training dummies are in the works, just got shelved for right now until other items get finished.
Kander: We’re going to be changing the way we do PQs with the expansion this year, so that they will be more intuitive and also better experiences for those who chose to participate.
Bishka: let me back in the froglock city and gimme some new quests to go along with it. im hungry for some frogs
Airial: Yes Yes, better epic training dummies please…named Gixx 😀
Gninja: Kerstyn – Not likely, the old system was giving rewards based on time of creation not actual time played so that was kinda weird and its not easy to change over. Sorry!
Mystieyes: Yea I’d love to see Encounter epic dummies that can’t die
Mallyus: Will the archtype-specific instances such as Isle of Vul in epic 2.0 be scaled up in the new expansion so that they will still be very difficult for casual players? Sorry to ask again.
Pharesmus: will three be a way to send devs real suggestions other than this parody ?
Kelci: Can we get a Reforger hireling in the guild hall please?
Caith: Mallyus – See previous answer.
Bishka: I second that notions Phar
Gninja: @mallyus – already answered twice now 🙂
Darwiin: @Dev any plans to allow /testcopy so we don’t have things like yesterday happen? (you can wipe them after tests)
Mallyus: oops…sorry
Azazzim: i actually have a question , re ascension scrolls , any plan to increase them as if you’re trying to focus on, one toon with there being no way to increase allowed exp its very limiting
Eztethia: I love the PQs, have done them many times just as they are
Kander: Kelci – No plans to put reforging NPCs in Guild halls any time soon.
Airial: @Phar its called Discord…
Gninja: @Darwiin – testcopy server is now the beta server so technically testcopy no longer exists. You can copy to the beta server once beta begins if you have access.
Caith: Azazzim – We have lots of plans, more details in the future as they get closer.
Bratoots: how does one get beta acess to the new xpac?
Operon: So being as we are doing this Q&A. Why is it that you Dev’s are not using the Twitch TV channel anymore too relay new info I have not seen anything on that for many months
Telemetry: since the servers were down yesterday it was mentioned that you would be doing extra ascension or 3x xp whats the plan?
Gninja: Pharesmus – Feel free to send us a PM on the forums anytime
Darwiin: You guys said that yesterday happen because you didn’t see the load problem on Test…that because nobody runs tests.
Azazzim: cheers cos i’m finding it hard to raise a specific toon with basically the allowance of one solo a day
Phiea: Is there any way you guys can let us use prestige homes as guild halls… I am talking amenities and everything….
Brokenshieldd: caith your a tease
Helaena: Is ascension still going to be relevant in the future?
Apocryph: speaking of reforging, any chance to to change some dimishing returns for certain stats like flurry for example. i have almost 40% flurry overcap on my tank and it’s imposible to get rid of it
Ryen: will the epilogue quest require groups?
Kander: Operon, we have a stream planned soon. I cannot tell you what format we will be using.
Unclebrig: @ryen already answered 100% solo
Kerstyn: @ devs would it ever be possible to add “observer” slots to a raid (that wouldn’t be able to affect any content or mechanic) thereby allowing raiders on deck to be present and connected with their raid force?
Ryen: thanks
Bratoots: chaturbate confirmed
Operon: ok
Caith: Telemetry – Details will be announced via the official channels when they are avaliable.
Blob: anyone elses colors all screwed up
Lestat: Would be nice to be able to convert a prestige home to a guild hall.
Gninja: Kerstyn – Not with the current tech, no. No plans to either.
Poldira: +10 Lestat
Lestat: Decorators would rejoice on that one I think.
Caith: Phiea – No personal houses as guild halls, sorry.
Jamiss BROADCASTS: 15 minutes left on Developer AMA in General chat
Vahnn: will neblous newsies be offered anytime soon ?
Caith: Brokenshieldd – Truth.
Yavie: very interesting so far…thank you for showing up and talking to us.
Lilys: Quick thank you for all you do Devs 🙂 p.s. Loved the Beast’r Eggs <3
Kander: Vahnn, that is up to the guide program. Go to the forums and request it.
Kemmi: could you change this so it doesnt need to be equiped to use clicky? [eq2u]Asharae’s Artificing Tongs[/eq2u]  
Brokenshieldd: =)
Rizzeau: huh?
Mooncast: @Operon — We’ve actually found that we reach more players through Facebook Live than we did through Twitch
Inebreeated: Agree with Lilys, nice work on them eggs
Phiea: why????? I think it makes perfect sense… well at least to small guilds like mine..
Maeladjusted: Raid observer would be an awesome thing. No risk to raid of the observer while learning. Kind-of a Raid Apprentice slot.
Vahnn: ty kander
Ghostyy: Didn’t see any answer earlier, but wanted to know if Daybreak plans on taking any action on the unusual influx of Plat on the servers, i.e. plat duping.
Unclebrig: so to clearfiy what ive read on other AMA when the level cap goes to 110 adept and masters will drop liek normal and be scribale on the spot correct
Phiea: since I am the only one in it
Kyrick: need dps and plate/chain heals for heroic instanced pst
Kander: Unclebrig, that is the plan
Blob: jam one of my crafters all her spells are missing from lv 20 to 80 hut they are there when i go look in the recipies under edit
Inebreeated: @ Devs – with the killer bunnies ever return?!!!
Kashue: For Reforging, is there any plans to make a box you can type what number you want to reforge to instead of a slider?
Dish: @kander Will pvp ever come back to the game.
Hanzori: @Kander thank you 🙂
Udollen: I have noticed that with several different expacs you have used different scores for chars such as crit mit and now resolve are you planning on sticking with resolve or should we expect another type of gear score in the future
Lilys: is TS going up to 110?
Inebreeated: I mean will
Gibme: any chancve we could get a bazaar style server in a tle version
Maath: Did they leave?
Telemetry: dev PQ where we battle your all you to the last man … thoughts
Caith: Ghostyy – If you have any details on suspected plat dupes, please send them to us.
Gninja: Unclebrig – Yes adepts and masters will drop like normal for the level 101-110 professions spells
Blob: hi
Zelnora: I wanna say thanks tp the devs for this expac. It has been chalenging and far from boting. Great JOb.
Echoseven: Will a way to remove illusions from weapons we have wardrobed (ie: fire ice etc) be added?
Aarsath: @dish, it would be nice if they made a pvp zone with in a pve server, no bg junk, open world
Yavie: Will ts’ers also level up?
Mooncast: Hi Blob :] Gninja: Udollen – We plan to continue using resolve in the future. Entry level resolve should never be overly restrictive though. If you think some zones are send them to us and we can look
Llumina: A big thanks to all the Devs, ty for taking the time to talk with us…AYE?
Airial: was teh question answered about difficulty being raised on Epic content, when the levels increase??
Hanzori: I honestly dont think we need any more gimmick servers to spread the population any thinner on main servers 😛
Waumpbat: Can we get the wardrovbe items to be account wide?
Darwiin: When is Triple XP?
Ritilin: Any plans for tradeskillers to be able to contribute to guild status beyond the level 100?
Inebreeated: @ Devs could spell illusions be made to be cancled seperate from their spells? they stack and sometimes cant get the one i want to show.
Ghostyy: @Caith There is no way the current game supports such amounts of plat available. So I guess that’s a “no” answer.
Clintsat: Is there any thought to updating or changing Heroic Opportunities?
Kahu: @ Devs make grouping great again!
Zelnora: any PQs
Lopii: @ dev: any plan to enhance equipment infusion system so you can transfer infusion stats to a new peice of gear?
Airial: What Hanzori said! ^^
Kander: Airial – We have no plans to increase past content difficulty for epics.
Bratoots: MAGA… make autoattack great again
Udollen: thank you gninja I was hoping that you would stick with resolve we need a standard instead of switching every expac you guys are doing a great job
Gninja: Waumpbat – No we can’t currently do that
Azazzim: kahu the devs arent the problem with grouping , the problem with grouping is too many people just wait for someone else to form it
Kahu: omg………..
Airial: ok, so Epic Myths will be attainable with the level increase for us 😀
Brokenshieldd: can we get 7 man group?
Caith: Ritilin – Tradeskillers can contribute to guild status by doing the daily or weekly missions. We have no plans to make rush orders contribute to guild leveling above level 100.
Gninja: Udollen – We went with resolve over crit mit so it wouldn’t be an all or nothing system. Since if you are under resolve by a little bit you can still participate instead of being one shot.
Trukomid: whats the deal going for next week
Maeladjusted: and rightly so Caith!
Echoseven: @devs can you have some kind of list that shows each classes standing in reguards to Ballanced is. like nerf pending, ok as is, underpowered. i constantly worry that me or a spell/CA will be nerfed
Ognot: what is the most popular movie among developers currently?
Mallyus: Question: Are there any future plans for New Tunaria? It’s a beautiful zone but virtually no quests except for a few HQ’s.
Gninja: Airial – Mythical epic 2.0s will still likely be difficult as they require end game encounters to complete. Even next expac those fight might still be pretty difficult.
Darwiin: Combat Mit would have been a better choice
Maath: Who needs crit mit when you can just raise combat mit?
Airial: we can run a zoen or 2 after the Q&A 😛
Caith: Mallyus – Yes.
Hanzori: Darwiin, please dont talk anymore
Mallyus: Cool!
Darwiin: Hate Crit Mit 2.0
Gninja: Darwiin – We disagree. But that’s ok 🙂
Darwiin: pff when has that ever stop me before DJ ;_P
Gibme: will the new tle server have server firsts
Hanzori: oh nm, I thought you were saying you wanted more crit mit lol, sorry darwiin
Airial: for 5k plat…
Gninja: Gibme – yes!
Pleasedie: devs…..you planning to include some x2 or x3 content?
Bendark: Can you link a myth 2.0?
Anihillator: Why are there rarely pick up groups anymore?
Azazzim: darwiin resolve aint a bad way to do it tbh . Difficulty of increasing it aside , it works quite effectively and to be frank you can get a 100 to t2 heroics on dinging 100 quite easily
Oscillococcinum: @ Gninja how many of the new items are going to have orange rune slots available?
Darwiin: @Gninja don’t feel alone, most people seem to disagree with the crazy Gnome
Inebreeated: @ devs Plz dont wiat for an expansion to do another Q&A like this again. 🙂
Unclebrig: the combat mit system is what fuckin blows
Gninja: Pleasedie – Not anytime soon no
Kahu: @ Devs what is your fav downtime game to play?
Kander: Inedbreeated, the plan is to do these more often.
Belwraith: @devs how are you going to keep the epic 2.0 mythical relavant with a 10 lvl increase? and the pricy ancient spells..
Azazzim: and re grouping guys again not the games fault , grouping is down to us players
Blob: ok pleaswe need a tell and a auction doing test on colors
Bratoots: hello kitty island adventure
Inthismoment: @Kander, best thing I’ve seen so far (Dev chats more often)
Gibme: can you make the fae flight wing appearance please
Antillar: Is there any plan to increase the amount of Guild status one can contribute? It is taking forever to level guilds at this rate our guild who raids 3 nights a week won’t be 200 by 2019
Caith: Oscillococcinum – We don’t give itemization details out until things are discovered. Wouldn’t be very exciting to “discover” something that was listed on a big spreadsheet on your desktop already.
Mythicalsong: It would be nice to see Dirge’s get more attention.
Tuti: AMEN
Faeonara: Have to run but did want to take the time to tell you Devs I apreciate all you do for us Have a good evening all 🙂
Woodiej: @Devs This may have been answered 100 times but I’ll ask. Will the graphics engine be upgraded in this game in the future?
Meeaks: yes more dirge love plz
Airial: what Antillar said!
Kander: Inthismoment – We agree.
Kerstyn: Devs TYTYTYTYTY for what you do and for taking some time to talk directly with us has been awesome
Faeonara: Bye …waves
Blob: can someone please give me a tell and do a auction test testing colors ty
Mesana: can the summer ethereal be changed to a belt since the best belt in game is from last exp?
Echoseven: devs leaving?
Yavie: Thank you Devs!!
Echoseven: /hug
Helaena: thanks devs 😀
Toadilly: Is there any intention to bring the new fervor based Epic 2.0 abilities online with the orange adornment? For example the illi 25 fervor buff with 8% uptime isnt much compared to 150 fervor with 40 % uptime
Kemmi: thank you :_
Echoseven: thanks for everquest /hug
Yavie: tradeskillers leveling up to 110 also?
Gninja: we still have 5min guys, we are here 🙂
Jamiss: @Woodiej: We introduced our new zones starting with AoM, but we have no plans to make any other changes to the graphics engine.
Falqu: During class balancing can you consider making the Guardian more defensive ? Currently they fall short in both defense and dps, but by definition they should excel in their defense.
Kahu: @ Devs what is your fav downtime game to play?
Brokenshieldd: ty gome back when you have a chance
Caith: Toadilly – Thankfully, the epic abilities stack with it!
Darwiin: But you always tell me No!
Gabolass: thanks Devs
Meeaks: is eq2 going to have VR support anytime soon?
Woodiej: hmm if they do goto Orange pieces in the next expansion it might still be good to keep an older piece of gear so you can have things like the Reset purple rune still.
Belwraith: @devs how are you going to keep the epic 2.0 mythical relavant with a 10 lvl increase? and the pricy ancient spells..
Gninja: Darwiin – ask better questions 🙂
Oscillococcinum: @ Caith – fair enough 😛
Goezer: @darwiin more like Gnope
Inthismoment: @Darwiin, you get told NO alot, why should this be any different?
Phiea: ty devs even if I didn’t care much for my two questions answers…./hugs
Jamiss: @Meeaks: No
Darwiin: I asked simple one, when is the xp bonus going to start for lost of yesterday 😛
Azazzim: daarwin , you should know by now 64% of americans dont believe you even exist lol
Meeaks: awww
Maeladjusted: All of the nitty-gritty details on how various formulas for this or that character stat impacts the game world. Do you believe EQ2 will still exist in 2, 4, 10 years from now?
Kipstersr: is tradeskill going to 110 also
Calixxia: Could you guys clarify how you’re going to convert the current tithe xp system to account-wide?
Toadilly: In raid im at 90 fervor. If 150 procs it unfortunately wont stack 🙁
Caith: Darwiin – And it was answered previously. There will be an upcoming announcement through the official channels for it.
Blob: can someone please give me a tell and do a auction test testing colors ty
Toadilly: Regardless thanks for the response 🙂
Darwiin: bah, too many stuff scrolling I guess I will rely on Feldon
Tuti: thank you all for taking the time with us
Blob: ok ty
Airial: hurray for Feldon /cheer
Airial: nice work on the others btw 😉
Nicolasmage: thank you
Darwiin: Which was the Worse sever for questions 😛 (please say SF)
Caith: Calixxia The highest amount on the account is copied over to all other characters on the account. So if you have a toon with 30, and another with 10, they will both have 30.
Zelnora: and now back to regularily scheduled program
Falqu: Can you please remove the recast time from Call to Home/ Guild? There is no point to have it with housing leaderboards and instant port
Calixxia: Please consider taking the total amount of tithe xp earned
Operon: @Devs will you guys every produce a single offline version of Landmark ? if so what would be the pirice ?
Calixxia: And not just the highest pot/cb/sta values on the account
Hallann: in comparison, an ancient spell would cost 10 kronos, sown from 20 a bit ago, I think thats too much
Kander BROADCASTS: /wave
Airial: that kind of punks those who grinded exp on alts, @Caith
Woodiej: @Devs Will you answer any of our questions?
Azazzim: calixxia that couldnt work as the levels earned increase based on the level of the buff
Calixxia: Otherwise all of us who have been maintaing alts will be left in the dust
Drdope: /wave
Gninja: Falqu – We have no plans to change call to guildhall or home sorry.
Lilys: /wave Kander thanks again 🙂
Blob: any gm can awnser a crafting error im getting
Caith BROADCASTS: That’s it for this AMA folks, we are needed elsewhere!

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    New to this. I’m an “illy” 40. Finding it difficult to solo even in EL with under level attacks as I gather. Back in Goblin Pass and now into Rivervale. My spells seem useless against mobs. Any advice?
    PS, my son got me into this and I’m hooked!


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