Kunark Ascending Beta Rewards

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From the EQ2 Forums:

For those of you participating in Kunark Ascending Beta, your efforts have not gone unnoticed! Everyone who participates between now and then end of Beta and accomplishes certain objectives will receive one of the following rewards:

Quest/Solo: Complete at least 25 quests in the Obulus Frontier or Defeat all Solo Dungeon Bosses
Reward: [eq2u]Bellissi, Cloud Soarer[/eq2u], [eq2u]Skyfire Beta Infuser[/eq2u], [eq2u]Minor Coin of Tithing[/eq2u]


Heroic: Defeat All Heroic Dungeon Bosses
Reward: [eq2u]Koboln Sky Lord[/eq2u], [eq2u]Skyfire Beta Infuser[/eq2u], [eq2u]Minor Coin of Tithing[/eq2u]


Crafting: Finish the Crafting Signature Quest Line
Rewards: [eq2u]Hera Soullight[/eq2u], [eq2u]Potion of Progress[/eq2u], [eq2u]Minor Coin of Tithing[/eq2u]


Not in Beta yet? Head over to the pre-order page and pick up the Kunark Ascending expansion to get in today!

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Comments (3)

  • Malade


    No resolve on the crafting mount?


    • Gninja


      We decided to remove all resolve requirements from crafting. You’re welcome 🙂


  • EQ3orGoAway


    That is by far the ugliest mount I have ever seen in any game I have ever played!


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