Raise Your Steins: Brewday Returns!

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Event season is in full swing and next up is Brewday! This year the event will begin at 12:01am PT on Thursday, March 3rd and conclude 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, March 17th. There are new merchant items, one new collection, and a new tradeskill book this year, in addition to previous content.

Niami has posted pictures of the new recipe and merchant items over on EQ2 Traders. The TLE servers will have a special Brewday themed merchant, a boozy celebrator, in both Freeport and Qeynos.

Guide Sections:

Too many alts? Get the Brewday quest tracker! Print it out or copy it to your own Google Drive by going to the File menu and choosing “Make a copy…”.

The Bar of Brell

Zone Loc Where
Antonica 66, -20, 1 Near the NQ gate
Commonlands -1216, -81, 57 Near the FP gates
Frostfang Sea -73, 148, -33 Center of New Halas
Greater Faydark 582, 45, 22 On the Green Knoll
Haven -84, -67, -58 Next to the mailbox
Timorous Deep 2362, 7, 1385 On the docks

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Can’t Hold Their Liquor Knock over 110 goblins or more in Brewday Beer Guardin’: Butcherblock.
Drunk Level: Dwarf Complete each of five Brewday non-repeatable quests.
Festive Furniture Craft a full set of Brewday furniture.
Pub N’ Suds Craft various Brewday drink and food.
The Great Brewday Pub Crawl Have a handcrafted Brewday beverage from select locations.

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Quest Name Repeatability Starts In…
What is That Noise?!
Drinks Are On the House!
Once Per Year
Every 2 Hours
Bar of Brell
Black Swill for Blackswell
Deep Within Hammerhall
Rummage for Answers
Once Per Year
Once Per Year
Bar of Brell
Bar of Brell
Bog Mountain’s Eruption Once Per Year Enchanted Lands
Brewday Beer Guardin’: Butcherblock Infinitely Repeatable Butcherblock
Thurgadin Ice Brew Once Per Year Bar of Brell
Valla Brewhammer’s Special Brew Non-Repeatable Bar of Brell
Ale Goggles Once Per Year Bar of Brell
Beers For Brell! Once Per Year Antonica
Snoogle’s Presentation Once Per Year Bar of Brell
Brell’s Everlasting Brew Once Per Year Bar of Brell
(NEW) More Brews is Good News Collection Varies
Brews Across Norrath Collection Varies

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New Content

COLLECTION: More Brews is Good News
: Brews Across Norrath, Terrors of Thalumbra expansion (and City of Maldura faction)
REWARD: Malduran Relief of the Holy Duke

Collection Item Found in…
Alivan Pale Ale
New Combine Lager
Cobalt Scar (Scarstone merchant area)
Withered Lands (New Combine camp, crafting area)
Beyond the Veil Ale
Spirits Saison
Obol Plains (Provisioner building in Cardin Ward)
Vesspyr Isle (merchant area)
Black Pit Porter
Far Seas Silver Rum
Tranquil Sea (Far Seas outpost)
Phantom Sea (Far Seas Distillery)
Gnemlin Cog Grog
Grey Stone Levitation Ale
Maldura (Mushroom Bar and Grill; requires faction)


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Returning Content

QUEST: Bog Mountain’s Eruption
TO START: Speak to Maisy Sweetbread at /way 33, -1, 18 in Enchanted Lands

  1. Kill 12 level-scaled, triggered goblin mobs in the highlighted area
  2. Return to Maisy to complete the quest

QUEST: What is That Noise?
TO START: Speak to Mraugl Stonecrusher at /way 351, -20, 151 in the Bar of Brell

  1. Go behind the curtain at /way 329, -21, 145 and head downstairs
  2. Click on the trapdoor at /way 340, -27, 142 to zone into the Serilian Bar
  3. Speak to the bartender, Sam. This begins the quest Drinks Are On the House! (see below)
  4. Return to Mraugl Stonecrusher to complete the quest

QUEST: Drinks Are On the House!
REQUIRES: What is That Noise?
TO START: Speak to Sam in the Serilian Bar

  1. Speak to Sam to get drinks (five at a time); you’ll become drunk yourself at this point
  2. Serve drinks to highlighted patrons. Their highlight color denotes how thirsty they are.
    • There are three rounds of drinks to serve.
    • Speak to Sam to get more drinks.
    • When patrons ask “Where’s my beer?”, go get more from Sam.
    • If a patron sobers up, you have to start all over. Red coloring means they’re about to sober up.
    • You can’t sober yourself up here.
  3. Each round you need to successfully serve five patrons. Click or use your function hotkey to serve them.
  4. Once you’ve completed all three waves, speak to Sam. You can now complete What is That Noise?.
  5. You can leave the bar using the trap door on the ceiling. If you’re too drunk to see it, use your Call and you’ll be sober after zoning out.

QUEST: Black Swill for Blackswell
TO START: Speak to Tellar Blackswell at /way 333, -21, 148 in the Bar of Brell

  1. Buy a Gorowyn Pepper Swill from Eurkon Al’ouz at The Dragon’s Anchor (/way 2600, 87, 1327) in Gorowyn
  2. Return to Tellar in the Bar of Brell
  3. Examine The Book of Bound Mithril. You get to keep the book as a reward.
  4. Speak to Steinsister Daglara at the Highland Outposts (/way 336, 189, 502) in Butcherblock to complete the quest

QUEST: Deep Within Hammerhall
REQUIRES: Black Swill for Blackswell
TO START: Speak to Steinsister Daglara at the Highland Outposts (/way 336, 189, 502) in Butcherblock Mountains

  1. Zone into Hammerhall Barrel Chambers at /way -379, 157, -522 in Butcherblock
    • The entrance looks like rubble with pickaxes.
    • Mercenaries can zone into this instance with you.
  2. Some barrels in the chambers will be destroyable and can yield either coin or an aggro mob
  3. Destroy all of the ghosts you can find and a door will open at /way 197, 17, -89
  4. Defeat Brewmaster Thifgur
  5. Click the hammer on the table at /way 195, 18, -98
  6. Return to Steinsister Daglara in Butcherblock to complete the quest

    QUEST: Rummage for Answers
    REQUIRES: Deep Within Hammerhall
    TO START: Speak to Tellar Blackswell at /way 333, -21, 148 in the Bar of Brell

      1. Read the Pristine Note that Tellar handed you
      2. Speak to Ayndrew Celladar at /way 49, 2, 42 inside the building on the docks of Enchanted Lands
      3. Enter the Runnyeye Hoard Pits at /way 179, 33, -888 in EL
      4. From the entrance head south, then west
      5. Move the big boom keg and to /way 123, -17, -140. Get away and wait for it to explode.
      6. Kill Ntemk Darktongue
      7. Collect the goblin stones, which have a green particle effect and are found in Ntemk’s room
      8. Exit the Hoard Pits at /way 98, -17, -213
      9. Return to Ayndrew to complete the quest

    QUEST: Brewday Beer Guardin’: Butcherblock
    : Completing the race five times grants the prefix title “Bouncer”
    TO START: Speak to Otengrad Brauer at /way 242, 30, 270 on the beach in Butcherbock Mountains

    1. Step onto the race platform at /way 252, 28, 282
    2. You’ll have 2m 30s to knock over goblins by flying into them
    3. Mugs with a golden particle effect give a speed boost
    4. Speak to Otengrad to complete the race after time runs out

    QUEST: Thurgadin Ice Brew
    TO START: Speak to Oldar Foambeard at /way 331, -21, 144 in the Bar of Brell

    1. Buy a Dwarven Ale from Mraugl Stonecrusher in the Bar of Brell
    2. Take the ale to Oldar and speak to him again
    3. Try to get some Thurgadin Ice Brew from the distillery at /way -388, 174, -147 in the Ravens’ Roost in New Halas
    4. Fight Tetda Rockstein, next to the distillery
    5. Now you can pour a mug of Thurgadin Ice Brew
    6. Take the brew to Oldar
    7. You wake up in a random location! Return to Oldar in the Bar of Brell again.
    8. Find his missing items. You’ll be attacked after collecting each one, but killing the mobs isn’t required.
      • Armor: /way 1746, 472, 903 in Moors of Ykesha up on the crane platform.
      • Shield: /way -1352, -178, -737 in the Sinking Sands excavation pit.
      • Pants: /way 236, -18, 876 in Antonica, on the Qeynos Castaways Isle.
    9. Return to Oldar to complete the quest

    QUEST: Valla Brewhammer’s Special Brew
    REQUIRES: Ale Goggles
    TO START: Speak to Valla Brewhammer at /way 339, -21, 151 in the Bar of Brell

    1. Gather one each of wild yeast, golden grapes, emerald clovers and Brell barley
    2. It doesn’t matter how you get the items: trade for them, use broker, or equip the Improved Ale Goggles (reward from the Ale Goggles quest) and harvest bountiful Brewday gardens in Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Frostfang Sea, or Timorous Deep
    3. Return to Valla to complete the quest

    QUEST: Ale Goggles
    TO START: Speak to Gilin Rockbreath at /way 357, -21, 142 in the Bar of Brell

    If this is your first time doing Brewday, make sure you’re wearing the goggles before meeting each lady. The quest is much more humorous this way.

    1. Wear the goggles and speak to Gurag Bloodwart at /way -574, -15, -487 on the Thundering Steppes dock. Remove them and speak to her again.
    2. Wear the goggles and speak to Smurg Fleshreaper at /way 2160, 22, 1158 in Timorous Deep near the beaches. Remove them and speak to her again.
    3. Wear the goggles and speak to Tarcha Niba’dn at /way 2343, 20, 1341 on the Gorowyn docks. Remove them and speak to her again.
    4. Wear the goggles and speak to Dala Plateheart at /way -1911, -36, -618 in Antonica‘s Windstalker Village. Remove them and speak to her again.
    5. Return to Gilin in the Bar of Brell to complete the quest.

    QUEST: Beers for Brell!
    TO START: Speak to the Avatar of Below around /way -78, -26, 364 in Antonica (wandering the farmlands near North Qeynos)

    1. Take the underwater cave entrance to Blackburrow at /way -1020, -42, 1176 in Antonica. Click on the keg of Blackburrow Stout in the brewery at /way 20, -40, 58.
    2. Speak to Gergy Gigglegibber at /way 358, -21, 147 in the Bar of Brell. Buy him an Ale from Mraugl Stonecrusher to get the Gigglegibber Ginger Ale.
    3. Speak to Amorous Ali at /way -228, 161, -96 in Maj’Dul. Deliver a drink to Amavi Kar at /way -216, 161, -89. Speak again to Ali to get the Love on the Coast drink.
    4. Right-click on Charvis Drunkhoof at /way 94, 25, -693 in Enchanted Lands to tip him over. Take his bucket of Minotaur Hero Brew.
    5. Speak with Glug Irontoe at /way 693, 24, 603 on the Butcherblock docks. Speak to Tumpy Irontoe‘s ghost near Kaladim, around /way -260, 153, -430.
    6. Return to the Butcherblock docks and drink the Liquid Courage. Speak to Tumpy, who is now on the docks, to get the Tumpy Tonic Max.
    7. Return to the Avatar of Below in Antonica to complete the quest

    QUEST: Snoogle’s Presentation
    TO START: Speak to Snoogle Blitzed at /way 337, -21, 137 in the Bar of Brell

    Update areas for this quest overlap with Brell’s Everlasting Brew.

    1. Collect four objects for Snoogle. You cannot see them unless you’re extremely drunk, so examine Snoogle’s Special Flask in your inventory to get inebriated. You may want to wait until you’re at the first location before doing this.
      • Pink Elephant: /way 432, -47, -333 in the Commonlands (south of Pride Lake)
      • Flying Pig: /way 562, 6, -140 in Thundering Steppes (inside the barn in Thundermist Village)
      • Small Lizard Toy: /way 73, 4, -92 in the Feerrott (entrance to the tunnel just past the docks)
      • Strange Cabbage: /way 58, -1, 15 in Enchanted Lands (under the tree near the docks)
    2. Return to Snoogle in the Bar of Brell to complete the quest

    QUEST: Brell’s Everlasting Brew
    TO START: Speak to Rasel Alechaser at /way 353, -21, 149 in the Bar of Brell

    Update areas for this quest overlap with Snoogle’s Presentation.

    1. Head upstairs in the Bar of Brell and enter the private lounge. Get Jimmy Runner intoxicated, but not too drunk, to get the Barley from him.
      • Jimmy will glow when he’s at the correct intoxication level.
      • If he gets too drunk he’ll attack; if this happens wait a minute or so, then give him a coffee to start over.
      • Talk to the bartender to serve Jimmy drinks, using this method:
        • Coffee
        • Dwarven Ales until he makes aggressive comments. Count how many ales it takes to get him here; it’s random. There’s a slight chance he’ll glow during this part.
        • Coffee
        • Dwarven Ales again, but one less than previously.
        • Gnomish Spirits until he glows.
    2. Collect pure water (shimmering blue particles) from any body of water in Antonica, the Commonlands, Thundering Steppes, and Nektulos Forest
    3. Get the Hops at /way 548, 0.25, -69 in the Thundermist Village of Thundering Steppes
      • You need to distract Prew Drowers to grab them.
      • To do this, go to Betsy at /way 594, -1, -60 and right-click to tip her.
      • Immediately go grab the hops.
      • If you want a good laugh, quickly return to Betsy and listen to Prew’s dialogue.
    4. Return to Rasel in the Bar of Brell. Read the Prayer to Brell in your inventory to zone into the Sanctorium of Brell.
    5. Choose the Wooden Stein on the table.
    6. Speak to Rasel to complete the quest. You’ll also become quite drunk; zoning out of the bar will remove this effect (or wait 12 hours).

    COLLECTION: Brews Across Norrath

    Collection Item Found in…
    Bog Water Brew
    Miner’s Milk
    Somborn Sanguine Ale
    Bar of Brell
    Loping Plains (Village of Somborn)
    Maj’Dul (merchant tents w/ kegs)
    Kaladim (at Keg Hold & Brell’s Brew)
    Moors of Ykesha (at The Lolly Cog)
    Bixie Honey Lager
    Crossroads Ale
    Windstalker’s Hard Cider
    Antonica (Windstalker Village)
    Blackburrow (at the Brewery)
    Butcherblock Mountains (the docks)
    Enchanted Lands (Lost Village of Bobick)
    Great Divide (bar at Thurgadin Harbor)
    Rivervale (at The Fools Gold)
    Village of Shin (Far Seas outpost)
    Ashfall Crag Lager
    Claymore Ale
    Sapling’s Raspberry Lambic
    East Freeport (Seafarer’s Roost)
    Gorowyn (The Dragon’s Anchor)
    Kelethin (Joleena’s Restaurant)
    Kelethin (Jysolin’s Pub)
    Neriak (D’Morte Inn)
    New Halas (The Ice Breaker)
    North Freeport (Jade Tiger’s Den)
    North Qeynos (Irontoe’s East)
    Qeynos Harbor (Fish’s Alehouse)
    South Qeynos (Lion’s Mane Inn)
    West Freeport (Blood Haze Inn)

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