Moonlight Enchantments Return (20th-21st)

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Moonlight Enchantments BannerThe monthly Moonlight Enchantments event begins tonight! The grottos open up on the 20th at 12:01am PT and close on the 21st at 11:59pm PT. The time applies directly with no conversion for all servers.

Grotto Zone & Location Collection Quest(s)
Brownie Darklight Wood
/loc 14, -32, -238
Tree Bark Festive Flowers
Strong Brew Root Beer
Zygomyd Nektulos Forest
/loc -363, 0.42, -682
Mushroom Spores Earthly Tasks
Comforting Confections
Naiad Enchanted Lands
/loc -278, 5, 18
Naiad Scales Naiad Aid
Dryad Antonica
/loc -696, -4, 621
Dryad Leaves Pollution Problem
Fay Greater Faydark
/loc -132, -44, -771
Flower Petals Seasonal Blooms
Blooming Good Tea

Achievement: Shinies Beneath the Moonlight
Merchant Items: See on EQ2 Furniture | EQ2 Traders Corner | EQ2 Design Gallery

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  • Piccolini


    There is a super easy way to go through in travelling to the Moonlight Enchantement grottoes quests if you have a guild hall with travel portals:

    Do Antonica (farthest travel) first taking the anchor bell. When complete hit return to guild hall. Then run to the wizard portal and do Nek Forest (easiest one unless you stay to mega cook on #2 quest in there)

    When done leave instance and run right back to the wiz portal and go to Enchanted Lands and do that quest. When done run to the docks (close by) and get back to the guild hall from there. (Save return to GH ability that way.)

    Get back to GH and go to travel stones and go to Darklight Wood (bit of a hike to get there,) then leave and return to travel stones and do final one in GF, another bit of a trek. Don’t forget to look for red shinies if you have that ability around the area you will be traveling to – it’s easy to get excited once you get there but worth taking a few moments to look about for them as you aren’t there very often anymore, usually.

    Once done with GF grotto simply use your Return to GH button, as it will then be refreshed.

    Rinse and repeat on all alts in true OCD fashion.

    Can I get an “Amen?” LOL.


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