Gorowyn City Festival Returns (January 1-7)

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city_festival_gorowynRing in the New Year in Timorous Deep with the Gorowyn City Festival, returning January 1-7! Spend City Tokens on local specialties, generic festival goods, appearance clothing, or food & drink. Make sure all your characters have finished the Gorowyn Postage Collection, speak to Kella Swampfoot to assist with festival quests, and achieve 244 seconds or less in the local Aether Race to earn the Wind Warden title.

WHEN: 12:01am PT on January 1st – 11:59pm PT on January 7th
WHERE: Timorous Deep, on the dock, /loc 2339, 80, 1441 (the merchants are found at /loc 2388, 21, 1349)
QUESTS: Special Delivery, Special Order Crafting, Special Order Gathering
ACHIEVEMENTS: Delivery Ahoy, Harvesting Hoopla, Kella Caffeinated, Requisition Acclamation
MERCHANT ITEMS: EQ2 Traders | EQ2 Furniture

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Comments (2)

  • Keedahm


    I wonder if they are planning to revamp these cities festivals?


  • Bobba


    Best item is the bag of teleportation pads for travel in larger homes. Can buy up to two per home for a total of four pads.


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