Nights of the Dead: A Comprehensive Guide

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Ghost Hunter

  1. Speak to the nearby Gigglegibber and step onto the starting pad at:
  2. You have 2m 30s to race around hunting ghosts
    • Just run the ghosts over, you don’t have to stop and fight them
    • Yellow ghosts grant you a special spirit vision that enables you to see extra blue ghosts
  3. When your cloud dissipates you’ll be ported back to the beginning, complete the quest for your prize


Title Rewards

Antonica: after 5 races you receive the prefix title “Apparition Abolisher”.

Commonlands: after 5 races you receive the prefix title “Ectonaut”.


Rewards By Points

Can only choose one reward per quest run. Lore rewards that you own won’t pop up as prize options.

Small Prizes – 1-35 Points:

  • a cat mask
  • a goblin mask
  • Candy Corn x1

Medium Prizes – 36 to 54 Points – All of the small prizes plus:

  • a black mask
  • a hatchet mask
  • a nightblood mask
  • Candy Corn x2

Big Prizes – 55-89 Points – All of the small and medium prizes plus:

  • an amygdalan mask
  • a cursed skeleton mask
  • an infernal skeleton mask
  • a sinister scarecrow mask
  • a snarling werewolf mask
  • Candy Corn x3

Huge Prizes – 90+ Points – All of the small, medium, and big prizes plus:

  • Cursed Scarecrow Mask
  • Zombiebane
  • Trusty Pitchfork
  • Candy Corn x5


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Comments (6)

  • Betony


    Thank you!!


  • Essmee


    11:40 am Pacific – Down. After about an hour of play on one character I logged to another and got dropped back to LOGIN. Okay. Attempt to Log in.. and LaunchPad shows an invalid login or password. Upon attempting to log to Support: “The system has encountered an error. Please come back and try again later.” The preceding is a statement of fact. The following is an opinion: Perhaps a warning of about a week..PLAINLY posted in several locations… followed by a week long FULL SHUT DOWN while the chaos ensues..instead of pretending everything is going fine, launching new expansions, asking for pre-order commitments from players, engaging in holiday events and moving offices all at the same time.. It is no wander (and this is a metaphor) that I cringe when you offer to change a light bulb: The house is falling down!


  • Silver


    Cyliena, please would you consider putting up a table with this info? The Quest Tracker from Zam was an essential part of every EQ2 holiday for me 🙂


    • Cyliena


      Oh yes, knew I was missing something. I’ll see if there’s a way we can get a printable of those event trackers over here. Since there were no new quests this year, last year’s NotD tracker on ZAM will still work for now. 🙂


  • ziplock9000


    A Nightmarish Illness is bugged. The “a grime covered hand holding a key” did not drop from the mobs in the 2nd graveyard, making this quest uncompletable for me.


    • Cyliena


      I thought that happened to me once, and it turned out I missed “waking up” one of the zombies. Another time I accidentally let the key rot on the corpse. If anything, leaving and re-entering the zone should usually fix it.


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