Update Notes: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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EU servers are now 3 hours late patching and Holly has an update that it will be another 2 hours before EU servers are back up. That’s 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 22:00 GMT, 23:00 CET.

Original article follows…


Status: 7/7/2015 8:15 PDT – EQ2 Europe servers will be down for an extended downtime. We estimate it could take an additional two hours for the client patch to be completed. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

From the EQ2 Forums:

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately one hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for an update. (Approx. 3:00PM London Time on July 7, 2015). Estimated downtime is one hour.

Alle deutschsprachigen Server werden um 16:00 CET am 07.07.2015 zwecks einer Serveraktualisierung heruntergefahren. Die vorgesehene Stillstandszeit wird etwa 1 Stunde(n) betragen.

Le serveur de langue française sera arrêté à 16:00 CET le 07-07-2015 pour une mise à jour du serveur. Le temps d’arrêt sera d’environ 1 heure.

and from the EQ2 Forums:


  • Erollisi Marr can now be worshiped! Good aligned players should speak with Sister Leela Prendyn in New Halas to begin.
  • Fixed an issue with placing stacks in depots and on the broker.
  • Redistributed items required to spawn avatars across final zone bosses in Cathedral of Bone, Ssraeshza, Brokenskull Bay, Rum Cellar, and Freethinker’s Hideout raid zones.


  • Drops from the Avatars of Cazic-Thule and Fennin Ro have been upgraded to the new stat layout.

Kylong Plains

  • Warfield tower guardians now have more HP in Kylong plains.

Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths [Raid]

  • Ikatiar Challenge mode should now update his flawless and shorthanded achievements.


  • Katastra Vilehex’s power and HP has been increased.


  • Stream of Arrows can now trigger procs.


  • Storm of Steel can now trigger procs.


  • Ethereal Expertise will now double DoT’s and spells cast by primary pets.
  • The effect “Bolstered Block” will now properly apply its group effect when using “Blinding Dust”.
  • Levels of the Testament of the Titan set bonus have been redistributed.


  • A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned – Poisoned Yurwri now appears next to Finze, reliably.

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