Which Crafted Adornment Dislodgers Preserve the Item?

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance, Itemization

This Tuesday’s update included a wonderful, if vague, note about how certain adornment dislodgers had been change to PRESERVE rather than destroy the item. There was some question of which of these were changed, so Bunji has clarified:

I checked with the designer, and the change is referring to these crafted items:
[eq2u]Basic Prismatic Adornment Dislodger[/eq2u] [eq2u]Advanced Prismatic Adornment Dislodger[/eq2u]

Keep in mind that every time you add a Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, or other gemstone to an item, or if you add a Cyan adornment slot to an item, the item gets unattuned and then you get all the adornments back. This is one of my favorite unintentional side effects of this expansion’s itemization and I hope it sticks around in the next expansion.

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  • Anaogi


    Gemming an armor piece unadorns it, but does not unattune it. #corrections


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